Others Will Sometimes Jump to Conclusions About You


For you say, "My doctrine is pure,
and I am clean in God's eyes." — Job 11:4

So in chapter 11, the last of Job's three friends gets his turn to offer counsel. His name is Zophar. And in this verse, Zophar declares an outright lie. He claims that Job has declared he's sinless. But Job has never even hinted at this. In fact, the only thing Job has declared is that he has done nothing wrong deserving of his present suffering. And we know Job is right and Zophar is wrong.

I have had a few moments like this in my life. Moments that a person made a statement about me that was untrue. Where someone jumped to a conclusion based on a false hypothesis and then declared this untruth to others. There were even a couple of times that this untruth had a long-standing effect on my life. And this hurts. It results in wounding and scaring that takes a long time to heal. And given all the suffering Job has endured, this adds insult to his injuries. He has to feel abandoned by friends who have come to the wrong conclusions. Who are now attacking his integrity with their inaccurate assessments.

But we all jump to conclusions. And what's so horrible about wrong conclusions is that they can spread untruths about the identity of others. So today, give attention to your conclusions. Make sure and test them against what is true. And if you have drawn some wrong conclusions about someone, go and rectify them. Free someone today from the bondage of your wrong conclusions. It may be good news that they need to hear.

ASK THIS: Do you need to free someone from your wrong conclusions? If so, what do you need to do to make this right? 

DO THIS: Make it right. (Share what you are going to do in the comments below.)

PRAY THIS: God, forgive me for my wrong conclusions, and free others from my untrue beliefs and propaganda.

PLAY THIS: Made New.


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One thought on “Others Will Sometimes Jump to Conclusions About You

  1. Justin says:

    “ Free someone today from the bondage of your wrong conclusions. It may be good news that they need to hear.” I needed to hear/read this today, Vince.

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