Just Ask It’s Yours


If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.—James 1:6

I know I lack some things at present. But in quick reflection, I have realized that I am keeping these needs to myself. They are locked in the confines of my mind stirring around and only creating concern. Why do I do this? Do I keep them to myself out of shame? Is it embarrassment? Am I scared to ask because I might look stupid or foolish?

Regardless, James says if we lack, we should ask. And not ask just anyone—ask God. The God who owns all things and is the source of everything good and righteous. And here's the best part, God is waiting for us to ask because he wants to give generously. And hear this—it's important! God does this without reproach, which is the operative phrase here. This means God gives generously to a man who asks without an expression of disapproval or disappointment. Wow.

So get to asking, brother, and stop keeping your needs to yourself.

ASK THIS: What do you need to ask God right now?

DO THIS: Ask him, out loud, and right now.

PRAY THIS: God, I need ______________________.

PLAY THIS: Chris Tomlin: Good Good Father


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