Just Do It

"Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.”—Proverbs 6:6

It's always exciting when God instructs us using illustrations from nature and his created order. Today we read about the instincts of an insect. A conventional harvester ant. It's as if the writer suggests our human instincts may miss something critical to consider. And perhaps the applications are numerous in this illustration. More distinct focus. Effective use of resources. Productive use of time. Definitive measures of success.

Regardless the key is to learn something by doing something while there is time to do it. Refrain from putting off spiritual development and becoming the man, husband, father, and leader has called you to be. Get to work, and do it. It's not something to do later, but something to do today.

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PRAYER: God, I have put off some needed activity in my life in critical areas. Help me to set goals, make plans, and do it.


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