“Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”—1 John 5:21

In the Bible, idolatry is the primal sin. It's a sin born of pride and self-worship. In the Old Testament, idolatry resulted in the construction of idols. These sculptured images became something creation (that's us) worshipped in place of the Creator. They were replacements for God—thus idols. And while initially, mankind thought nothing of them, they turn the hearts of people from admiration of God toward self-admiration. God marked this sin as so heinous that he compared idolatry to adultery—the fornication of a relationship with Him. And while today we may not erect "sculptured images," we have our form of idolatry. Recreation. Sports. Entertainment. And dare I interject—our kids? While we may not want to identify these vices as idols, have you noticed how much you spend on recreation, sport, entertainment, and your kids? Did you know that most families spend about 10% of their income on youth sports alone? Could the time and money we spend on these idols qualify them as idolatrous? Just a thought to consider.

DO THIS: Give attention to your idolatry, and then do something about it.

PRAYER: God, may nothing come between you and me.


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