King of Kings


On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.—Revelation 19:16

There is only one branded King of kings and Lord of lords. His Spirit shaped time and space. His birth into the human era was miraculous. He was human, but only for a brief 33 years. During his mortal life, you would expect him to be loved, but instead, he was hated and despised by those of his religion and race. Still, his departure from this life was painful and splendorous all at the same time. His life altered the worldwide calendar. His servant way redefined leadership. His posture was unlike the machismo of modern man. And he is our only King and Lord. In the end, his life, death, and resurrection ushered in a time of salvation and peace for the soul of all humanity. On his robe and thigh are embroidered and tattooed a designation and title that only God Almighty can designate. Worry not about our next leader. We already have one. We serve him—and no other.

DO THIS: Serve the Lord.

PRAY THIS: God, I trust you to run the planet. Help me worry less about how you do it.

HEAR THIS: Hillsong Worship: King of Kings


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