Know The Will


Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.—Ephesians 5:17

I often look back on my life and think about the foolish things I have done because of the foolish decisions I have made. Many of these decisions were a result of not listening to my father's will. Father's do that, you know, they exert a will. A way that they want a son to think and behave in hopes of directing their motives and desires in the proper direction. Sometimes there is a real disconnect between a son and father, so much so that a son refuses to listen because they believe their will is better than their father's will.

Let's all be a little wiser today. Heed the will of the Lord. Try to understand it truly. Act on it a little more quickly. Be a little wiser today than you were yesterday.

ASK THIS: In what decision are you resisting the will of the Lord?

DO THIS: Identify why you're resisting, and then give way to God's will. This is wise.

PRAY THIS: God, sometimes I don't know what you are doing or why you are doing it. I will confess I resist for this reason. In the mystery, I rely on myself and my will. Forgive me. Please help me to trust you more even when I don't understand.

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