Building Lasting Friendships

"And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt." 1 Samuel 18:4

We all need friends, and the friendship that David and Jonathan had was perhaps the model for men. These two men shared many things in common, but there were some differences between them. Age: Jonathan was at least 10 years older than David. Birth Order: David was the youngest in his family and Jonathan the oldest. Succession: David was appointed by God as successor to the throne, and Jonathan as the heir would never possess it. King Saul: Jonathan was loved by Saul, and David was despised. Yet there was something that brought these two men together in a bond that surpassed most friendships. And if you read the story of their life, it was more than just circumstantial friendship, they had a friendship like no other.

In this text, we watch as Jonathan gives various gifts to his new friend David, including his sword. If you note the timeline of these gifts, they were given on the same day that David took home another trophy weapon - the sword of Goliath. In one day, David takes home two of the finest and most prized weapons in the land. The sword of an enemy, and the sword of a friend. And in this instance, it's not so much the gift but the token that is meaningful. There is no doubt that David cherished both. But I have to believe that onlookers admired the sword of Goliath, while David admired the sword of his friend.

DO THIS: Say thanks to a friend today by giving them a token of your friendship.

PRAYER: God, I often forget to cherish my friendships. Thanks for reminding me of them today.


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