Day 0

Gearing Up

Fellas, thanks for pushing play today. The fact that you pushed play on this audio is your vote for change and growth in your spiritual life. I know for a fact that there are men out there who want to grow in their faith and don't what to do or who to turn for help. I know this is true because I've been that guy. I have been in your shoes.

Now you may be a man listening today who is tired of feeling stuck, stagnate, stalled, or shamed by your current state. And honestly, I am glad you are irritated, frustrated, and tired. Often this irritation is God trying to get our attention—and something must be done. Action must be taken. I believe this challenge is the means to the answer. Notice what I said, "this challenge is the means to the answer."

Right now, I am going to make you a guarantee. I am going to guarantee that over the next 30 days, if you follow with me every day, that something spiritually significant is going to take place in your life. If you have been looking for spiritual change and challenge that leads to growth, then you are going to get one from me. But here is the deal, you have to be willing to go all-in.

As we move forward, I want you to think of me like you would a physical trainer. So as you would any trainer, I want you to be the trainee and allow me to be your trainer. You need to approach our daily times as if I have a plan that will get you where you want to go one day at a time. Knowing this, I want you to do only what I am asking you to do. Now there are guys out there who are competitors and overachievers who will be thinking, "I'm going to work harder and take each day further than everyone else." I understand this impulse. I would instinctively do that too. But I want you to try to withhold the desire to run the marathon in the first few days. Some of you are going to think the steps we are going to take are too remedial—but they are not. They are fundamental building blocks to an incredible plan that will lead to incredible results. Each day of training is intentional and systematic, and because I have done this for years and will tell you if you follow my steps, you will be better off. Primarily I want you to do it my way because, along the way, we are going to add in other activities, and if you are doing too much week one then it's going to make weeks 2, 3, 4, and 5 seem impossible, and then you will give up. And I don't want anyone to give up, because I know the benefits at the end are too incredible. So please, only do each day what I am asking you to do.

So here's how our spiritual training times are going to work. Each day you are going to receive an email from me with a short audio that will be about 2-3-minutes long. All I want you to do is listen to this audio, or you can read it, it will be just like this one and then do the corresponding activity. Each of these activities (often called spiritual disciplines) will only take you a few minutes to accomplish—yes, only a few minutes.

So today is Day Zero. And here is your activity. If you are all-in for 30 days of spiritual growth with me, your spiritual trainer, I want to type your first name in the comment section below, followed by the words "all-in" as your vote to engage for the next 30 days.

If you are all in for the 30-Day Lent Challenge, type your first name and the words "all in" in the reply section below.

Your Call to Act (C.T.A) today:

  • Type your Name and the words "All In" in the comment section below.

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351 thoughts on “Gearing Up | A 30-Day Lent Challenge

  1. rgoreckijr says:

    Welcome River Glen guys!
    Comment on the wall to let me know that you have synch’sd with our group wall.

  2. Tim Kelley says:

    Todd I’m all in, but I will be corresponding with my men’s group. Please continue to email me the prayer needs.

  3. John Wilson says:

    Day Zero for me – All In
    Sorry I’m a little behind. I wasn’t getting the emails initially, but will catch up

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