Day 12

And he said to the disciples, "The days are coming when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of Man, and you will not see it. And they will say to you, 'Look, there!' or 'Look, here!' Do not go out or follow them. For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.—Luke 17:22-25

An obvious question you should ask after reading this text is, "Why does Jesus call himself the 'Son of Man'" and not the more common New Testament terms like "Christ" or "Lord"? And there is a reason.

When Jesus uses this phrase, he's probably got the Book of Daniel on his mind. As a student of the word and the Living Word in the flesh, he knew that in Daniel 7:13-14, the prophet records a vision where the rule of the earth is given to "one like a son of man." This "one" was someone who was to reign over all "peoples, nations, and languages" in a kingdom that will never end. And when Jesus makes this reference, he is clarifying that he is the "Son of Man" that reigns over all things.

Now Jesus also declares quite a bit of cryptic information about the things that are about to happen. First, that he will be gone from them (death). Second, that there will be false sightings of him (false prophecies). Third, that he will come again in splendor (a return). Fourth, that he must suffer before all this (trial, flogging, and crucifixion).

At times we might ask ourselves, "Why wasn't Jesus more upfront and just simply tell everybody that he was the Messiah?" And this is a great question! Many times, he stated that he spoke in cryptic stories and sayings, so only those who were really listening to what he said would understand. Ultimately, Jesus did give a bold answer. It was when he was on trial being questioned by the Pharisees. They asked, "Are you the Christ, the Son of the living God?" Jesus answered, "I am, and you will see the Son of Man coming with great power and glory." (Matt 26:63-64) So he confessed his deity right at the point where he knew he would be crucified for it.

Jesus, the Son of Man, knew that he would suffer a terrible, torturous death for his claim
to being the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of Man. Yet he loved us so much; he withheld this truth until the right time so he would have time to tell us who he was. And because of this, we anticipate a bold return. In the meantime, we should be bold and live in anticipation.

DO THIS: This week we are focusing on the discipline of scripture.

Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Determine: one action you need to take to be bolder in your faith.
  • Pray: for 3-5 minutes for increased boldness.
  • Share: below, what you are going to do to be bolder.

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lent-challenge-day-12 by Vince Miller at Resolute Mens Ministry

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331 thoughts on “Be Bolder

  1. Mike says:

    To be bolder in approaching others, rather than waiting for them to approach me. This could be as simple as introducing myself.

  2. Jim Kroyer says:

    I believe for me the Lord wants me to be bolder and more intentional in being there for people, and to remain connected to them. We can’t assume someone else is going to be there for them. I desire to reflect the heart of Jesus in everything I do. Lord help me to make that happen in my life, and show me when I fall short.

  3. Eddie Ackerman says:

    Fitness, despite sickness, I am going to start a workout regimen so that even when I have less energy than I would have if I were completely healthy, I will still be able to clean up the temple of the Holy Spirit that lives inside me.

  4. Gary Vosen says:

    Sharing my born again testimony when appropriate. Relating to others how Jesus helped me through my addiction struggles.

  5. Brian says:

    Sharing my faith, my struggles my hurt. Share where and how I am finding peace. Through the Lord of lords Jesus Christ the one and only savior.

  6. Sam says:

    I need to find ways especially by example to share my faith with those who do know know our savior. It amazes my always that I was fortunate to be partially raised by my grandparents who were devout Christians and shared boldly with me by example, thank you a bunch Granddad

  7. Chad says:

    I am going to commit to reaching out to somebody on a daily basis with the intent sharing life and the gospel together. Continue to expand the circle of those I know and care for.

  8. Ben says:

    I need to have no fear. If God is my rock and salvation I should not be upset about things at work. I should know that God has it under control and he will put me where he wants me

  9. Yousif Artin says:

    I need to trust God more. To be bolder with this, I am going to think of times in the past when he helped me whether I trusted or not and know that I can trust him now because of this.

  10. Cory Baron says:

    Be bolder and not hesitate when I see opportunities to do the right thing.

    Be bolder and more intentional about being still, having faith and just listening. Keeping the distractions out!

  11. Rex Wright says:

    We are continuing a study in the book of Daniel –
    I want to be bold with our men today and challenge them to keep living the word &!proclaim Jesus “the son of man”

  12. Nate Howell says:

    Lord give me strength to be obedient and courageous when I feel the Holy Spirit moving me so I do not miss opportunities to share the love of Jesus

  13. Bob says:

    I am not sure what area I’ll be bolder in today, but I asked for boldness wherever God wants me to be bold and to be given the strength and courage to carry that out because I know I can do nothing without Christ.

  14. Dennis says:

    I need to be bolder in the area of fitness. We are to take care of ourselves because our body is the temple.

  15. alex says:

    Lord, help me be more bold in my Faith. Give me courage, so that when opportunities arise, the word can flow from me. I want to be more bold for you Lord.

  16. Ryan says:

    Trust comes to mind. I can’t control the outcome. Must trust no matter what I feel in a moment. It’s hard, but it’s a spiritual discipline.

  17. Joshua Archuleta says:

    Reach out to people who are seeking God! Implement more of Christ’s teachings to my family and try to reflect those.

  18. Michael McClain says:

    To make a more intentional focus on my family and make sure they know that I’m doing it and doing it because I love them like Christ loves us

  19. Gerald Waddle says:

    I have a situation coming up where the outcome is foggy. I will be bolder in my Faith giving it all to God and let Him decide the outcome.

  20. AZ says:

    Take more opportunities to share Godly moments with my children. To talk about them and not just hope/assume they experienced the same thing I did.

  21. Jeremy S Franken says:

    I am going to start praying with my family openly as a group. For some reason it is a hard thing to do but in reality it should be real easy.

    • Derek A Brumley says:

      I’m going to be more intentional with my God time. Going to give myself 10-15 mins where I can just read the Bible/devotional and continue to grow myself.

  22. Corey says:

    It will be, being Bolder in my family. The Lord told me the other day that “this is the year of your family”. This will be not just my immediate family but my wife’s and I’s family abroad. Leading in a way I felt I never had time to do before. But yes, also leading bolder in my wife and 5 children which has begun!

  23. Matt Smith says:

    That was a great explanation of ‘why’ Jesus called Himself the ‘Son of Man’. I never made that connection before. I pray that I would have the same courage Jesus had to die for the Lord. Amazing Love!

  24. Dave Benson says:

    vs 23 ‘And they will say to you, ‘Look, there!’ or ‘Look, here!’
    I have to be bolder to share the hope of Christ when I hear others focusing on other gods. As the return of Christ is closing in soon I have to help with the harvest!

  25. Jeff says:

    Pray more for boldness in every situation, every conversation ,with humility, to convey to others that Jesus is the Lord of my life.

  26. Darin Palmer says:

    Let God be in control and take me to places that will help me grow in my faith and as a man of God!

  27. Steve George says:

    Pray the Holy Spirit will prompt me when it is time to be bold about my witness and that I be obedient to that prompting.

  28. Jeff says:

    I need to be bold enough to seek Gods help in watching what I eat as well as how much. God has blessed me with such good health. Only with Gods help and my faith that he will help can I be successful in this part of my life.

  29. Bill says:

    Be bolder in my faith not letting people get me to where I turn my back on God and ask fellow Christians for help.

  30. Salvatore Augeri says:

    Sharing the Gospel with a friend who ‘really’ does not like to talk about Christ or faith, he is a non-believer.

  31. Billy says:

    To not allow narratives to box me/us in. To have a zeal and a countenance that oozes faith to others – to be a light and an ambassador both publicly and privately thru that energy and my words and do take bold and faith filled risks.

    . At home, to discuss that we don’t have to be tied to the things of this world – what is accepted is not greater than what should be expected as we walk in Him – a house on a hill cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14-16)

  32. Rubin says:

    Become more Christ like in my daily walk so that when people see me, they see Christ in me. More of Him, less of me!

  33. Troy Theye says:

    To be confident with my faith and love for Christ and pass that along, through doing what is right everyday in the presence of others and God.

  34. Dean Wendler says:

    FAMILY – Be a Christ like example to my kids and grandkids, so that they may grow in their love for God.

  35. Damien says:

    Be different. Like Joshua. Regardless of what other might do; as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. My actions will speak louder than my words.

  36. Boyd says:

    We are inconsistent with prayer and devotionals at home with the family. I’m going to create some kind of schedule to try to get it in more regularly.

  37. Brad says:

    Patience with my children. I tend to expect to much from them and it doesn’t take much for me to start yelling when it goes wrong.

  38. Peter says:

    Hmmm, probably in Friends and Family. Being active and initiating to reach out and connect during this time of social/physical distancing

  39. Chris says:

    I want to rely on God for everything. I want cling to Jesus in all things. Most of the Time I have relied on myself

  40. LAVON C LAMBERTY says:

    Share with neighbors the reality that Jesus was “Son of Man” until Peter revealed who Jesus really was: “Son of God” and how that reality was made publicly known at the crucifixion and there after. And the return of Jesus will be as the “Son of God.”

  41. Walter says:

    We’ve heard the mantra over and over to be bold. So, what does that look like? Is it street evangelism or being a witness to friends and family? I believe it has to start with how I live out my life. Does my life reflect someone redeemed by God’s saving grace. That is where boldness begins. I face a situation right now where my actions can be a bold witness for the Lord, I think. But, I have doubts that I would benefit from the choice I should make. Also, I’m not 100% sure what I think is the right choice or if it’s my idea and not necessarily God’s will. So, I’m praying that He would make the path and choices much clearer than they are.

  42. Rex Wright says:

    Boldly get out to the church and lead a Bible study outside during the coronavirus respecting the social distance. Also check on my men -check on the men and how they’re doing with the “Lint challenge” After a bike ride

  43. Cory Bullock says:

    This is a good reminder as I am struggling with my confidence in the face of all the stress in my life because of these new circumstances with the virus that could affect our business and family. I must be bold and lead in such a manner that show that I will not allow this to steal my joy which affects so much and know that ultimately God is in control.

  44. Jeff Brown says:

    Day 12: Be bold in giving as this is a touchy area for my wife. I can setup more volunteer time with my sons and with extra commissions be bold with this going to God.

  45. John says:

    Boldness to share my faith, and completely submit to the lord! Even thru this tuff times there are ways!

  46. Nick says:

    To boldly keep Jesus Christ at the center of every area of my life, to trust completely in Him and let it show.

  47. Al says:

    Well I have 2 different bosses that uses the Lords name in vain a lot and though I have said something a few times they just laugh it off so my boldness is to really let them know how much this offends me

    Blessings to all you guys

  48. Jay Wegiel says:

    As I write this it’s tomorrow already. Yesterday I was very talkative about our Lord. Especially with the guy I was working with all day. Who happens to be my ex-wife’s husband.

  49. Brad says:

    Lord, help me to be bold with you in my thought and prayer life. Express all of my emotions to the God who first loved me and that love will never fail.

  50. Eddie Ackerman says:

    combo, family and faith
    I am a “leader” at AWANA at my local church, not one of the people in charge mind you, but one of the volunteer adults who helps corral the kids and watch them as they WERE in our care for an hour and a half, before the pandemic. I want to share my faith with my kids and back it up with Scripture verses, which means I have to LEARN more Scripture verses.

  51. Jeff says:

    With care and compassion to be gracious and sensitive to those who don’t know Jesus or worse still, that they don’t even want to talk about it. So, plant the seed.
    And let God do the rest.

  52. Brad B. says:

    I need to be even more vulnerable with those around in faith. Yes, I can be “marketplace bold” and produce great values that lead others but, without that faithful vulnerable, I don’t think I am leading in God’s direction.

  53. John says:

    I am determined to be bold and proclaim to others that Jesus is the Savior of this world and there is no other.

  54. John Stainbrook says:

    In order to be bold I need to be free from the bondage of recurring sin and in order to be free of that reoccurring sin I need to be bold in Jesus. Lord help me boldly refer to you by name when ever the opportunity comes up no matter where it takes place!

  55. Bryan says:

    Well, I remembered this today. That’s better than yesterday. 🙂
    Gotta focus on the faith in my family. Daily scripture reading together.

  56. Ryan says:

    Testify More often as to what God has done and continues to do in my life. It’s easy to get timid when you don’t know how the listener will react.

  57. Zach M says:

    I need to do a better job of expressing my faith and witnessing to others. In order to do so I need to step out of my comfort zone and also not care about what others think.

  58. Troy Theye says:

    Continuing to pray to keep a strong Faith because that alone will cover the OTHER 4 F’s and all is well when you grow in your faith.

  59. Dave says:

    Heavenly Father…Please make me bold in my Faith. Please make my actions match my words. Free me from the sins of lust and greed

  60. Will says:

    I need to be bolder in my faith as I interact with friends at work, and not censor my thoughts if they turn to faith, but be open.

  61. Chee Khiam Tay says:

    In the face with COVID19 the world and its leaders are struggling as we watch helplessly the infected and the dying. As Christians our hope and steadfastness is only in Christ who had seen it all and we pray His will be done and many will come to a personal knowledge of Jesus and be saved by Him. We also pray for many who lost loved ones that God’s peace and comfort be with them. Amen

  62. Jon Brady says:

    I need to regain boldness in fitness and discipline in diet.
    I need to take better care of my body in order to better serve others.

  63. Timothy says:

    Read this today on faith –
    Faith means giving away what we thought we didn’t even have. That’s what makes it faith.
    I’m going to support and encourage two guys in their ministry today – one is comfortable and one is outside my box.

  64. Tom says:

    Of course I want to use the wore out,cliche’ pray for a hour a day! I decided I need to listen to others more closely, in the past it opens up doors to be able to pray for them, and hope a chance to share the good news. Our start a new friendship!

  65. Jeff says:

    Being more diligent in prioritizing time for focused prayer. Then, letting the Lord lead me, accordingly, and allowing Him to reveal the areas where, along with how, He wants me to be more bold in my faith. Then, being open and aware of those revelations and standing ready to discern how to react whenever and wherever those opportunities present themselves. Lord, please continually bless me with eyes to see and ears to hear!!!

  66. Bill says:

    Boldness can be a tool or a weapon . If not controlled properly can do more harm than good. I pray for Holy Spirit boldness Vince and the Resolute team as well as myself.

  67. David Luevano says:

    Today I will speak to all my family here at my house about why they need the Lord in their life.

  68. Eelco says:

    I can and should connect more with God than I do now. By praying longer and more from my heart, instead of just rattling off some sentences.

  69. Ted Williams says:

    Releasing the day-to-day crazy of this world, and focusing more on His Kingdom come, thy will be done.

  70. Mike says:

    I need to be more bold in trying to persuade my children to become better citizens and stay that way for themselves and their families.

  71. Dale Nerison says:

    Have a bolder mindset, envisioning the risen savior next to me, and trying to be more in tune with His Spirit in me. Speak out more boldly about Jesus and matters of faith.

  72. Brian says:

    Discussing faith with my parents even though I’m afraid of the challenging conversations that may come from that

  73. Brian Winckler says:

    I need to be bold enough to finish what I start in all areas of my life instead of giving up and walking away.

  74. David Clarke says:

    Dave S C – Great thoughts today to dwell on! We have so much at hand to explain the scriptures, compared to what the disciples encountered in the moment, or Daniel for that matter. A challenge, in that where much is given, much is required. Question: Am I living up to my potential, and anticipating the return of the Lord?

  75. Alan Hendrickson says:

    i need to be on the phone during this time of quarantine spreading God’s love and searching for needs to be filled.

  76. Jason Davidson says:

    It all starts with God … I struggle with getting into the word. Not just on a daily basis, but a weekly basis. My prayer is to be bolder in this area of my life.

  77. Duane McPheeters says:

    I am more bold about who I am in this world (Roles) than who he is in this world. Need courage and consecration. Duane

  78. Wade says:

    I need to be bold today in reaching out to the many young people God has put in my life. Sometimes, I let their dysfunction drag me down. I need to draw on the Holy Spirit for strength and persevere in staying in touch with them.

  79. Warren Campbell says:

    Thank God that Jesus knows who he is and walked and talked boldy. Lord help me to know who I am in you and walk and talk boldly too!

  80. Ross Peterson says:

    I have a couple of neighbors that do not walk with the Lord and I need to be more bold been reaching out to them spiritually rather than just chit chat.

  81. David C says:

    Sent my lost family, multiple Biblical links, devotionals, videos pointing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ Alone

    PS I’m boldly asking for every one to pray the Lord’s Prayer at 12 noon today (Pass it on)

  82. Dave says:

    I am convinced that by living out my faith with boldness during this crisis that affects the whole world and affects my family significantly, would result in a better outcome, at least for my family. My natural tendency is to let depressed thoughts affect my interactions with family. I will show more positivity today and relate as the person I truly am; someone with great hope and faith.

  83. Jack says:

    I need to be more willing to share my faith. I am rather introverted and my faith has always been an extremely personal thing. I see others who are very out there with their faith but I’m not comfortable being like that.

  84. Gerald Waddle says:

    I pray to be bolder in sharing the gospel and whatever means to help those in need that I have. I missed a golden opportunity yesterday for just this very situation and so this devo hits the nail on the head. I will try my best keep my eyes and spirit open for further chances. Amen!

  85. Davin says:

    I need my faith to be stronger than my fear. To trust in the truth of God’s word and not the lies of the world.

    • Jesse says:

      I need reassuring confidence in freedom of painful destructive actions with decisions affecting today’s situations to relieve me from sin for the Lord is with me wherever I go.

      • Jonathan Robertson says:

        I agree with Michael. I want a builder witness. To not be ashamed, but willing to use anything and everything for His glory

  86. Matt R says:

    I can be weighted down by worries and anxieties. So I will focus on being more bold by saying “nevertheless” in these times and press on to do the next right thing.

  87. Nate says:

    I want to be bold in the workplace. When a tough personal situation arises don’t have fear to pray for someone or talk about God simply because I am worried about how they are going to response.

    • Anthony Meschke says:

      I’m going to work on this also. Sometimes a simple “I’ll pray for you”is all I need to start with.

  88. Nick Ferguson says:

    Lord, accept my mistakes in life and forgive me. I promise to be more bold in my relationship with you, stronger in focus on heavenly things instead of worldly things.

  89. David Steinquist says:

    Family: Gayle and the boys see the current social situation completely differently. I need to be able to express myself in a clear way and then shut up. Hard for me to do. I need to pray more for my wife and kids as their concerns are justified even if we have different perspectives. Jesus doesn’t care about different opinions on the current social climate, He cares about how much i am showing His love to those around me. Praying for discernment and ability to love like Christ.

  90. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    This morning we were challenged and encouraged to reach out to others during this time of quarantine also that surrendering our lives to Christ is our first act of worship. This should be our first act of worship daily. Reaching out to others is like watering a plant, nourishment for the soul (both to the ones we reach out to and ourselves).
    How hungry are you for the things of God? Reach out and be blessed.

  91. Loryn says:

    One thing that I have been trying to do with the pandemic is be more bold in my faith. I have been watching so many praise and worship livestreams and studying The Word more so I can be a witness to others.

  92. Edward says:

    I am praying that God gives me boldness, strength, and wisdom as I have become a leader using Zoom to connect men from several churches in bible studies.

  93. Dave Benson says:

    As I’m somewhat isolated from my normal routine I feel God is calling me to reach out to someone today with something as easy as a phone call. I know of quite a few men that are feeling like they’re painted in a corner and could use a brother to lift them out of that spot. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15

  94. Kevin says:

    “Be bold and live in anticipation”.
    Help me to be bolder in my healing from PTSD, depression and anxiety Lord! Strike out fear Father! Thank you Jesus!

  95. Stephen Rovezzi says:

    My boldness is this…I must truly acknowledge that I am not going to live forever, and that even tomorrow is not promised…so I need to continue growing in my Faith, and be that lamp, the one not hidden, but the one who will be able to be seen by all, as a light, as an example of a real Christian following where Jesus shall lead me!

  96. Bob M. says:

    Faith – I have been through the Psalm 23 valley of death this past year. I am one year out from the darkest time in my life and have great joy because of Christ. I know I am now called to share my faith with others. I pray for bold opportunities to do so and for the boldness to step into them.

  97. Dave Wall says:

    What am I going to do to be bolder? hmmm. Keeping Jesus’ boldness in my mind, as well as the disciples boldness to go out and proclaim the Gospel no matter the cost. May you give me courage, O’ Lord, to share the hope and truth of your resurection to a world in desparate need of it.

  98. Seth says:

    To become more connected with friends, family, and most importantly God. So that I am not just focused on myself, but rather focused more on others and God.

  99. Michael says:

    I want to be bolder in my witness. One step I need to take is to leave no doubt for the people that know me that I’m a follower of Christ and share more what I’ve been learning and studying in the Bible

  100. Sean says:

    Guys at work know I’m a Christian but I rarely speak to them about Christ and the gospel. I need to be more bold.

  101. Fred says:

    Boldness to share my faith when I have the opportunity. What an opportunity for our country and the world to have a spiritual awakening. As I just heard on the radio. Nothing is impossible with You!
    Have a great day brothers!

  102. Lewis Thompson says:

    Lord, let my yes be yes, and my no be no. Help me to step out in faith, as a disciple for you. Teach me to be bold and live in anticipation of your return.

  103. Al Nelson says:

    Be bold and affirm my faith with distant relative (s) I connect with this weekend. And be ready to give an answer for the hope we have!

  104. Ian Bonthron says:

    I wanna be bolder for friends that I am around. In other words I wanna give them the hope that Christ has given me, I wanna let them know who Jesus is without being ” Preachy “. I wanna show them the hope that I have through Christ, thus helping relieving their worry and stress.

  105. Zach says:

    I want to be more bold in showing and proclaiming Christ, who I want to follow boldly. Lord, please give me the courage to do this unashamed, especially with people who will think I am a little wacky and won’t understand. I want people to see who I belong to.

  106. Ricky D Brittain says:

    I need to be bolder in every one of the F categories, but today I’m going to be bolder with family. My relationship with the father has been a personal journey, I need to make it a family journey and involve all my family, wife, daughter, and adult children.
    Everything has to be God Centered in all our lives. So I pray I can be the man I need to be for family and friends and always bring them closer to Christ in their walk through my actions .

  107. Charles A Culver says:

    Fitness is one of my weakness and today I’m challenging my self to run, walk or skip 1 mile today.

  108. Matt says:

    I am going to be BOLD in sharing my faith with others today. I pray that I make a difference someone life today through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  109. Randy says:

    I want to be a bolder witness to family and friends, and look for more opportunities to know when and how to speak about Christ

  110. Jim Butterfield says:

    Family, not only speak the word of the Lord. Live the word of the Lord so they can see the words.

  111. Joe Middleton says:

    I am excited to see my Lord and Savior return for all of that are his. I wait patiently for his return and obediently trying to obey what he is telling me to do.

  112. Austin says:

    Bold for me, is openly honest with my brother and let him know that God is here for him, because the path he is on isn’t healthy or safe!

  113. Brad says:

    My boldness today is in Faith. Specifically Faith through prayer. God give me a boldness of prayer today.

  114. Jr says:

    I’m going to share the Gospel with one person over the next week. I’m going to intentionally pray for that persons heart and an opportunity to share it.

  115. Yooper says:

    Be bolder in my faith. Trust God, especially as we deal with the virus and the sometimes confusing edicts from those we elected to lead us. God made it and HE is in charge. Read God’s word so that I know it and maybe crack open that Tactics book I bought by Greg Koukl so I can speak it.

  116. Sheldon says:

    To speak to a coworker, or a friend about their eternal salvation and just not praying about it, it’s about initiating the conversation pray for my boldness.

  117. Matthew C Miller says:

    Staying motivated even when I don’t see positive change in others. Develop the Fruit of the Spirit of peace, gentleness, kindness, and long-suffering.

  118. Eric Jensen says:

    I’m making a bold request that my Dad and family come to Christ. And asking Him to use me in that process, despite past rejections.

  119. Tom Spurrier says:

    Well, I know that Terry is out there, anyone else??
    Wasn’t this a good devotion? They all are but the fact that I’m being challenged to be BOLDER with my faith, family, friends, finances and fitness was VERY good! Blessings brothers! Tommyboy

  120. Michael says:

    Fitness – I have been reluctant to exercise lately with business and epidemic on every corner, so finding opportunity has been non-existent. So I prayed earlier this morning and I pray now for the lord to give me the opportunity and reverence to get back on my regimen.

  121. Tim says:

    Realizing the price Jesus paid on the cross to pay for my sins and give me life more abundantly and the hope of life in heaven hereafter, urges me to be BOLD in living my life as a human sacrifice in service to God..

    • Michael Spencer says:

      Simply open my mouth to witness to people about the Good news of Jesus. Honestly, there are times of opportunity, but I fail to simply do it.

  122. Rafael Dixon says:

    I need to be bolder in all F’s listed above but I’ll talk about one and that’s fitness. I long to be a vessel that Jesus uses to build His kingdom. But if I don’t take care of my body I won’t be used because I won’t be here. Pray for my discipline brothers. So I’ll be bolder about exercising. I need to be here not heaven right now.

  123. Seare says:

    I will meditate the words of God on the five domains of life, like faith, family friendships, finance and fitness through out the day, for faith is from listening the word of God.

  124. Dean Wendler says:

    Being quarantined due to the virus, I am just like everyone else and unable to be with family and friends. Bold action for me is to learn how to use technology, ZOOM, to be able to stay in contact with the one’s I love.

  125. Randy says:

    Step back keeping the Bridegroom foremost as the Sovereign Son of Man , so all hear Him, embrace Him alone.

  126. Jason says:

    Thank you Jesus for being our savior. I pray for a Christ centered life that humbly shares who you are in a bold way.

    • Doug says:

      Several (at least) friends of mine are really frightened by the pandemic to the point of being too paralyzed to do anything. I pray that God will use me to speak words of life to them.

  127. Donny Lill says:

    Just say Yes…Lord give me the courage to say yes to you today and to let people see you through my actions and words. Amen.

  128. KF says:

    I am going to be bold with my wife. To be able to communicate openly and honestly despite what the answer may be.

  129. Bryan says:

    I’m going to boldly be more intentional in my friendships. Put myself out there, and be more than just an acquaintance.

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