Day 14



He entered Jericho and was passing through. And behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus. He was a chief tax collector and was rich. And he was seeking to see who Jesus was, but on account of the crowd he could not, because he was small in stature. So he ran on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him, for he was about to pass that way. And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up and said to him, "Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today."—Luke 19:1-5


Today I want you to imagine yourself as Zacchaeus. Just place yourself in his situation. His occupation was not well received. His position, without a doubt, was dispised. He was well-known but not well-loved. Add to this, he was not a commanding person due to his height and maybe frequently picked on as a child.

Despite all this, he is still eager. He hears Jesus the Christ is coming to town. Therefore he runs ahead of everyone else and positions himself in the best possible place to see Christ coming down the street. Thus he climbed this janky and awkward sycamore tree. Racing up the tree as high as he could, he catches a glimpse. "He is coming," he thinks to himself. Closer and closer he comes until finally, he realizes he is going to get a front-row seat. The man he was desperate to see desires to see him. For the first time in a long time, Zacchaeus feels love, acceptance, and invitation. But the invite is incredible—Christ wants to spend time with him in his home, and it is emphatic—Christ must stay at his house today.

Fellas, Jesus is emphatic. His mission is to seek men out—men like you. Especially those who feel unloved, unaccepted, and uninvited. If you are that man, know that Christ wants to invade your life lovingly. So let him take up residence with you.

This week we are focusing on the discipline of scripture.

Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Share: below, how this scripture and devotional has affected you today.
  • Pray: for 2-5 minutes, about your need to feel loved, accepted, and invited.

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196 thoughts on “Selected

  1. Faith Miller says:

    This scripture affected me because of how personal it makes Zacchaeus’ and Jesus’ relationship. Even though they are tons of people and He doesn’t seem like the most worthy of Jesus’ time, Jesus wants a personal relationship with him anyway. I find this extremely powerful.

  2. Ben says:

    I’ve struggled with feeling worthy many times in my life. Yesterday God reminded me that I am fearfully and wonderful made. Today is he’s reminding me that he Must come and stay at my house!
    What a God, that he wants and desires me!!!

  3. Jay Wegiel says:

    I can honestly say that I do feel loved and accepted and invited. Ever since surrendering my life to Jesus. Up until that time I always felt unworthy, fearful, timid.

  4. Anthony says:

    Lord I want you to be my life I’m seeking a miracle that will uplift my life transformed my life in a position where I feel wanted and love also.

  5. Jim says:

    Makes me think if those I come in contact with daily who feel like Zacchaeus. I need to be Christ like and inviting

  6. Donny Lill says:

    Big or small Jesus knows and loves us all…Zachius was a sinful tax collector but upon sitting with Jesus he realized the error of his ways and gave much of his riches. Jesus can do the same for us, just remember, don’t forget to look right in front of you…he’s probably right there.

  7. Dennis says:

    God put that sycamore tree where it was long before Zacchaeus needed it. God wants us to want him. He has given us our own “sycamore” try, and all we need to do is use it.

  8. Tommy says:

    It is still so hard at times to fully understand how Jesus could so love someone like me with all my flaws

  9. Nick Hall says:

    It made me think I am loved and I am invited, so I Pray God makes me loving and inviting for his glory!

  10. Art says:

    I am a blessed man – I am loved by my by family, friends and our church – I only hope that I show them the same love I n return – thank you God!

  11. KF says:

    The need to feel loved and accepted comes from me wanting to spend time with my daughter. It seems that I am needed and loved when she needs me to help her out to get ahead. Very little phone calls or messages received if everything is ok or unless she has an issue over at her mother’s home. Can be an emotional ride for me.

  12. David B says:

    God has chosen me, specifically us as an individual, and desires / must spend time with me. This is incredibly humbling and cause for celebration!!!

  13. Tom says:

    So he ran ahead and climbed a tree to see Jesus. He never gave up . He was persistent to see the Lord. The Lord acknowledges us wherever we are in our life. We just have to call out in faith to him. Seek Him with all of our being.

  14. Michael says:

    There are so many men that feel like Zach and I need to be more emphatic to love and accept them and invite them to know the Jesus that I know.

    • David C says:

      I fervently pray that our Heavenly Father would fill whatever ‘hole’ , or whatever ‘voids’ are lacking within every mans heart, whatever that ‘hole’ or ‘void’ might be.

      HE fulfills our True Wholeness in this life & in our Eternal Life to come…
      In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen

  15. Rafael Dixon says:

    Jesus never turns His back on people that society typically dislikes. He turns His love up. This is just another example of that awesome. Thank you great Jesus!

  16. SteveHolland says:

    We think of ourselves not worthy because our thinking is earthly, not Heavenly….. Think of The Price that was paid for you and me!!! Jesus Loved and thought of us so worthy, To be humiliated, beaten, and died a criminals death!!! I am So Worthy and Priceless in His Sight!!!! Amen!!!!

  17. Ed says:

    If God can use Zachheus God can use me. I have to be willing to not only host Jesus for dinner, but I need to be open and available so that those I come in contact with today can see a glimpse of Jesus in and through me.

  18. JP says:

    This devotional has been a lifesaver as I struggle with anxiety and seemingly unending attacks from the enemy. Grateful to Bro. Vince for what he is doing. Lord bless and keep you all.

  19. cory doden says:

    God is love. He sent his son to be love on earth. As men, we need love. His love. Through Jesus. Let’s be REAL men and accept that love.

  20. Brad says:

    Love and acceptance is what i have been desiring. These 2 aspects make up family, community, and the church. This devotional has and is helping me discover these aspects.

  21. Walter says:

    A great reminder that no matter who we are or our position in life, God can can and does chose us.
    Blessings flow every day, we only need to keep our eyes open to see them.

  22. Michael says:

    There have been times in the middle years of life that God was not the priority as he needed to be. As a child I knew God. As a teen, it did not matter so much. Now the tenderness that is our Lord is amazing. I will never forget who He is and where I am in His Heart.

  23. Eric Jensen says:

    I was Zacheus as a boy. I felt like I was on the outside looking in, trying to get a glimpse….trying desperately to fit in and be loved. But Jesus did come and when I met him my life was radically changed. I carried scars that took years to heal, and some remain today, but I am a new man because of my relationship, my friendship with Jesus!

  24. Troy Theye says:

    It is so wonderful like the Scripture says that Jesus is always sort of annoying to us to be a better man in so many ways.
    We just have to constantly perceive his willingness to be in our Life and use it to our full advantage.
    “Thank you JESUS” for another day !!!!! No matter whats going on in LIFE at any given point.

  25. Dale berry says:

    Our current world situation characterized by fear is a bit like Zacchaeus who despite his sin wanted to see Jesus. May we be the ambassadors to offer the sycamore tree to the distraught so that they can get a glimpse of the only one of hope

  26. Randy says:

    Today’s devotional shows me , if I am more accepting and inviting to family and friends , then Jesus love and Grace will multiply in my life

  27. Chee Khiam Tay says:

    Most of us are living to please others so we will be liked and loved. But the problem like Zacchaeus the world loves its own and if you are not rich ,smart and handsome you are out of luck. But Jesus eagerly sought out every man in his sinful state, He loves them, He paid the penalty of sin by dying for them and save each one from eternal hell and present them righteous before God. This He did for me and I thank you Jesus My Lord and Savior .

  28. Kevin G says:

    I often forget how Jesus pursues me, for me. His unconditional love and acceptance can be taken for granted in my life so I pray for the excitement of Zach in my relationship with Christ.

  29. Dan says:

    This scripture makes realize that my journey is very much like Zacchaeus, I too seek to follow and be loved by our God and continue to search for his presence in my life.

  30. Jon Brady says:

    It’s surreal to understand Christ’s love for us. He greatly values and accepts us for who we are. He loves us even more to not leave as we are. Draw near to Jesus and He will draw near to you.

  31. Ricky D Brittain says:

    My entire life I ha be struggled with acceptance. I never did anything good enough . In Christ I am always good enough, I am always accepted.
    He is the only savior of the world, thank you Jesus for giving me something that can never be earned

  32. Eddie says:

    It reminded me of times in my life where I made BAD choices simply because I wanted to fit in and be around certain people because of the desire to simply be in a relationship with them.

  33. Michael says:

    This passage helps me in two ways
    I want to be like Zacchaeus and despite my past sin, do everything to follow and see him and not resist his working in my heart.

    The second is to say others the way Jesus does; God desires to save tax collectors, murderers, people who almost hit me with their car when I’m jogging, I need to pray for them that God is emphatic about working in their lives as he has in mine

  34. Austin says:

    Today the scripture shows me that in Jesus’s eyes I am worthy, I don’t know why men feel the need to carry all their emotions around with them but If we realize that God created us to be emotionally and loving beings, I think a lot more men would grow up without these feeling of unworthiness. ?

  35. Tim Ruppe says:

    I’m overwhelmed by Gods love for me , especially in times that I feel unloved, unaccepted or uninvited…

  36. Gregg Stoen says:

    Even if you you feel you’re not popular, know that Jesus loves us and wants to spend time with us!

  37. Pete says:

    There wasn’t much love on the job site yesterday with the lay-off But the love and support from family and friends is greatly appreciated.

  38. Dan says:

    As I reflect back on this scripture, it makes realize that my journey is very much like Zacchaeus, I too seek to follow and be loved by our God and continue to search for his presence in my life.

  39. John says:

    Lord, I know I am loved by you and others, yet sometimes I doubt it. I seek you, similar to getting in the tree, through loving you and others and prayer. I am always thrilled when I feel your presence, I know there are many who need you. Help me, as you live through me, to help them knowing you are with us.

  40. Dan says:

    I try hard to keep myself out of the unloved/unaccepted category of men, but I also tend to seek them out because I feel so bad for them.

    It’s funny though, despite many people caring for and about me I’m still not satisfied by social acceptance. There are battles in my heart that no one else sees, except for the all-knowing God.

    When we started reading about Zacchaeus, I skipped in my mind to the end where he apologized to people….hard stuff. But the real focus of this story is Jesus seeking him out of love. “I must stay with you today.” Luke didn’t write ‘change your life because I said so’. There’s a reason why Zachaeeus obeyed. Love and forgiveness from the God-man.

  41. Steve Roarke says:

    I know that God loves me unconditional and more than I could ever imagine.
    But when a fail I feel I don’t deserve his love and that is just me being human, I need to realize it’s ok to fail and that the Lord has never left my side.

  42. Jeff says:

    To be loved by my wife and sons and my family. Sure. To be loved by friends. Sure. But to be loved and sought out by God? Even with my faults, my sins, my past transgressions? Thank you Jesus that you want to live in my house. Want to spend time with me. To share life with me. Incredible.
    To live inside me. Thank you Jesus

  43. Randy P says:

    Thank you for pointing this truth out to me today. It is so good to know that Jesus made the way for us to receive His Love everyday, and we have the choice to walk with Him in this Love mission to invite others into His ever present Kingdom of Eternal Love, Light, and Life.
    Thank you Vince, God Bless you and your family.

  44. Ben says:

    Keep my door open to Jesus even when I can’t see. No deadbolts, locks, or unanswered knocks to keep him out. Jesus cares and loves us.

  45. Joe Middleton says:

    There have many years of my life that God was not the top priority as he should be. As a child I knew about God but always knew there was more to this God than the Catholic Religion was teaching me. I Got married and had kids and wanted more for all us. God Blessed me with triplets and a year later a divorce. Honestly I have been struggling where I do fit in and the longing to marry again. I totally understand where Zacchaeus is at. I want God to call me out of the tree and come and stay at my house.

  46. Mike Sirignano says:

    I spent my 53 unsaved years being the odd man out. Bullied as a child, mediocre in life, essentially a loser in many ways. But Gods Grace has removed those feelings from me. He uses the least of the least for His Glory. Thank you Jesus.

  47. Dean Wendler says:

    I feel a special bond with the
    men of the Wednesday morning men’s bible study. Thankful to be able to share my thoughts and feelings; and getting their feedback. I thank God for PV Church and the PV REACH Men’s Group.

  48. Eric says:

    Really appreciate this 40 day Lent devotion! I do daily Bible reading but don’t always do a good job of really thinking about the passages I’m reading. This devotion has helped me do that!

  49. Brendan Foley says:

    Today, was a hard one. The best I can say is that I feel ambivalent about this. Maybe it’s the times we are in with Covid -19 and my particular circumstances. However, I feel like I have my agenda and Jesus has his and if we both don’t interfere in each other’s agendas we will both be fine. Just being honest guys. Id rather be honest than post just some spiritual cliche.

    • Dan says:

      Brother Brendan…. its important to always be honest, don’t apologize for that, be proud of it. My only response to your position is that for many years I tried also to get Jesus in my life by trying to involve him in my “agenda” as you said. It wasn’t until I made the decision to let my agenda go, and instead focus on His agenda…. thats when everything changed. He has given me the desires of my heart that I didn’t even know where there, replacing the desires I thought I had for myself that would not have actually fulfilled me. He designed you, you are fearfully and wonderfully made…. that means He knows you better than you know yourself!
      I will pray for Jesus to reveal himself more fully in your life Brendan…. just remember to be in the places where Jesus is…. don’t try to drag Him to the places where you are. 🙂
      Have a blessed day brother… Ill be praying for you!

    • Edward says:

      “I feel like I have my agenda and Jesus has his and if we both don’t interfere in each other’s agendas we will both be fine.” I hear where you’re coming from brother. It’s the dilemma we all face. Keep praying, really reading and digging into your bible everyday, and hanging out with Christian men doing bible studies, and start serving your local church in any way that you can. You will be amazed because before you even realize it, God will start nudging you into His will. I am praying for you Brendan.

    • Darin Palmer says:

      My brother Brendan, being truthful and talking about out in the open is a great thing like Dan says don’t ever apologize for being honest. Easing up on the gas is not an easy thing. Asking Jesus for help and guidance on that one really helped me. Praying for you brother!

  50. Zach says:

    I’ve done things in my life that I figured at the time disqualify me from anybody’s love. It is amazing to me that Jesus is not only willing to love us amidst all our sin, but He actually seeks us out, just like He did Zacchaeus . His gift of grace and the magnitude of his love for us is something that amazes me everyday.

  51. Adam C says:

    “And he was seeking to see who Jesus was”
    I hope to always continue to seek out Jesus more relationally

  52. Sheldon says:

    I am grateful for the fact that just like Zacchaeus my life was, and is not the best, but God in His mercy chose to love me while i was still a sinner.

  53. Bryan says:

    Felt so lucky during this… I know I am loved by God, loved so much he sent his son to die for me.
    Felt sad… though Jesus is always inviting, I forget to turn to him and let him in. The guy who died for me! How could I forget him…

  54. Davin says:

    I’ve always loved the story of Zacchaeus. Jesus shows his desire to build relationships with those society says don’t deserve it. All of us have been that person at one time or another yet Jesus desires to be close to us. I am encouraged today that my hope is in him. He came after me because of His great love for me. That is good news!

  55. Dave Benson says:

    I think this story reflects what is going on right now with most of us during our isolation. We are up and out of the crowds where we can see Jesus better. And He is inviting Himself in to our houses (our hearts) even though we may feel small in stature right now. Come on in Lord Jesus. I want to show you every room! Help me clean them!

  56. Chad says:

    Jesus, invade my life even more than you already have. And, I pray that you would invade the heart of Amber, Gavin and Gabby. Oh, what a gift that would be.

  57. Matthew C Miller says:

    Jesus called me when I was a very immoral and selfish man, just like Zacchaeus. Even though I was not loving Him, He was pursuing me!

    • Brian says:

      I often seek to see Jesus in nature as he paints many a beautiful scene. Sunrises and sunsets are my favorites. I have hundreds if not thousands of pic and there is always one . Remember to look behind you. Sometimes He is there. He never disappoints.

  58. Dan says:

    In my industry they have a term for the way I feel sometimes. Its called “Imposter Syndrome”. Its defined as the following: “The persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.”
    I can honestly say that as a Christian I am able to overcome this fear because I truly believe all achievement and success I have attained is because of my relationship with God!
    Scriptures and example like given today help seed this faith in me that God not only accepts and is emphatic about having a relationship with me, but that God also has a plan and purpose for my life.
    Thank you for this spiritual journey for lent! I love reading the comments and read each one and often pray for the other men on this site.

  59. Samuel says:

    I have since childhood always been very conflicted about God & anyone loving me and I have carried these feelings of insecurity into my adult life.

  60. Eric says:

    No matter what lengths we go to see Jesus, He will always love us where we are at. It may seem we have to go great distances(physically and spiritually) but the Via dolorosa was the greatest distance Jesus walked to live in our souls forever.

  61. Chris K says:

    I’ve been there, doubting my value. But now I know the LORD says “…you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you…” (Isaiah 43:4)

  62. Eric says:

    I find that when I’m with my immediate Family, Volunteering or with Men of Real Authentic Faith I feel the love and acceptance that i believe we all desire. I want to be to the best that I can be for others to feel those feelings from me..

  63. Eric M says:

    The hardest time I have is getting past this self denial that Jesus loves me and welcomes me. I also believe that this is the devil just doing this as he is angry because he wants to devour us that have decided to follow Jesus. So today Lord, please crush those arrows from Satan that would cause me to doubt you in any way as I KNOW that is not what the scriptures say or who you are. No matter how I “feel” I “know” you love me. Thank you Lord for your uninterrupted and undeserved love for me.

  64. Ching says:

    More importantly, I hope men would seek to joint us in fellowship instead of being so passive. We invite many, but only a small minority of men comes…

    • Jeff Brown says:

      Your on to something there with men being passive but in other hands they are not. I will also pray for this.

  65. Michael Pechar says:

    This story makes me think not only to let God in but to show the same compassion and love to others who may have a tough exterior but an open heart.

  66. Edward says:

    I am eternally grateful that God kept pursuing me and loving me all these wasted years of my life. I wasn’t even looking for Him until somehow I stepped inside a Sunday church service one and half years ago. That day I was looking for Him like Zacchaeus was, and Jesus somehow grabbed me.

  67. Timothy says:

    “he was seeking to see who Jesus was, but account of the crowd he could not”
    How often do I let the crowd keep me from Jesus? To get there in any way – at all cost, just to see Jesus today.
    This scripture humbles me – when Jesus comes to my house, my heart, I don’t understand it, really can’t fathom the Creator being that interested in the creation, but I do believe it, I know it and incredibly grateful for it.
    This devotion helps me stay in a rhythm of daily worship, not obligation, but with an expectant heart!

  68. Gerald Waddle says:

    This makes me so very grateful for all the people who continue to love and support me through my ever present battles with addiction and depression. I am so very thankful, especially for you Lord God!

  69. Jeff Brown says:

    Jesus loves me for who I am, knows me for who I am and wants me to put forth the effort to be who I am. Lord help me better know who it is you made me and strip away the false me.

  70. Rich says:

    Its been a tough week. I am thankful for a loving wife. She has been doing amazing at home with the girls. Thank you God for giving me a god fearing woman in my life to help me feel your love.

  71. Darin Palmer says:

    I think of all the hard times before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, Always asking Why me. I felt small like Zacchaeus but now I can feel the love of Jesus and hear him saying I Love You! I know when times/days are tough I only have to look to God for comfort for I am the Beloved Son!

  72. Guy says:

    While praying about this reading this morning. I thank God years ago for invading my life as a salesman. Doing a lot of traveling and overnights, God prepared me early on that the in group is not always the right group. Meaning staying out late drinking, gambling, and other things you ran into late at night. Other reps were respectable to me, but once others new my stance I was not invited or associated with in certain conversation. I thank God for the Holy Spirit encouraging me its OK not to be accepted.

  73. Bob M says:

    I have gotten a glimpse of Christ and several key moments in my life. My prayer is to have the same enthusiasm and reliance on him when things are going well as when I am searching for him out of desperation. My awe and reliance on him should not change with the fortunes or misfortunes within my life.

  74. Dave says:

    He has given me the same invitation and lives with me. Those I come in contact with should be able to see Jesus with me.

  75. JR says:

    This devotional has reminded me so frequently of my need for the kind of love that only ONLY JESUS can bring 🙂

  76. Ryan says:

    I think men have a deep desire to be accepted but are afraid of rejection based on our own faults and failures. It’s good to be reminded that Jesus wants to be in our lives regardless of our faults and failures.

  77. Rich Gorecki says:

    This verse always reminds me about how Jesus calls us to meet Him. I played Zaccheus at the first Big Splash all-church retreat a few years ago. It was humbling to tell the story of this man who met Jesus face-to-face. My prayer is that we all have that same experience one day. … but we have to be willing to climb down from our tree to do so.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      My former job required to move quite often – I truly realize how it feels to be new and perhaps “unvited.” But Jesus has always been ever present with me. I pray that I will always seek out men who may feel “uninvited.”

  78. Alan Hendrickson says:

    Thank you Lord that you love us unconditionally, that you desire a personal relationship with us, that nothing can seperate us from the love that is in you.. ?

  79. Jason says:

    Yes Lord I want to feel loved, accepted, and invited. Thank You Jesus for wanting to love me just because You love me.

  80. John Wilson says:

    “Seek and you will find” Matt 7:7
    “Come near to God and he will come near to you” James 4:8
    “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:13‬ ‭

    What am I doing to activity seek Jesus – no matter the obstacles in my way?

  81. Stephen Donmoyer says:

    After listening to the lesson, thoughts of my childhood come racing back to a time in which I was 7 . I was the shortest kid in my class we work classes and had to front buck teeth so I guess youcan connect thedots. As an adult, Those times deeply changed me in whichI spent the last 30 years in nursing helping others

  82. Randy says:

    My heart overflows gratitude for the great grandeur of spiritual space spoken from our Saviors’lips himself, face to face, friend to friend, always open to me without being determined neither by who I am, nor how I am liked or disliked, nor what I do or fail to do. He plateau’s a grande space readily, willingly, lovingly to me ,,,How can it be?

  83. Thomas Snowden says:

    It’s important to know that God is with me and that he loves me even though I may not feel it he is right next to me at all times.

  84. Wade says:

    This scripture encourages me to reach out to the men I mentor and remind them that I love them and God loves them.

  85. Edgar says:

    He entered Jericho….
    he was seeking to see who Jesus…
    I must stay at your house today…

    These are the three phrases that struck me in today’s devotion. It’s a step by step way of sharing the Gospel and discipleship. First, we have to talk with people (face to face or by phone). Second, we have to ask the Holy Spirit who among the people we shared are ready to accept Jesus. And Thirdly, we have to stay and meet frequently with that person to make him grow his faith.

    I am little by little learning how to share effectively the love of Jesus to people I love and to others. I am praying that this will continue until the Lord brings me home to his kingdom in heaven. Amen!

  86. Bob says:

    Jesus I know you love and accept me just as I am, I am so thankful for that it gets me through many of my days.
    Love you Jesus

  87. David says:

    Jesus’s desire to see us and spend time with us is greater than our desire. I need to spend more time being aware of His prescence.

  88. Ross says:

    Zachaeus’ life was forever changed that day! Salvation came to he and his household. Jesus saw not what Zaccaeus’ past life had been, but what he would be as he grew in Christ. This encourages me!

  89. Charles Culver says:

    This is definitely good reading today. I find my self for years looking to be accepted and loved. But thank God, I know now that Jesus love’s me and accepts me for who I am.

  90. Warren M Campbell Sr says:

    I was that man when I was on drugs and alcohol. But Jesus invited himself to dine with me and my life has never been the same again. Praise God!

  91. Tim says:

    Zacchaeus actions drew me to Isaiah 55:6 Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. He raced ahead to get positioned to see him and Jesus heard his calling. At anytime or in any circumstance may I seek you for the answers……Thank You for always answering my call!!!

  92. Dennis says:

    Seems like I am always the guy that reaches out to other men and help them
    When they need it. I would like to be the guy in the receiving end of that for a change. I find it hard to get a man to be a brother and do life together

  93. Walter says:

    I am often overwhelmed by the unbelievable nature of Jesus and his love for me. The life I lived before Christ would cast me out for eternity and I find it challenging to accept that “Jesus paid it all.” But the Spirit within assures me daily that it’s absolutely true. Gratitude fills my heart and I know that “all to him I owe”. What amazing grace it is!

  94. Tom Cullen says:

    Sometimes like today I cry tears which I learned that are prayers of my soul! I love you Jesus way beyond what I could accomplish! I could not even come up with enough money, which he doesn’t need. The only way is to be like him, and as R.A. Tory said try to collect souls for the kingdom of heaven.!

  95. LAVON C LAMBERTY says:

    Through prayer and the Word and in a time of confession, I can feel the loving redeeming presence of Christ and be empowered to be more “Christ like.”

  96. Brian says:

    The desire of Zacchaeus reminds me that everyone, despite your history, has the need to be loved. Christ reminds me in this passage, that his love is for all. So even when I stumble, even when others criticize and judge me, I am always loved by Christ.

  97. DAVID CLARKE says:

    Dave S C – Jesus loves the unlovely. What a comforting thought. Also a challenge, to do the same.

  98. Matt R says:

    I was first married in my early 20s only to find out that my wife had been seeing another man since we were engaged. I had no idea that anything was going on until I discovered the affair. She ended up leaving me for this other relationship, and we separated less than a year into our marriage. Since then, I have been overly sensitive to real (or perceived) criticism from others. I keep waiting for the floor to drop out of relationships. This has impacted my relationship with God in many ways. For years I perceived God as one who was waiting for me to mess up so He could punish me. In the last 10-15 years, however, I have begun to understand that God is Love, and is different than any earthly relationship. When I read this passage, I see Christ enthusiastically calling Zacchaeus to Him. Unlike former failed relationships, I know that I can trust God. He is Love and He is enthusiastically calling each of us to Him.

  99. Eelco says:

    What I love in this story is that Jesus sees Zacchaeus. And not only that He sees him, but that He speaks to Zacchaeus and wants to eat with him. In that instance it redeems Zacchaeus, and it makes me feel as if redemption is also possible for me.

  100. Brian says:

    I was feeling kind of crappy for some anger today, and this passage comes along and reminds me that Jesus came to heal those of us who are broken like Zacchaeus. I needed that reminder today to give me the strength to forgive myself and go seek forgiveness for lashing out.

  101. Jeff says:

    It’s awesome to embrace the fact that Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with me! I’m inspired and comforted that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I’m eternally grateful that I’m saved for good works and not because of good works since Jesus has paid my fine. I’m humbled that He cares for me and loves me unconditionally regardless of how “good” or “bad” I’m being at any given time. I’m also thankful that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you, Lord!

  102. Jason Davidson says:

    Jesus shows that no matter your past he loves you and are accepted by him. We are to be reminded that no matter what the world throws at us we are loved and we should put most of our resources and time into loving him back.

  103. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    We all suffer Zacchaeus’s conflict within. We want to see Jesus ( be known by Him) but too often we see our own warts and short comings, then disqualify ourselves as acceptable to be Jesus’ friend. But Jesus seeing Zacchaeus (and knowing his heart) calls out to him BY NAME!!!
    Jesus implores us “Come as you are” and dine with me.
    Thank You Lord for Your Love, Grace and especially Your Forgiveness.

  104. Dale Nerison says:

    Lord Jesus, I desire to be chosen, understood, affirmed, blessed, loved, and included. Thank you for this story of how you chose and accepted Zacchaeus, one who was not chosen, accepted or loved by society in general.

  105. Seth says:

    I’ve started to realize that I often “beat myself up” from different situations growing up. It’s a story I’ve been telling myself ever since I was younger that I’m not worthy enough. So Ive also always thought I was worthy enough to others, myself, and most importantly God. After reading today’s scripture, I can clearly see that God wants to invite himself into my life and be in my life, I just have to let him in. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve definitely grown closer to God and I cannot tell you how much better my life has become. I’m happier, life is better, and I seem to be attracting good things to my life!

  106. Lewis Thompson says:

    The wording that Vince says ” He was not a commanding person due to his height and maybe frequently picked on as a child.” I felt that way when I was a young boy, so I can relate to Zacchaeus. But when I gave my life to Jesus, all of how I was perceived was washed away.

  107. Gary says:

    My entire life, my father never made me feel like I was ever good enough. He was always critical and somewhat abusive. Even if I felt something was perfect he would find the flaw. I knew he loved me but never expressed it. It wasn’t until I was saved that I finally forgave him last father’s day.

  108. Dan says:

    An act of unconditional love.
    Another story of GOD’s grace in tangible terms .
    Unconditional love is something I continually strive to practice in my interactions with all of GOD’s children.

  109. Zach M says:

    It just reiterates to me we shouldn’t care what other people think and focus on how much Jesus loves us!

  110. Jesse says:

    It’s helpful to be reassured that I must remain faithful. Focusing on here and today and not the things I can’t control is beneficial. Going thru many trials recently had taken time to gain acceptance of my situation and I’m greatful to be a successful child of the Lord willing to turn to Him for he is my Savior.

  111. Seare says:

    Our God is wonderful, Zacchaeus Longed for glimpse, but Jesus gave him his presence for eternity.

    “From ages past no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who works for those who wait for him.” Isaiah 64:4

  112. Chris says:

    Most of my life I’ve felt unloved unaccepted and uninvited wether it was true or not. So this was a great devotion. I am loved accepted and invited by Jesus.

  113. Gordon Schlegel says:

    Jesus obviously had a very important reason for having to stay at Zacchaeus’s house . It’s just as urgent for him to stay in our houses, or take residence in our hearts.

  114. Brad says:

    Zaccheaus had great anticipation to see Jesus. He was excited to see him. This hit me. I often do not have an excitement like that for Jesus wanting to be with me. Often my shame makes me look the other way, or I take advantage of his grace and do what I want to do. Help be more like Zaccheaus.

  115. Al says:

    Well I feel I was a lot like Zacchaeus before I knew the Lord , but that is the freedom only His love can give us . Thank you Jesus !

  116. Nick says:

    Doing this Devo a day late, but wow I really needed to hear this yesterday. Though I certainly feel unwanted, unaccepted, and unloved by certain loved ones still. I will look to God to fill those voids in my life.

  117. Darren says:

    Scripture affected me by revealing that I need to show more love and respect to those society deems insignificant.

  118. Kevin says:

    God is desperate to have an ongoing relationship with me! What a gift.
    Jesus, help me do my part. Help me be open to your invitation of love and acceptance!
    Be glorified in me and through me Jesus. I can’t do this without you! Amen.

  119. Dallas says:

    I liked Zacchaeus ingenuity most of all in that passage doing what ever it took to see Jesus….to what length am I going through so others will see Jesus!

  120. John P Goushian says:

    Acceptance: Jesus meets me where I am, in spite of who I am. He desires fellowship with me, even when I sometimes just want to be around Jesus or just get a glimpse of Him.

  121. Nick says:

    I’ve always felt a brick wall in a relationship with god. Even though I wanted a relationship i felt I couldn’t have one. I’ve realized that the brick wall was me and my trust issues with christ. I’m learning to let him take control and lead my life and trusting in him to do so.

  122. Brian says:

    Kind of a rough week (things at work), so I missed a few days. Just catching up and thankful to be reminded of Christ’s invitation to spend time with him.

  123. Wayne says:

    Jesus is the Word – John 1:1-5 and in His word He tells us that He longs to be with each and everyone of us. Zacchaeus epitomizes how we ought to seek Jesus, with excitement and anticipation despite our baggage and shame. Jesus made an invitation for the sinner to sup with Him. We all have that invitation, we just need to respond and we’ll be welcomed with the loving open arms of our creator in whose image we were made.

  124. Lee Bailey-Seiler says:

    It’s so easy to choose unworthy as my default. I’ve been reminded that I am chosen. Thanks!

  125. Crosby says:

    This has helped me understand that in my loneliness and when I feel like nothing, the Lord knows me by name and wants to chose me.

  126. LAVON C LAMBERTY says:

    When it comes knowing Jesus, don”t be an onlooker. Be ready to jump into action. Share the encouraging love of Jesus and His plan of salvation.

  127. A Meschke says:

    It has made me think of my children and how I can make them feel more accepted. I am hard on them sometimes but I need to equally praise the good deeds they do like Jesus does to us.

  128. Will says:

    Zacchaeus’ enthusiasm to see Jesus is inspiring. It’s awesome to see him so excited to just see Jesus. And the pure acceptance Jesus offers him is beautiful

  129. Brian says:

    It is huge to know His love is unconditional. Nothing I can do changes that. I am whole because He made me whole.

  130. Gary says:

    It reminds me that I am loved, even though I don’t feel loved at times. I battle repetitive sin everyday. Satan uses that to let me know that I am not worthy of anyone’s love. Jesus remind me that you love me unconditionally! Help me to repent.

  131. Steve Brown says:

    This passage, where Jesus said he “must” stay with Zacchaeus, reminds me that Jesus had a set plan that he followed. None of his choices were random. And from the foundation of the world, he planned to choose me, who was his enemy. It brings me to my knees in worship.

  132. Scott Hal says:

    As I work to lean into a young man’s life you just lost his brother to a drug overdose. I think he needs to know that there is a God that loves him, accepts him, and has an open invite for him. Nothing and no one on earth can compare.

  133. Boyd says:

    I guess I don’t feel a deficit in feeling loved and accepted now days. I feel like I am treated pretty well by friends and family, and am just busy raising up 4 kids! Sometimes I think if you are just about work in the Kingdom, you don’t fixate on lots of strange analysis of yourself.

  134. Peter says:

    “The man he was desperate to see desires to see him.”

    God is great, I love that line. Jesus is the hound of heaven who pursues us and always brings us lost sheep back into the fold

  135. Denny says:

    I love that Jesus loves people the church rejected. I pray that today’s church would extend its arms wider and do the same.

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