Day 17

And Jesus answered them, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.—John 12:23-26

I think it is safe to say that death ranks high on a list of man's fears. But often, it's not our death that we fear, but the loss of someone important to us—a parent, friend, or perhaps the most unthinkable, death of a child. Death is emotionally painful and physically irreversible.

In today's text, Jesus is telling his closest men, a little cryptically, I might add, that he is going to die. I am sure they receive this as bad news. The brothers who had left everything to follow him and who had come to know and love him as their mentor were now faced with this horrific prediction—imminent death. As was his tendency, he offers them a metaphor that helps them see and have confidence in the bigger picture. He wants them to see the good news in death and the potential for life.  He describes how the death of a seed, and its fall to the earth, is necessary to bring new life and much fruit. While this comparison was accurate, it's hard to imagine that it brought much comfort to his men in that present moment.

What I love about this text is the realization that we need brothers to lean on when the future looks bleak. We need godly men to lean on when times are tough. Men who are anchored in the truth. Men who seek and speak the will of God in those moments, all hope appears to be lost. Jesus was that man for these men. And while we prefer to lean on human ingenuity and do life alone, this not the best choice.

You know there are times you have done life alone, and it does not work well. Maybe today, you need to reach out to some man who feels alone? A young man or older man who is navigating the challenges of life without a godly voice of hope from other men. Tap them on the shoulder, or better yet, invite them to join the challenge with you! Be a seed of hope to another man today, as he may be waiting for a man like you.

DO THIS: This week, we are focusing on the discipline of brotherhood.

Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Pray: for 3-5 minutes, for a man you know who needs a Christian brother in his life.
  • Share: below how other Christian men have been beneficial to you.
  • Invite: the man you have prayed for, a beverage or a meal. Listen to him and love him.

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265 thoughts on “The Bond of Brothers

  1. Vince Eible says:

    My guys are part of my guardrail system. They check me, they correct me, they keep me on the straight path

  2. Jim Kroyer says:

    I have been blessed to have had a string of men in my life over the past 40 years, since I began to take my faith seriously. I thank them all from the depth of my heart, soul, and spirit. I am also grateful for the men I currently have in my life and the ones I will have in the future. Somehow the Lord just knows EXACTLY who we need during the different seasons of life. Lord, make me available to those men whose lives I can be there for them in their life seasons.

  3. Tom MacLeod says:

    When I felt despair like God was now where near. He brought a brother along just to talk and share

  4. Eddie Ackerman says:

    Jesus followers, like the men in fight club, have been like Barnabas to Saul, brothers of encouragement. They have spurned me on to WANT TO BE and actually BECOME a better disciple of Jesus.

  5. Jeff Falley says:

    The men’s group that me and my middle son belong to have been such a source of encouragement. I love them all.

  6. Kevin says:

    I am thankful for the men’s Bible study I am a part of early Monday morning each week. Also, the men’s prayer time I experience each Monday too. I also participate in a men’s “open share” group each Thursday night and I have benefitted from male accountability partners.

  7. Taylor says:

    My Christian brothers have helped me open up about my past, not be afraid of what I have done. They have lead me to a faith that is powerful and motivating.

  8. Nick says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say this pandemic has probably been the lonliest we’ve felt in a long time, probably ever. The only thing that kept me going was my church family and my brother’s in the faith encouraging each other and keeping each other accountable.

  9. Tim says:

    Christian Brothers have made me feel, not alone. Knowing that I am not the only one that struggles helps me to see how I need to lean more on Christ.

  10. Darin Palmer says:

    They make you feel like you are never a lone in any battle that life throws at you! You may stumble but they grab you before you hit the ground!

  11. Walter says:

    Voice of reason and a sounding board for struggles in my Christian walk. Knowing that I am not alone or the only one going through the same struggles.

  12. Rafael Dixon says:

    Christian men have been instrumental in my development and walk with Christ. I’m a mentee and a mentor and I learn from both. Thank you father

  13. Tom says:

    I have had a hard time opening up to other men and sharing my feelings or needs. I long for that brotherly relationship, but it has been difficult to develop.

  14. Eelco says:

    Other men have shown me how to live like a christian, or walked with me in places where they had gone before in their lives

  15. Damien says:

    I have a weekly Christian accountability partner to discuss our weekly devotion and also other issues we may have ask for prayer for.

  16. Cory Baron says:

    They teach me every day to step out of my comfort zone. Community is key to my accountability and if I’m gonna “talk the talk,” I better pick up my cross and “walk the walk!”
    Iron sharpens iron!!

  17. Brandon says:

    Other Christian men in my life have encouraged me in difficult times, prayed with me, been loving examples of Christ, helped me to stay focused on Jesus and to be satisfied in him.

  18. Kevin Tucker says:

    Having men strong in their faith coupled with being BIG BOOK advocates help by keeping me centred in Christ and in my recovery

  19. Michael McClain says:

    Having Godly men in my life has kept my eyes focused on the kind of man I want to be and God wants me to be and gives me a physical role model to follow.

  20. Hector Rolon says:

    Developing and being a part of Mens prayer and Mens groups has been so important to my walk. It has transformed the way I do life as a man.

  21. Patrick Tyndall says:

    Praying for SN…..I have invited him to a revival service tonight. I believe he needs God in his life. Thankful for all the men in my life who have shaped me, held me accountable, guided me, taught me, etc…….Tommy, Gene, Nathan, Joe, Bobby, Jim, Todd……just to name a few .

  22. Gino says:

    Danny, wherever you are today, may the Lord richly bless you and keep you in His love and Grace. Thank you for your sacrifice in mentoring me for two years over forty years ago when I was a baby in Christ. Thank you for taking the “bull by the horns” in showing me the love of Christ and being the greatest example of all. And today, Jim thank you for being an awesome brother in always being there while we navigate through life. Bless you both!

  23. Corey says:

    Just to see that we are all so alike in the fact that it doesn’t matter where we are at in life or our christian walk, there will become a point that you realize its time to “Get Real”, “All-In”! If we make up our mind to dig into the Word and Gods heart, he is no respecter of persons and we can emerge from deep dark moments or sin just as our brother in Christ did!


  24. GRod says:

    Christian men have brought me clarity in who I am in Christ. I love that I have other Godly men (brothers) to share my walk in Christ with.

  25. Jon Creel says:

    I have a friend Mark at work his words of encouragement hope and guidance in God’s word have helped me so many times. Brothers in Christ is something we should never live without.

  26. David says:

    Thank you God for the men you have put in my life to mentor and guide me. Help me to do the same for my brothers.

  27. Steve George says:

    I’m praying the lord by his spirit as I pray, will supernaturally bring this meeting to be, so I know beyond a shadow of doubt that it’s his will and timing not my own. I will be prepared to act at his prompting.

  28. Eric says:

    My Pastor in California was the 1st to start me in my walk of faith. But was the loss of a job and multiple other things that eventually broke me and brought me to my knees. That was the hand of God that saved me.

  29. Alex Coon says:

    Men of God have given me more time tested advice for looking more like Jesus while being keen listeners to when I’m in a pinch

  30. Tim E says:

    Pastor Jack was the first person to take the time to tell what being a Christ follower looks like. That was 20 years ago. More recently I’ve been blessed with another incredible friend/mentor.

  31. Steven Harden says:

    Iron sharpens iron! We need some brothers we can depend on for wise counsel, and when we mess up and stray. Having Prayer Warriors surround and laying on hands to lift a brother is what we all need. And need to be doing for our brothers!

  32. Brian says:

    Men around me challenge me to know Christ, strengthen and encourage me in weakness. They also remind me to be humble.

  33. Joe says:

    Christian brothers have guided me back to the Lord when I’ve strayed and felt hopeless many times in the past 45 years.

  34. Tim H says:

    Men of Faith that are standing on the Word and living it daily are so uplifting to me. I thank you for these cherished relationships and pray for continued strength in my daily walk.

  35. Gerry Waddle says:

    My brother in faith Travis, sent me to a Christian Discipleship program, a rehab of sorts. The men involved in this program, both staff and students, have been the most influential in my path to faith and sobriety!!! Thank you Jesus!

  36. Dale says:

    I have a friend who I have met through work who has become a good anchored Christian to help me on my path.

  37. Gregg says:

    The importance of starting each day with God and help to see all He has done for me because of how much He loves me! Also to have faith at all times!

  38. Charles Peter says:

    I’m currently involved with four different men’s groups. I know that seems like a lot, but it kinda just happens. When this challenge started, It came to me that it would be nice to start a morning prayer group on-line that would meet at 6 am every morning to get our focus right for the day. Of the many dozens of people I invited, only two showed up. But, since then, the three of us have met every morning at 6:00 am. even when the time changed! I thought that was a miracle. But seriously, I can’t tell you how rewarding it has been to start my morning in prayer with these guys.

  39. Dennis James says:

    I had one Brother in Christ who I loved dearly and we spent a lot of time together. I would even go take care of him when he was ill. He passed a year ago and I haven’t been able to meet another Brother to fill that void. But I try to be a Brother for other men who are struggling.

  40. Ryan says:

    In a season of marriage separation, Christian brothers have literally been keeping me afloat. Iron sharpens iron is a real thing and no matter our circumstances, a necessity in our lives

  41. STEVEN STUCKEY says:

    Meet in a group every other week. I know these guys have me if ever I need them. We are a band of brothers.

  42. Lynn says:

    Led me through the Holy Spirit to Christ. Keep me focus on serving others. Grow my Love for God.
    Teach me Gods Word. Share conversations about life and death and eternal life. Someone to lean on in troubled times.

  43. Sam says:

    Whenever I have had the opportunity to be around more Christian men, it has always strengthened and made it easier for me to resist sin and be better. I know that God will bring more into my path I just need to open my eyes and heart.

  44. Ben says:

    I have a great group if Godly leaders who desire good things for me and are rooting and praying for me

  45. Salvatore Augeri says:

    Reconnecting with old friends who we all now share the saving grace of Jesus Christ 🙌🏻

  46. Gary says:

    I had no father growing up, but I’m still in awe of the men God put in my life when I needed it the most. Today I’m still humbled to be surrounded by Godly brothers in Christ both older and younger than I, to help keep me on track or accountable

  47. Harvey Hansen says:

    Mens small group meeting at my church. And with 2 other brothers in prayer to start each day with our lord. These meetings help me to grow closer to you.

  48. STEPHEN Donmoyer says:

    I am so blessed to be surrounded by the men of our church in which we lean on each other on thoughout the week regularly. In doing so, we tackle the challenges of what it is to be a Christian man in today’s world.

  49. Bill says:

    I’m praying for and reaching out to my friend Randy. He helped me realize that God still loves me even after the many years of running away from me God. Randy is struggling with some personal issues and his old lifestyle seems to be resurfacing…

  50. Dave says:

    Men need men to be men! I have certainly experienced this as God used men to change the focus in my life for which I am grateful! The beauty of it is, is that they keep multiplying and together we can make a difference in the kingdom. It’s the formula that builds families by God’s design!

  51. Billy says:

    I can’t thank the brothers in my life enough for pointing me towards Jesus. I get emotional even as I type their names – Art, Brett, Kevin, Rob, Chris… – these brothers were Gods boots on the ground for me and I am hopeful that I have been used by Him similarly.
    Iron Sharpens Iron.

  52. Dean says:

    Throughput my life, God has always provided men in my life that reach out to me and help me live life. What a blessing they are. My prayer is that I am able to reach out to other men and be a blessing to them.

  53. Bryan says:

    My friends have been there to encourage me and pray with me when needed. They continue to support me with God’s word every day.

  54. SHELDON Bullard says:

    I benefited from other Christian men by just watching the way treated their wives, Their families, Their commitment to God, and to the local assembly, but especially from the sound advice given to me about maintaining your walk with God.

  55. Bill says:

    I rely on Christ building me up when I am down , He does this through men in my life . Holy Spirit guides me when I need to refocus.and get back on course through Godly men.

  56. Steve says:

    Love from my spiritual brother Bob has meant so much to me over the years.Great encourager and great insight.

  57. Troy Theye says:

    Very thankful for the continuous fellowship from my local church and this men’s challenge, that keep me on my toes to always look to Jesus to keep the faith and continue to share it with all men, and those that cross my path in life.

  58. Richard says:

    I have been helped by men in my church tremendously. We need that bond among more men across the Brothers more.

  59. Rubin says:

    For the last 5 years, I have had a group of about 16 men who I have had the privilege of doing life with. I thank God for these men!

  60. Boyd says:

    Other brothers have been encouraging to me in that I see them continuing to walk with the Lord. It keeps me anchored in the faith.

  61. Thom says:

    I have been doing life alone. I need brothers to help me. I have never had the confidence to ask for help.

    • SHELDON Bullard says:

      Hi Thom i hope you gather the confidence to ask for help, it will surprise you how the Lord will use someone to help build you. Brother remember we are better together.

  62. Denny says:

    My Christian brothers have encouraged me, tested me, and they have been an example of the love of Christ to me.

  63. Lavon C. Lamberty says:

    I have been blessed to have served with some christ like chaplains in USAF and severfellow Gideons. Each have led in boldness showing faith in action.

  64. Steve Brown says:

    I am blessed to have had men in my life who have taught me, encouraged me, and convicted me: College professors, accountability partners, and ministry leaders.

  65. Duane McPheeters says:

    Thanks Meeting wit a guy for last 8-9 years. But during this current event we have been separated or isolated. I need face to face and it feels so divided in what we as brothers need. Thanks Chris for sharing Jesus brings us together, His love and community in The Body with Brothers is necessary however we can establish it. Duane

  66. Nick says:

    I’ve had many influences in godly men. Some good alot bad. Which pushed my faith away. But seeing god grow my stepdad has been a major influence for me.

  67. Edgar says:

    Christian brothers are inspiration and a source of true help. A Christian brother helps me grow in my faith and one who can correct me when he sees me do wrong.

  68. Will says:

    Other men pray for me and encourage me, they are fun to hang out with and do stuff. I appreciate prayers and honesty when things are hard. I know that without other Godly men listening to me in my life I would not be as mature a follower of God as I am.

  69. Dale Martin says:

    It’s so encouraging to know that other men go through or have gone through the same struggles as I have, and they are there for me. Together we are stronger!

  70. Jason Davidson says:

    Having other Godly men in my life has helped course correct when needed, give me a shoulder to lean on when I need help standing. Best of all I get to serve other men as well and help them when help is needed.

  71. Cory Bullock says:

    I constantly feel called to pour into men in my life as I know so many of my brothers past and present and poured into me when times got tough and this is a time where we all need a good man in our life to lean into each other. John M. / Troy

  72. Ross says:

    Leaning on other men throughout my journey has been absolutely essential and amazing! From when I needed other men to grow with as a new believer, to navigating my divorce, to finding a “band of brothers” to do life with, to, along with them, reaching out to other men through Wild at Heart bootcamps, brothers to lean on have been there for me, and me for them. We are not meant to do life alone, but the enemy of our souls sure doesn’t want men to be in fellowship with other men!!

  73. Duc says:

    The promise principle men group keeps me being honest and open about my life. My brother keeps me accountable on my Christian walk and dealing with issues idols in my life. They help me to know that I am NOT alone and we are more common than we think so as band of brothers- iron sharpens iron.

  74. Hugh Prichard says:

    Great for the Men in my life that have provided guidance, accountability and a spiritual direction. Specifically PeterB, my Brother, JeremyP, and my Dad.

  75. Dan says:

    To my brothers Steve, Pete and Brian,
    Thank you for continuing to be a part of my faith journey. It’s amazing to look back at where we were just a few years ago and to see the growth in each of us now. Let’s continue to pray together and grow as men of God. Love you guys.

  76. Stephen Donmoyer says:

    I look to so many friends family members That need the Lord’s hand in their life. Explain to him how fortunate it is for person such a myself to have brothers in my life.

  77. Brad says:

    I had a tennis partner who in time he revealed to me he had done the 12 steps for an addiction. Only God knew that many years later he would walk me through those same 12 steps.

  78. Jonathan Robertson says:

    To engage in this brotherhood, we have to put our peruse to death. It is scary and worth it to let other Christians know us.

  79. Bryon says:

    Sometimes knowing somebody has passed through similar circumstances can help guide and encourage me along. It’s important to be open about challenges you’ve faced and are facing so other can help or you can help them

  80. Ted says:

    I praise our God for many men in my life.
    Pastors Sunday school teachers, friends, etc.
    too many to name but I know my Lord has had His hand in putting each and everyone in my life at the time I needed them.
    Praise my Lord!!! He loves me soooooo much!!!!
    He loves you too!!!

  81. Zach M says:

    I know the leader of the small group I attend is very beneficial in a way that of speaks life into my family from his experiences with his wife and children.

  82. Rafael Dixon says:

    YCOG MEN!!! This group of men have been placed in my life one by one for a special purpose. They give me strength and courage. I love those men. Especially my brother from another mother, Mr Rick Brittain.

  83. Nate says:

    Strong christian guys keep me accountable and give sound advice when I need it and when I don’t think I need it 🙂 Also I think I might need to pass on the invitation for now, lol, maybe virtually.

  84. Isaiah says:

    Have deep conversations about god and pray together. A Positive, loving, happy and fearless influence.

  85. Mr. Bret says:

    Obviously, this was recorded pre virus. Anyways, as a toung man 30 years ago Frank Straub was a
    great example of a faithful servant. I miss him.

  86. Brian says:

    One need I have is to be around other Christian men that I can trust. I have found that here and know that God had orchestrated it all. When we moved I left one great group whom I still have contact, but led me to another great group. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer.

  87. Chris Keeper says:

    The Men that help keep me aimed towards the Lord, and have guided and encouraged me most…
    Ron Sandstrom
    Al Blue
    Tony Blue
    John Wilson
    Orville Hieb
    Karl Emerson
    Kevin Johnson
    Sam McGown
    Stefan Benende
    Clint at a loss of his last name
    Vince Miller
    Jacob Wattenphul
    Cole katchup… Er something!
    All inspiring to me in each of their own ways…. My Dad… Starling Dean Keeper…
    for raising me up knowing the Lord! I Love and cherish everyone that has inspired me with my journey, even the unlisted… Thank You Lord! For these men you have put in my path!

  88. Chee Khiam Tay says:

    At a time like this where we are isolated and COVID 19 is ramping all over the world , we need the supports of Christian brothers that keep each other encouraged with the Word of God. Thought For Your Day -The Battle Belongs to the Lord (2 Chron 20:1-25). Have a blessed day.

  89. Matt R says:

    Leon R. has been such a wonderful mentor to me (although I have never specifically asked him to be my mentor). Through his influence, we started/revived a Men’s Ministry at our church which has been meeting regularly (present situation aside) for over 6 years. Also, Kent D. was my first close friend in Christ, and we’ve been friends ever since. I thank God for these guys, and for so many other guys that God has brought into my life. They have grounded me in Christ.

  90. Michael Sirignano says:

    Since I came to NHPBC, Sam Tello has poured into me a great deal. My brother Luisa Garcia has also been a stand for me even before we came to our church. Today I will reach out to my friend Manny, who is a brother in Christ but from a different church.

  91. Coach says:

    I have just emailed four men in my life that I have true concern for there direction in life. My prayer is that they will look toward Christ and his teaching for life guidance.

  92. David says:

    I used to meet with a friend for accountability and prayer. We had experienced some of the same struggles.

  93. Jeff says:

    I am thankful that our Lord has placed many men of God along my path, at various points in my life, and that He continues to do so today. His faithfulness is awesome!!! I’m also grateful for a group of brothers in Christ that gave me my first Holy Bible, with my name engraved on it, soon after being saved.

  94. Lee Bailey-Seiler says:

    My Christian brothers let me lean on their hope when I didn’t have any of my own, and they helped me see the value of my story in God’s plan.

  95. Seth says:

    When I think about growing up in church I think of three men who had a great impact on me. Al was my Sunday school teacher and RA leader for many years. He taught me that people (even the best) will ultimately let you down, but God never will. Bill was the second and my dad was the third and still is the best example and connection I’ve had with a godly man. He continues to support me to this day and I know he always will.

  96. Walter says:

    I’m in a regular discipleship group with 3 other men. I’m learning to trust them more and more each time we meet. Looking back, God has put amazing men in my life to guide and instruct me through this Christian walk. It has been the backbone of my growth in the lord. I wouldn’t have come this far without them. A wise man once told me there’s no such thing as a lone ranger Christian. Thank God for his provision!

  97. Tom C. says:

    I have leaned on Kevin before. It seemed like he dropped everything to take some talk time with me. I am for ever grateful for that!

  98. Rory says:

    They have brought me closer to Christ and realized we all as men makes mistakes. But he still loves us and will forgive us

  99. Brian says:

    Over the years, the various people in my men’s small group have changed a bit, but I’ve been blessed to have the guys in my life. I’ve been challenged to invest more in my personal relationship with Christ and in my family. I’ve grown closer to Jesus as a result of spiritual conversations with these guys. And I’ve had a lot of fun too. I’m blessed to have found this in a group of Christian men willing to live life with me.

  100. David Luevano says:

    I work with incarcerated youth. We have different church groups come in and share the word of God with them. I have sat over seeing the youth and listen the days topic. In every case I learn something. As Paster Espinosa was leaving he came over and we talked a bit . I expressed that I was not sure what my calling was. He with out hesitation said this it. I see how you talk and work with the youth. I was doing what I was called to do and Paster just simply put into perspective. I expressed my thanks to him to him God bless you and he left.

  101. Eddie says:

    My first Christian mentor led me to believe in Christ in high school. And every mentor since has helped me grow in my faith by challenging me to be a better brother, father, husband, and man after God’s own heart.

  102. Ricky D Brittain says:

    My brothers at YCOG have always been there for me, they have been a great influence as well as a support. I look forward to what we can do together.
    Special shout to Rafael, you are my brother and my best friend.

  103. Dave says:

    John, let’s be Christian brothers and provide each other with support. Let us be available for other men in need of the Lord

  104. Dave says:

    I am grateful for Tom for whom I share all. My weekly men’s bible study. An ear to listen, console, advise and encourage. Iron to sharpen (accountability, growth, challenge).

  105. Ryan says:

    I would be in a world of hurt without Christian brothers. They have helped me be a better husband and a better father. They have supported me through sin struggles and encouraged me to keep going when I wanted to quit.

  106. John Wilson says:

    If it weren’t for these Christian men (and others Many others) in my life, I wouldn’t be the man of God I am today:
    My dad
    Orville Heib
    Mark Johnson
    Kevin Johnson
    Greg Bourgond
    Al Fast
    Karl Emerson
    Jeff Severson
    Jason Eidsvoog
    (And of course you guys – Chris and Tony)

    I am so grateful for all the men God has put in my life

  107. Brian Winckler says:

    The men in my church are awesome. We are in contact with each other daily. Sometimes they see things going a wrong direction before I do and let me know. One of the cores of our church is ” we fight for men”

  108. G says:

    A Christian man that was beneficial for me along my spiritual journey is the chaplain at my school. I met with my chaplain multiple times to discuss renewing my faith journey and finding Jesus again. My chaplain took me in and spoke to me through God allowing me to find the light again. He was a positive influence for me and someone to reach out to when I had no other close Christian men in my life. I won’t forget the day I talked to him and declared my life again to Jesus. I pray that he continues to speak to others in the same way that he speaks to me. I also pray for myself, as well as one of my friends as we seek better Christian brothers and influence in our every day lives.

  109. Dennis says:

    The last man that was a brother in my life passed . I am finding it difficult to find a true Christian Brother to be able to do life with and trust

  110. Jon says:

    Kim and I moved here about 6 years ago and people ask what was the reason you moved. My first response is usually that Kim was moving and I wanted to stay with her. In reality there is no one answer and the reason seems to have not been what we thought. We have both grown greatly in our walk because of the Godly people we have become friends. with. As for myself, I have not had the friendships or been surrounded by Godly men as I am now. Men such as Danny Douglas, and many others have helped encourage, challenge, teach, and correct me in a manner only a brother can do. I am blessed and find that the reasons I am here are not the reasons I believed them to be.

  111. Wade says:

    I’m especially thankful for Pastor John. He is one of the most loving men I’ve ever met. He is humble, generous, has integrity, and is authentic; all life principles that I’m striving for.

  112. Dale Nerison says:

    Other Christian men have been beneficial to me to discuss biblical issues and Christian living, and ask about and talk through deep subjects related to faith.
    Thank you Lord for the godly men you have brought into my life throughout the years.

  113. Bob Plantz says:

    I am going to assume that this is the group from Clarks Summit University. I wanted to share with you all an idea that is percolating in my brain. I have 5 men (including me) living in my house right now. That’s just about the right amount for a men’s Bible study – have not really thought about what that would look like yet. Thoughts? Thanks

  114. Alan Hendrickson says:

    Without asking, other Christian men call just to see how I am.. usually perfect timing as I am facing a crisis of faith and need some iron to sharpen me up..

  115. Warren M Campbell Sr says:

    I thank God for the men God placed in my life. Brothers to lean on . Iron sharpens iron. I thank God for the brothers he placed in my life to mentor. As I lean on my brothers my brothers can lean on me. I thank God for such a brotherhood and blessing.

  116. Franky says:

    Men of God that surround me have taught me how to trust God in all times. Especially those mentors who showed me how to be a worshipper.

  117. Samuel says:

    My Grandfather Marion was one of the most Christian men I have ever known and was the most influential in my life. Even though I have fallen many times and drifted away many times. The love he showed me as a child always comes back to help guide me back to my heavenly father.

    Thank you, Grandad

  118. Chad says:

    I am grateful to the other Christian men who have helped me to truly focus on following Jesus and start walking on a path of transformation.

  119. Rick says:

    Larry Ashe was an older man in the little church where I got saved. Early on, Larry invited me to a discipleship class he and his wife lead. We read scripture, discussed it and prayed aloud. It developed the disciplines I needed for a spiritual life and made all the difference for me and my wife’s. Larry passed away 2 years ago but his wife is still speaking into our lives.
    In the second church we attended, another guy my age came alongside me and encouraged me to take up the mantel of leadership. Although there are almost 1,000 miles between us now, we still keep in touch and Jamie still encourages me although he is struggling with a debilitating disease. I thank God for placing these men in my life and hope to encourage and impact others as they have impacted me.

  120. Ian Bonthron says:

    Hey that’s really powerful Christian mentors and without them I will be a ship without a rudder.

  121. Pastor Mark says:

    God has blessed me with amazing mentors throughout my life: solid, Christian men to help guide me in my faith journey. Pastors, Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, grandfathers. It was one of the reasons why I was so sure that I felt called to serve a church as a second pastor, a church with an experienced lead pastor to be a mentor, especially during my first pastorate!

  122. Chris says:

    Just being there when I am hurting and heaving someone to talk to. Reminding of the hope I have in Jesus and what that means for me. Reminding me who I am I Christ. Helping me in so many practical ways

  123. TAYLOR T OLSON says:

    There are several members in my family who need a good Christian brother to be there for them

  124. Mike Schurman says:

    I thank God for my father and grandfathers who were a great example for me. I also thank God for many men in my church who have been an inspiration through either their words and or example.

  125. Rich Gorecki says:

    Tough to get a beverage right now due to COVID19 but I am grateful for those who embraced the God Buddies concept and live in community with other godly men.

  126. JP says:

    I would be lost lonely and died had it not been for the Godly men that poured their lives into mine. Lord bless each of them.

  127. Stephen Rovezzi says:

    I have always been a Believer….great family, churches, friends…but for 10 years I did not attend church or service…not because I was losing faith…mostly lazy, not connecting with the right folk. Then 2 years ago I met EBBC….and I felt “home”. And in a large part, I found some great guys…real good guys…guys I can honestly reach out to. Thank you guys…and thank you Lord!

  128. John says:

    Jesus hear our prays to share your story with those men we love and those who we have difficulty understanding and communicating to know and claim you as Savior. Lord you know my list, help us to know the right opportunities and it be you who speaks to them, use me Lord, today.

  129. Doug says:

    Mark and I have been meeting once a week for Bible study and just to share life together for over 5 years. We have grown both spiritually and as brothers, and have encouraged and exhorted each other. Last week we started to meet by video platform, because the time together has become too precious to us both to miss during this time of social distancing.

  130. Justin says:

    What a gut check on what Jesus is really asking for to follow him, and I am hesitant even when he did it before me and gives me the promise to bear much fruit

  131. Thomas Snowden says:

    I haven’t gotten close to any good faithful men of God but I just keep my eyes focus on God.

  132. Mark Roehl says:

    I’ve had brothers encourage me in different ways over the years. Some have been teaching/mentoring. Others have offered encouragement and support.

    • Lavon C. Lamberty says:

      We are called to be a living sacrifice. A life of servant hood that Jesus said would be honored by the Father in heaven. Our lives are gift to us. We just have to give away to others in a loving and redeeming way as we have been redeemed through Christ Jesus death on the cross.

  133. Caleb says:

    Totally agree with Vince. You are what you eat! The saying goes for both Earthly food and Spiritual food. Those who we surround ourselves with influence us.

    My best friend Brian has serves as a reminder to me of what the Holy Spirit can do through forgiveness.

  134. Jesse says:

    Life has improved as I am able to lean on other followers of other Christans who have faith. Fear has been minimal and for this I am greatful to let him lead me.

  135. Dan says:

    The Men’s Group at River Glen Church is a thriving example of what Jesus was asking of his first disciples. We get our energy and support from our GOD Buddies.

  136. Bryce says:

    Other Christian men have shared with me how putting their faith in Jesus has changed them spiritually, relationally and made them better leaders. I’ve seen them stay calm within the storm while radiating the fruits of the spirit as they endured. I’ve seen this “It” factor in action and hope one day to be that model for another brother.

  137. Dave Wall says:

    Men at church have walked with me and carried me through so much of life during the past few years – our walking together and sharing a common belief in the risen Christ has not only sustained me, but has grown me and my faith.

  138. Davin says:

    The seasons in my life where the most growth has happened were always when I had other strong Christian Men to walk beside and lift me up. The impact they had on me will forever be remembered. God created us for community. The value of Christian brotherhood is immeasurable. Even when the world says that as men we should suck it up an not share what’s going on in our lives.

  139. Jeff brown says:

    Reachout to Adam Shively and also I prayed about how Christians in the early days were accepting of everyone.

  140. Zach says:

    It wasn’t until recently that I started to actively seek out other men of God in my life. I always thought that my problems were not worth anybody else’s time. I know now that that was my pride talking. In the last 6 months God has put numerous men in my life that have come around me in hard times and been such an encouragement. But this required me to be vulnerable with other guys, something I was afraid to do most of my life. Praise God that I stoped listening to my fear and started opening up to my Christian brothers. It was the best decision I ever made.

  141. Nick says:

    Christian fellowship has been essential for anything even close to victorious living because 1 Corinthians 15:33

  142. Adam C says:

    I’ve had other Christian men support me through trials and encourage me. Sometimes just being willing to listen to me is the most beneficial.

  143. Eric Jensen says:

    I need other men to keep me from going off, to keep me accountable, to encourage me, to help me know I’m not a lone ranger, and to speak honestly to me.

  144. Rich says:

    That is how I came to know Christ. Right now could be a great moment to reach people. While everyone is quarantined we can use technology to reach out. I pray I be bold to reach out today.

  145. Edward says:

    I am grateful for every man in the men’s bible study groups I am a part of. I learn something new from every one of them.

  146. Sheldon says:

    There are a special group of men from my church who i meet with weekly for prayer these brothers mean the world to meet i thankful to God for giving me brothers like these.

  147. Er says:

    I am a follower of the phrase love a man to Jesus until he’s ready to love a man to Jesus. I don’t have to save all but can make s difference in one.

  148. Jeff says:

    It’s been 7 years since I lost my best friend to cancer. He was one of a kind. When I read this today a name popped into my head immediately. I will reach out to him today.

  149. Randy P says:

    God put my friend Karl on my heart. It is amazing how easy it was to pray for him. It is so important to ask of God, “who in my life needs to be prayed for?”. The Holy Spirit guides us to that brother. Thanks Vince for your faithfulness. We need the encouragement to be Kingdom productive. God help each of us to realize the power you want to display through us by discipline and obedience. We need to be reminded constantly of Gods desire for our participation in His plan with and through us.

  150. Bryan says:

    CROSS country coaches both sparked my faith in different ways. One directly as youth group leader and another with simple words of wisdom. Gonna read me some Proverbs today!

  151. TIM Ruppe says:

    I am thankful for the Christian men who had a influence on my life when I was lost and headed down a dead end street..

  152. Randy says:

    Just being around other Christian men helps to keep me focused on God and his word. I have a tendency to get slack when I’m not around other Christians

  153. Michael says:

    It is such a gratifying event when our Men’s Group gathers together in one accord. This always energizes me to dig deeper in the Word. And to be the servant Jesus commented on many times through his lessons.

  154. Randy says:

    Wow! Many men poured so much into me. Early on I remember going out visiting elderly with a leader of the church . On the way back he suggested we stop for coffee at a Whitecastle. Really can’t recall exactly what we talked about . The impression often comes to mind because he spent unstructured time just to talk. Just being with him affirmed my faith . Seems so insignificant yet foundational to me now some thirty years later.

  155. Bryan says:

    The men in our life group and our Men’s group have been a huge blessing to me. The fellowship and brotherhood we have had over the last several years have helped me grow and provided accountability.

  156. Jay Wegiel says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that my life would be just that “my life “, without each and every Christian brother who I have shared vulnerability with. And fyi, my life was mediocre at best before becoming a part of God’s family. Since giving “My life” to Jesus it has become a joy and a privilege. Thanks to each and every Christisn brother! And sister!

  157. Steve Roarke says:

    Brian, Dan and Pete have been my rock.
    I am truly blessed to have a group of God fearing Men to lean on and help me with my journey. Thank you my brothers in Christ.

  158. David C says:

    Praying for my son Peter, a prodigal son, for Christian men/fellowship & renewal in his life as he does not have a relationship with me (or a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, as far as I am aware of….)

    Men need men to become men !
    “As iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens [and influences] another [through discussion].”
    ‭‭PROVERBS‬ ‭27:17‬ ‭AMP‬‬

    I have no biological brothers but the Lord has surrounded me with a multitude of spiritual brothers in the Lord; they have been my ‘rock’, a multitude of counsel and Godly wisdom; we have joined shields together in unity, like in the movie “Gladiator” to win many battles we have faced together (ie daily prayer partners; weekly Mens Bible studies/ small groups in our church and at our individual homes; we break bread together weekly at various locations; we play all kinds of recreational sports together ….)

    Basically, we are doing life together, in the Body, not alone or in isolation; no “lone rangers “ !

    Every man needs 3 men in their lives:
    1. a Paul – someone to mentor us; a more mature & ‘seasoned’ Christian brother to teach us and lead us, etc…
    2. a Barnabas – an accountability partner; another brother in Christ to encourage us, to correct us, and to do life with…
    3. a Timothy – someone to we can mentor & guide….

    Be/get together in the Body – we need each other !!

    • Sheldon says:

      Amen David i agree with three men concept continue to be encourage and i will pray that God touch your son’s Peter heart and that he would come to know Him as Lord and Saviour

      • David C says:

        Stay connected with & blessed by your ‘band of brothers’
        And may God bless you as you have blessed me, in your reply to me, that you will also be lifting up my son Peter in your personal prayers…

        Thank you ~ prayer changes things !!
        Proverbs 3:5-6

  159. Dave says:

    Two men in particular have been a great help to me, Sam and Aaron. Their exposition of God’s Word`and the passion with which I see them living for Jesus encourage me to do likewise. Being around them makes me love God even more and challenges me to serve Him with everything I am.

  160. Dave Benson says:

    I was fortunate to have men tap on my shoulder seven years ago to break me out of my isolation that I didn’t even realize I was in so yes I am willing to reach out and disciple other men that are in the same situation. God has certainly given us an opportunity right now to do just that. Jesus’ last words to His disciples were “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”

  161. Walter says:

    My older brother has been my go to person for guidance in my faith walk. His knowledge of God’s word is extensive, so he’s always able to direct me when I have challenges.

  162. Art says:

    There are a few men that we share, challenge pray for each other but in the beginning of my faith walk a pastor friend was instrumental in my journey in Christ who has just recently gone to be with the Lord – thank you Jesus

  163. Troy Theye says:

    New life and much fruit, I feel we can experience that now without dying by just taking in God’s Love and how powerful that is.
    My newest brother Todd from church has set Great fellowship within me with the community, church and my Faith in general. He represents being a man of God very well. Been leaning on the church very diligently this past year being new to Florida and God has been Good all the time.

  164. Dean Wendler says:

    All my career was in operation management until the last year. I was given a work out of your home assignment. Talk about being lonely, I was. Got a call from a guy asking if I had time to play some golf. The answer was YES. We became best friends for 10 years until he passed from cancer. His last words to me where; ” I am not going to say goodbye, but will see you soon in heaven”. I was so blessed to have this man in my life. Today I have the opportunity to be this type of Christian friend to another man.

  165. Darrell says:

    A couple months ago my manager Joe approved additional time off for me when my mother in law passed.

  166. Michael says:

    It’s simple for me; up until I got cancer, my faith was up and down, and when men were pouring into my life, my faith was strong. When I hid myself from other men, my faith was weak, and led me to hide from Jesus well. Cancer was different, as I had to adjust being alone much of the time, but kept the faith, but even now, my faith is renewed when I talk, pray, and pour into men, and have them pour into me

  167. Tom says:

    I have had 3 or 4 1Christian men that have helped to shape me. However one stands
    out, (Pastor Jeremy Hyde). There when I needed someone to pray with me and talk with me when
    I was sinking in my situation.

  168. PATRICK says:

    I have learned from many good men. I would like to share this with others who have not received Jesus.

  169. Austin says:

    We talk about other man, but sometimes the person who needs talking to is yourself, to look in the mirror and really focus on serving god in the most impactful and honest way possible. ??

  170. David B. says:

    I am currently in an accout ability group with 3 other men whom everything is shared. They help keep me honest and accountable with myself and my faith.

  171. Ben says:

    Today I’m praying for and reaching out to my friend Sam, he is a new Christian and is doin his best to serve God and go let go of his old lifestyle and ways of living.

    • Jon Brady says:

      I’m very thankful for Keith and Mike who were my mentors when I started to attend MSG. Because of their leadership, faithfulness, and commitment, I was greatly blessed and grew in my faith. I now have the responsibility and privilege to lead this group.

  172. Brian Grundhauser says:

    You my brothers, have been influential to me by texting me and including me in the summit and journeymen. This shows me that God is working thru you to help get me and keep me on the right path to my relationship with God! Thank you, my brothers.

  173. Nick Hall says:

    I want to thank God for Andy, Jorge, and Randy. These brothers are my mentors, great examples of how to do life!

  174. Bill Higley says:

    One big example is a professor I had in college at BBC (’82), Dave Rockwell. 4o years later, Dave still calls or texts me to simply say, “I prayed for you today.” Wow! These little blessings to me are life-filling. In many ways, he has been my spiritual father — my dad is not a believer.

  175. gordon.barrineau says:

    I miss the men of River Glen Men’s group. They are Spirit filled men , annointed with a calling on their lives.
    They have been an inspiration, mentors and friends to me.
    Thanks for all your help, support and guidance.

      • Gerald Waddle says:

        Brooklyn Teen Challenge is the men’s discipleship program that saves my life. I pray for each and every person involved in that program!

    • Rich Gorecki says:

      You will always be a part of the River Glen men’s group Gordon. You are now just our east coast representative for God Buddies!

  176. Donny Lill says:

    Having strong and faithful men to lean on is so powerful. One of my friends shares his prayerful thoughts of the day most mornings and they are just what it takes to set the time for the day…

    • Kiawa Bynum says:

      I have a group of men that I talk to on a regular basis, and prayer have been powerful! And in my church I am close with the deacons and pastor!

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