Day 3
lent-challenge-day-3 Vince Miller

Cost, Value, and Net Gain


Then Jesus told his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done. Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom."—Matthew 16:24-28


We judge the value of something based on what it will cost — and everything has a cost, which means everything has value. When making a decision, financial or otherwise, we ask ourselves: "Is it worth it?" This private, and sometimes unconscious evaluation, is a question of value, and we wrestle with this even in our faith. It's part of the human decision-making process, and Jesus knows it. But now consider the thoughts stirring around in the minds of the disciples as Jesus presents the proposition above.

If we could read minds, I would bet we'd discover that the disciples were evaluating if the real cost of following Jesus was worth the net gain. Many onlookers, during the time of Jesus' ministry, weighed the cost and decided the value was a net loss, not a net gain. But there were a few who weighed the present cost with the eternal value and decided it was worth it, and thus they went all in. But, Jesus suggests the cost is great.

"The cross," mentioned above, was not made for wearing, it was made for dying. In our culture, it's difficult to appreciate the cruelty of the cross. During the reign of the Roman Empire, crucifixion was a deliberate, torturous, barbaric punishment resulting in the gradual suffocation and death, which was reserved only for the worst of criminals. Crosses and crucifixion were a symbol of intimidation, warning people in the republic of the cost of non-compliance in the Roman empire — the cost is your life.

Jesus turns this imagery toward a Godly proposition. He is encouraging men to evaluate their net gain in this life, with that in His Kingdom. While there is a lot to be gained in this life, the net gain is nothing compared to the net loss if we have not also evaluated the cost of the human soul. Jesus implores us to consider this — to assess the cost, the value, and the net gain. Today nail a bad habit, a bitterness, a regret, or a perpetual sin to His Cross. Leave it there and acknowledge the net gain of a life without it.

This week we are focusing on the discipline of prayer.

Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Confess: in the comment section below, share something that you need to rid from your life. If you feel concerned about sharing this in the comments, be cryptic in your explanation, but know that God blesses a man's confession.
  • Pray: for 5-minutes, and share this confession openly with God and let him take the burden from you.

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lent-challenge-day-3 Vince Miller
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356 thoughts on “Cost, Value, and Net Gain

  1. Stephen Donmoyer says:

    I confess that my anger gets the best of me in which spuns into unchristian like behavior and ends in disappointment in myself. Lord, I do not want to be that hollow Christian feeling like a failure.

  2. Sam says:

    Alcohol has not taken a firm hold in my life but I’m drinking more than I should. I confess my inadequacy and turn from that poor decision.

  3. Ben says:

    Up util 5 weeks ago it would have been sexual purity, I’m currently praying and giving God this area daily…then next area is giving. I want to be generous with what God has blessed me with financially and in all areas!

    • Ryan says:

      There are so many things but I’ll start today with confessing the resentment in my heart toward my wife and family members.

    • Darain says:

      I agree 💯 with so many things to name. I will first repent next with surrendering my life and thank God through the process.

  4. Todd Hansen says:

    Among the repertoire of habitual sins that plague me, there is one over in the corner that keeps itself hidden and periodically jumps out and grabs me by the throat. God has been gracious — he has lessened its power — but he hasn’t taken it away. I feel like this thing is similar to Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” — it feels as though God has left it there to remind me of my powerlessness over strongholds.
    In the stumbling there is often a willful disobedience — I know God knows and I don’t care.
    In the shame that inevitably follows the stumbling I try to hide from God, like Adam did, or pretend that knowing he will forgive me isn’t itself a sinful presumptuousness on the mercy of God.
    But God does forgive — again and again. Over time, I see that it is indeed his kindness that leads to repentance (Rom 2:4). But repentance — true 100% repentance — true and permanent turning — has eluded me. God have mercy. Don’t permit, even for a moment, the things of this world to shine brighter than the things of the Kingdom. Help me turn from this and many other sins, and give you the glory for deliverance when I do, my Lord and my God.

    • Dana says:

      Seems like I always get persecuted by my immediate family members because I speak and teach Godly principles to my children and wife to follow. Its heartbreaking that they take advice from the world and dont stand for biblical values and convictions. I struggle with separating myself from the home so I can follow Jesus completely.

    • Paul Atkinson says:

      I’m inadequate – my faults are many – I lay them at the cross – in Jesus name I surrender all

  5. David C says:

    I confess my lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life, and falling short in parenting my children, this day…
    Praying for Ezekiel 36:26; Joel 2:25; 3 John 4; Genesis 50:20….

    • Austin says:

      I confess, the lies, big or small that I tell myself and others that help me with self-confidence or feelings of “fake” self-worth.

  6. Tim Kelley says:

    I have a tendency towards spiritual disfunction, allowing leadership control over my life. I confess it has created depression and co dependency. Lord help me to seek you not man and to move forward in my faith.

  7. Randy says:

    Promotion of self, position, and anger resentment toward others. Effects of sin that obscure relationship and Christ righteous. Being able to give a word of testimony or witness to what Christ has done in my life and shrinking back from opportunities to lift God’s renown.

  8. Chee Khiam Tay says:

    The cost of following Jesus must be assessed by the the person gain of his soul in eternity . The Christian must further assess the cost against what Christ did for him on the Cross , He gave His life to save him .

  9. Tim says:

    Lack of faith in certain areas, and how easily I forget to look back in my life and see how God has always been faithful…

  10. Seth says:

    Sometimes I cut off or ignore messages from friends and others that I just feel like answering then make up an excuse later to why I couldn’t get to them.

  11. Yooper says:

    Take control of my thoughts and nail unrighteous and prideful thoughts to the cross of Christ. Think Godly thoughts and focus more on God’s eternal Kingdom.

  12. Dean Wendler says:

    I am outspoken and judgemental, especially with family members. Resulting in conflict that does no one any good. Asking God for patience, understanding, and slow to speak; especially as it relates to family members.

  13. Jim says:

    I confess my weakness in turning away from worldly things and allowing satan to take control of my thoughts and actions. Too often I slip into bad habits -not studying, not praying, not pursuing Christ – and result is always the same.

  14. Dan says:

    Selfishness- to be more aware of the needs of others and the courage to respond through Gods love and kindness.

    • Blayne Honanie says:

      Today I rid myself of sin that only hurts my relationship. Take this away and help guide me towards trust loyalty happiness and forever.

  15. David says:

    My frustration and shortness toward my wife’s tendeny to look at the world with a half empty glass and worry.

  16. Jeff says:

    Prideful. I would like to show more compassion to others, especially my wife and mother.
    And become a better listener.

  17. Chris says:

    I lay down the sin of selfishness. Too often I make decisions based on what I will gain from them without considering others, especially those I love.

  18. Joe Middleton says:

    What bad habits/sin do I have that I need to leave nailed to the cross today, so I am able gain life more abundantly and live more freely with Jesus and not have regret later. Thank you Jesus for all you have done and will do for me.

  19. Sheldon says:

    Father i confess that i struggle with impure thoughts and today i nail them to the cross of Christ and seek to experience the net gain of living a life without the struggle of impure thoughts in Jesus name.

  20. Nathanael says:

    Time management: I have been guilty of letting other things take priority in my life. Similar to Tom I let things and devices distract me from what God wants to do with me.

  21. Dan Boswell says:

    I confess to the sin of not trusting my Lord. This devotion has freed me from anxiety and I will walk strong thru this day.

  22. Duc says:

    Pride- Controlling and not letting Jesus to handle these areas in my life: Not being consistent in parenting approach to raise my kids God’s way, spending too much time on surfing the internets, not focusing in loving my wife intentionally. Lord Jesus- I gave all of these at the cross and ask that you will be taking control of all of these areas in my life. Please help to take away my pride, teach me how to submit to you so you can help me in those areas. Amen!!!

    • Nate says:

      Language – I’ve let my words get a bit uncontrolled, both with swearing and under my breath frustrations and anger. Asking God to clean my heart which out of the abundance the mouth speaks.

    • Anthony Meschke says:

      I struggle with internet time wasting also. Just this week I set up a reminder on YouTube so it reminds me to take a break every 5 minutes. It helps break the cycle for me and reminds me to focus on the family. Google how to set it up.

  23. Paul Leininger says:

    I nail to the cross the excuse that doing work for God can sometimes replace my intimate time with God.

  24. JP says:

    I am nailing doubt and worry to the cross. It is simply more than I can bear. Despite the attacks by the enemy I will place my full faith and trust in God

  25. Matthew C Miller says:

    Critical judgements of other’s sins. Meaning, I sometimes don’t judge to help restore them to the faith, but use their sin to impress others of my “goodness.”

    • Rick says:

      Yes Matt. I tend to pass judgement also. Then the Lord reminds me of how much He has forgiven me. It’s humbling.

  26. Troy Theye says:

    2 Things-
    I am nailing to the cross. My decision to rid (excuse) those in my life that are not good for me, (but I will pray for them) and secondly my hypocritical thoughts about judging others when I should just surrender who I am and look in the mirror. My changes have definitely put me in a better spot with Jesus.

  27. Eric says:

    I confess to looking at women in away that doesn’t honor the Lord or my wife, and not always turning my eyes away when I’m confronted with that temptation!

  28. Tom says:

    Lord forgive me for being dishonest with my life and allowing my sinful nature to rule in finances , marriage, and in the friendships in my past.

  29. Steve Roarke says:

    Anger-I need to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.
    I allow anger to flow freely, unmanaged it will destroy everything.

  30. Samuel says:

    I confess I am so week and fall so short but I will continue to lay my sins at the cross and beg Jesus please do not let me die this way.

  31. Bryce says:

    I need to trust God more and worry less (I’m too anxious about the future: health and financial stability) through prayer.

  32. Steve says:

    God, Thank you for your daily forgiveness of sin. All we have to do is repent with a genuine heart and you accept us back into fellowship.

  33. Chad says:

    Jesus, today I nail my sins of lust to the cross. Thank you for the price you paid and your ultimate sacrifice, which set me free.

  34. Lewis Thompson says:

    My fear, of the unknown as to the outcome of the coronavirus. Who that I know, may come down with this dreadful disease? Lord, remove my fear and replace it with hope.

    • Alan says:

      Amen Lewis.. we must trust our sovereign God that nothing will happen outside his will, and be prepared to see his glory through anything that comes.. ♥️

  35. Michael says:

    Today, I ask that Jesus nail my impatience and bad temper to the cross, especially as it concerns my daughters

    • Jesse says:

      As I encounter problems including finances I need to be rid of any missunderstanding to be prepared daily to have successful wisdom to make good positive progressive decisions.

    • Brady Ellis says:

      I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that you’re an inspiration to so many people. You are to me!
      We all have kids and no matter our circumstance or position in life, kids will give us a run for our money and hearts! You are an amazing Dad from what I’ve heard and sitting behind you at church and watching your daughter sing from her heart let’s me know you are doing a great job! Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back every once in awhile because the seeds you’re planting are showing fruit when you’re not watching! I promise! StAy strong brother!

  36. Rick says:

    I want to nail to the cross this nagging feeling i am not good enough. I know it causes me to be resentful, defensive and angry when I receive criticism, even when it is constructive. I just don’t here it that way. All I hear is – you are wrong, you’re stupid, what were you thinking?

    • Jon says:

      It is hard to hear criticism and harder to accept it. My first instinct is to not trust the reasons behind it and to defend myself . The frustration i have caused in the other, especially someone close, does not always lead to gentleness in their presentation. I try to take a step back and not respond hastily. Trying to focus on the message and not the tone. Any success I have achieved has been by asking God for patience and wisdom in the moment. Even when I fail in the moment (less than before but still too often) I have discovered that God will provide the humility to come back to them again.

      • Rick says:

        Focus on the message, not the tone! Great advice Jon. Thank you. Robert Morris, in “The Power of Your Words” encourages us to use the 3 “P’s”, Pause, Ponder, and Pray. Thank you for your encouragement.

  37. rgoreckijr says:

    Lord, help me to deny myself of all those sins that prevent me from fully knowing the eternal value of following You.

  38. Tim says:

    Putting others down in a very sly manner. So sly others may not even know my true intentions. I do it because I am still an insecure 13 year old boy.

  39. Jason says:

    I am seeking counsel and I have a brother who I trust to share this with as well.
    My constant struggle is porn. I have damaged my marriage and friendships because of it. I have been dealing with this sin for over 38 years. Thank God for His forgiveness and Grace. I am always willing to talk to or be there for you so we can kill this awful life killing sin. Death to self. Sometimes I am afraid to confess my sin of porn as well. Which is wrong. Again I say today death to self.

  40. Seth Metcalf says:

    I value my own time more than His time. I prioritize things that I want to do ahead of what God is calling me to do.

  41. Davin says:

    I have a short fuse with my children, especially my son. I fear I
    my children see me and fear me rather than respect and adore me.

    • Brady Ellis says:

      The Bible shows us , even in revelations that God punishes His loved. A counselor once told me don’t apologize for being a great parent, the seeds we sow now will show plentiful crop in their lives in the future. Tell them you love them as much as you direct them. Tell them you will love them through this time in their life. I do it and at it almost daily.. don’t apologize for being a great parent! You love them and they know it! The Bible teaches us that our children testing us is normal! Love them! But be you! Cause you love them

  42. Dan says:

    GOD gives us his grace and loves us unconditionally. This gift has tremendous value and is our cost is just to obediently appreciate and accept the gift.

  43. Adam C says:

    I need to stop the bad habit of not trusting God in my present or for my future. This has led to worry and anxiety in my life. Trying to rely on my own strength will end badly.

  44. coach Ed says:

    I have a so call pastor that I have a hard time to forgive. If he come to our church as a guest speaker I will leaven. Just can know sit under his preaching. How do you stop the thought that come in to your mind?

  45. Eric says:

    I’ve got habits that are hidden from world, but not you Lord. I’m tried of faking it and need your help to cleanse me.

  46. James says:

    Abortion. Twice. In those days I didn’t really understand how miraculous children are. Twenty-some years later I am still wondering if I will ever really forgive myself. I thank God for my two wonderful children today with an entirely different perspective on life. The guilt remains.

  47. Matt R. says:

    The most frequently stated command in the Bible is “do not fear”, or some similar form of this command. I, however, find myself anxious about a lot of things that are completely out of my control. I repent of this sin and pray that God will help me to turn to Him whenever I feel anxious about things in this life.

  48. Coach says:

    The resentment that I often have toward my spouse for being able to make quick, informed, and good decisions for our family. It take me a much longer thought process to come to decisions. She is always looking for the positives and I seem to dwell on the negative outcomes of decisions. I must lose the resentment and become more positive.

  49. Adam Yochum says:

    I struggle with pornography addiction even though I have mostly beaten it I catch my self thinking about it occasionally even though I get nothing from it Satin knows our weakness and tries to test us!

  50. Ryan says:

    Financial Anxiety – I have placed way too much trust in the balance in my bank account. I need to trust God for all things and in all things.

  51. Ian Bonthron says:

    I’m working on being less judgemental. Sometimes it can be a real problem. Good is taking this sweaty from me! Thank you Lord!

    • Shane Young says:

      I will pray for you Carl. I am 2 years alcohol free now and my life is a new one. I continually picture alcohol as my personal Goliath – defeated by God’s strength and my faith in his strength.

  52. Bryan F Doyle says:

    I have a burden that I have been working hard with God to take from me during Lent. He has already blessed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. If you have some burden, sin, challenge you are dealing with, trust me, you can do it with God!

  53. Stephen says:

    I have a huge issue with letting go and giving them to the Lord. I tend to try and handle it myself and end up dragging the Lords name through the mud.
    My actions don’t match my words

  54. Dave Benson says:

    Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.
    I too, deal with pride issues guys. If I want to follow Jesus and be all in, I have to deny and leave myself behind. My pride sets limits on my resources, time, compassion, love, etc. Lord, help me to let go and not turn back!

  55. Brian says:

    Well, this is a little tougher. With all that is going on though, I would put worry/anxiety at the forefront. It has always been a struggle, not just now. So that is what I plan to work on this season.

  56. TAYLOR T OLSON says:

    I need to let go of my anger and grudge against others and give it over to God. He will be the judge of what they do

  57. Brian Winckler says:

    I’ve been struggling with 2 issues for it seems all my life. Anger and another I am not going to share.

  58. David says:

    I need to get marijuana out of my life. For a couple months it was, but has recently crept back in. No excuses.

  59. Warren M Campbell Sr says:

    I’ve counted the cost and Jesus is priceless. I rather have Jesus than anything else in this world or universe.

  60. Travis says:

    Anxiety and fear of being inadequate. Rooted in me relying on my own efforts instead of the completed work of Christ

  61. Brad Hatfield says:

    Since being graced with salvation I believe it’s best summed up as acting and thinking of my glory versus God’s glory. My ego driven perception has caused many undue burdens and loss of joy, peace, contentment, happiness, self worth.

  62. Anthony Meschke says:

    Drunkenness. Praying for help to stick within my limits.
    Shouting at children. Need to talk calmer and understand they won’t get it right the first time.

  63. Valentin says:

    Something that I need to get rid off in my life is that I get very defensive when my wife challenges me or asks me a certain question. I tend to get angry when she is direct with me and calls me out. And I want to stop that.

    • Nick says:

      Hating myself for sinning. The accuser brings up my failings when I’m depressed and I spiral down even further. Praise God for some recent victories in my struggle against the flesh, it is a daily fight. God is faithful. There is power in the blood of Jesus.

  64. Dan Pratt says:

    I put my own interests and desires ahead of my wife and family, and ultimately ahead of God. My priorities are a big mess but honestly I love my desires, and it’s a battle to want the important priorities over my own. This is kind of a big part of why I’m not living at home right now.

  65. Dustin says:

    I sometimes overlook my language in my workplace to “fit in” and then feel shameful that I couldn’t control myself better.

  66. Michael Pechar says:

    I need to nail my quickness to anger to the cross. There are so many verses that speak to being slow to anger. I definitely need to crucify that bad habit.

  67. Eddie says:

    shouting at my kids when i am too busy to get up and go talk to them, like when i am working in the other room and can’t leave the computer at a moment’s notice.

  68. Tom Cullen says:

    Have had to battle more then usual about porn. And repented to my wife, we went to the weekend to remember last week. I also repented to her about not making her a priority in my life. I am in G-D’S word ever day. I think a lot about what James says resist the devil and he will flea from you. James also talks about confessing sin one to another. I also Rembrandt Mr.Deep sharing his testimony!

  69. Rory C says:

    I confess and need to rid my mind of my past mistakes and decisions of infidelity. I have forgiven myself my spouse has forgiven me and we have moved forward in Gods path. Stronger than ever, but the burden is still there with me.

  70. Shane Young says:

    I need God to break my heart of stone that I have towards lukewarm Christians – remove the plank from my eye Lord.

  71. Andrew says:

    I am selfish and resistant to change. I idolize money, health, and attention. I must continue to focus on Christ.

  72. Eelco says:

    I confess my problem with porn, and also my inability to forgive and let go of the bullying I received when I was in school.

  73. Dave says:

    – giving in to distractions particularly during my study/devo time
    – fear of man as it relates to sharing the Gospel

  74. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    Pride and a rush to judgement without the thought of compassion or empathy has been a deep seated issue in my life so today I through prayer and confession nail them to the cross. Lord lead me more in your kingdom living and help me to see the world more through your eyes of eternity.

  75. Micky says:

    Releasing my guilt for failing God by turning away from Him and being angry at Him for many years because of a divorce I didn’t want and no matter how hard I tried couldn’t get my wife to seek counseling or reconcile.

  76. Jeff says:

    Feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and self-doubt which lead to a host of negative responses such as fear, worry, frustration, anger, double-mindedness, self-loathing, inaction, etc. I’d like to nail this to the Cross-of-Christ, TODAY, and consistently meditate and be reminded of God’s Word from 2 Timothy 1:7 which tells me I’ve been given a spirit of power, love, and self-control and not one of fear and timidity.

  77. Pastor Mark says:

    Today, I’m nailing my bad habit of always being anxious about the next thing on the calendar: being more present in the moment, a moment that God has brought me to, is a net gain for my life and my ministry.

  78. Ricky D Brittain says:

    My pride often leads to anger, which in turns causes me to ruin relationships. Instead of resolving conflict I end relationships.

  79. David Luevano says:

    I ask Jesus for the strength to resist the temptation of the flesh and he has helped me but I need to turn it all over to Jesus because my flesh is weak.

  80. KF says:

    I need to rid the thought of knowing what isn’t good for me but trying to justify it. Whether it’s finance, physical, emotional or business. Also the rid of fear knowing God can close that door.

  81. Jared Hood says:

    Oh Father God-I give you any stress or any need to find comfort from any source other than you. I give myself to trust you and rely completely on you for peace and comfort.Nothing else.

  82. Bradley says:

    Stress of Finances – been trying to buy a house and at least 3 times a day, I check the bank on my phone. I understand we have been given a brain to decipher things however, I also know that have been giving a God that we can give all things to!

  83. Jon says:

    At the heart of many things, I get consumed about me, why wasn’t I given that opportunity, thing, recognition, etc. I struggle to focus out and not in.

  84. Dale Martin says:

    I always seem to find time for TV or YouTube videos. I need to spend time with God before any of that stuff.

    • John P Goushian says:

      Feelings of inadequacy which is rooted in pride. But the truth is I’m not enough on my own. It’s in my weakness God is stronger.

  85. Dan says:

    I haven’t been diligent in schoolwork. Not enough to make sure that I can honor God by taking a Sabbath rest. Other things play into that as well, like idolizing food and entertainment, and how others view me (reputation).
    I gave up Sunday for Him.

  86. Dan says:

    I haven’t been diligent in schoolwork. Not enough to make sure that I can honor God by taking a Sabbath rest. Other things play into that as well, like idolizing food and entertainment, and how others view me (reputation).
    I gave up Sunday for Him

    • Brady Ellis says:

      Psychology shows us that anything we focus on improves… just the fact that you ask for prayers about this is enough to know you are focusing on it! Love her like you did when you met her! Find reasons to show her love … love is an action verb… do something … it’s not a noun that sits on the shelf! Praying for you bud … we all have been where you’re at

  87. Eric says:

    Dear God. I nail my sin of appathy. Of giving up on caring when the going gets tough. When others challenge why do i even bother, sometimes i slack off. Lord help me to perservere and endure the times when the going gets tough. Help me to carry my cross. Take it all.

  88. Bryon says:

    Sharing my faith with those who need to hear it. Keeping struggles to myself when the Lord surrounds me with people who love me. Setting a better example to my son and not be as private with my quiet time with the Lord.

  89. Mike says:

    Confessing my anger and resentment towards my wife for not supporting me in my business and blaming her for my lack of productivity when it’s my own fault.

  90. Jonathan Robertson says:

    Laziness in being a spiritual leader and example to my wife and kids. I let trivial conflicts distract me.

    • Brady Ellis says:

      That’s why you took the step to join our group! One Step makes a difference and it doesn’t go unnoticed even to your wife and family. Your leadership is already being enhanced because you are making steps to make a difference. Allow them to see your commitment and trust in your new group to help see it through for you

  91. Gordon Schlegel says:

    Even after decades, there are opportunities I still regret not taking advantage of, even though I know they would have led to utter ruin.

  92. John says:

    Control, I need to submit this more often . God has shown recently the blessing he pours over me and my family. when I release this.

  93. Richard says:

    I really try hard to cling to my own will. I never find lasting comfort. You think I would gain some knowledge and give up. I am thankful I have a forgiving Savior. Picking up my cross and following Him I could not do on my own

  94. Hugh Prichard says:

    One thing I need to nail to the cross is my selfishness. I get very self absorbed and forget where God has asked me to reach out and connect/serve other people.

  95. Matthe says:

    My struggle is the fear of loss (which is being magnified a thousand times by the Cornavirus) of things of this earth pitted against the FAITH I struggle to have that I will walk with Jesus someday and that none of this will matter! As Pastor Chad has said “ help me with my unbelief and lack of faith”. That is my prayer and confession of a continual failing I deal with EVERY day!! This lesson today is right on target with everything we are dealing with right now!!

  96. Kevin says:

    I confess that I’ve been stuck in my anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms. Thinking mostly about myself! Help me lay all of this at your feet and start living, loving, and learning again. Thank you Jesus!!

  97. Stephen Rovezzi says:

    6 months ago I nailed alcohol to His cross….huge. Now, personally I need to nail procrastination to it…and isolation…

  98. Austin says:

    The strong emotional feeling in my chest of losing a girlfriend of 3 years. Her leaving me has effected me not enjoying the present as much

  99. Nick says:

    The overwhelming Joy and Relief I feel from the Lord breaking my bond with addiction. I have total trust and faith in the Lord I just have to remember to ask!

  100. Ross says:

    I am praying for myself in this regard to be free from a deep rooted issue that keeps me from being all that God has planned for me to be.

  101. Cory Bullock says:

    My language and my constant battle to protect my wandering eyes. These are two things that I ask for forgiveness and correction on almost daily. I have made great progress in both areas but I hope and prayers that one day I can truly reshape my eyes and brain to process images and thoughts differently after almost 40 years of seeing and thinking a certain way.

    • Brady Ellis says:

      We both have struggled with the same issues over life. Woman were an item growing up.. mechanic as a dad with dirty pictures and mags everywhere was normal. I’ve seen such an amazing transformation in you over the year I’ve been watching. You need to remind your self as I do… you’ve come a long ways. It’s a long battle and you are doing something about it! I promise you… I will not let you fail! And I beg you… DON’T LET ME!

  102. Brady Ellis says:

    My net gain is this raw truth… I struggle with self value.. I desire, I need, I want approval.. my life as a kid was so tough… no appreciation, no approval. Bitterness and abuse. I know the Lord is all I need and It’s not my fault my parents sucked really bad at what they did and who they were as parents… I’ve moved on but the underlying need for appreciation and necessity will always be a struggle

  103. Rod Hoeft says:

    I have been sober from sexual sin for 6, but am reminded that I must leave it at the cross each day. I must never forget the pain that I caused. Please pray that I would begin each day with a desire to learn more from our Heavenly Father.

  104. John says:

    Lord, please remove the bitterness and anger towards my prior employer, knowing that your will even in this is good and perfect.

  105. Boyd Rasmussen says:

    I let too much of my time get tied up with relaxing in the evenings and streaming shows. I need to open up more time in my life for God and relationships.

  106. Chad says:

    Lord help me to take every thought captive. i wrestle so much with negative self-talk, and low esteem and find myself escaping in sinful ways.

  107. Josh says:

    Not trusting God’s plan for my life. Why hasn’t he thrown a big door in my face that says “God’s Plan for Josh’s Life” so I know I’m on the right path.

  108. Mark says:

    I choose to nail my ‘way’ of doing things to the cross and ask God to purify my heart, motives and intentions.

  109. Chris says:

    I need to nail the sin of trying to make myself ok or save myself by being perfect to the cross. I still have lots more ego that needs to be put to death

  110. Walter says:

    There is one particularly contentious person whom I have severed ties with. I don’t feel called to reconcile, but I am called to forgive and to love. Pride is indeed a stumbling block

  111. Joshua Standfest says:

    i confess the cost of not listening to God in my life and trying to just do other things like staying up late playing video games

  112. Denny says:

    Putting myself on the throne and thinking of myself before others. Chasing after every desire including food, alcohol, and lust.

  113. Rich E says:

    Catching up due to COVID-19 chaos: but I need to get rid of my need of acceptance/approval by others And the desires this causes me to have throughout my life.

  114. russreborn says:

    “Confess: in the comment section below, share something that you need to rid from your life. If you feel concerned about sharing this in the comments, be cryptic in your explanation, but know that God blesses a man’s confession.”
    Wayward thoughts that detract from focusing on God. Thoughts about a woman I suffered tremendous heartbreak with juxtaposed against God tearing that apart to chastise as well as protect me from a future that wasn’t for my best and highest good and for His glory.

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