You Did It

But Mary stood weeping outside the tomb, and as she wept she stooped to look into the tomb. And she saw two angels in white, sitting where the body of Jesus had lain, one at the head and one at the feet. They said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping?" She said to them, "They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid him." Having said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing, but she did not know that it was Jesus.  Jesus said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?" Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away." Jesus said to her, "Mary." She turned and said to him in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher). Jesus said to her, "Do not cling to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to my brothers and say to them, 'I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'" Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord"—and that he had said these things to her.—John 20:11-18

Of all the historic moments in our nation's history, name one you wish you could have seen and experienced in person and from the front row.

As a history buff, I wish I could have sit front row at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech," given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Yet the music enthusiast in me would have loved to hear Jimmy Hendrix playing live at Woodstock. And of course, the sports addict in me would have enjoyed sitting center ice at the "Miracle on Ice" standoff between the USA and the USSR in 1980.

But I think Mary Magdalene had the best front-row seat of all time. She had a front seat to the most significant moment in redemptive history—the resurrection of Jesus Christ and humanity's victory over sin. Could there be a more significant moment in all history?

It's Mary Magdalene, a little-known woman, who gets to witness the epic defeat of evil in salvation's knock-out punch. A battle that lasted thousands of years, beginning in the Garden. While the story to spectators appears to culminate on a cross, this was not the end of the story. While they defeated every other man who hung on a cross, this was not the case for Christ—not our God.

For Jesus, the mockery, beatings, judgment, sentencing, cross, and even the grave were the path to ultimate victory. What looked to be inevitable defeat was just delayed gratification for Jesus—he had one more overtime period to play. And in this period, sudden death golden goal victory. And then he reveals his resurrected body to an unlikely quiet woman, Mary Magdalene. It was just the call of her name that gets her attention – "Mary." I find this to be just like Jesus. He was always calling out by name the most unlikely of people through unusual means.

Yet this is you and me. We are little-known people who are in desperate need of salvation from our sin and selfishness. Like Mary, we are the most unlikely of candidates who are defeated by sin but find victory in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior of men.

Insert yourself into the story. And insert your name into the most incredible and loving comment spoken by a resurrected Savior, “Jesus calls to you—“____________________.” 

DO THIS: Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Pray: for 5-minutes, thank God for his victory over your sin.
  • Share: in the comments below, how these last few weeks of traveling with Jesus have affected you, and share this with a friend or family member today.

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221 thoughts on “Jesus Calls Out

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  17. SHELDON Bullard says:

    It was just a joy to have shared with other brothers of like precious faith i have grown as a result of having spent time with these brothers i hope you all will continue to walk with the king and be a blessing.

  18. Tom says:

    I have been able to reunite with family after several years since my mother’s death. What a perfect weekend to visit with family and attend Easter Sunday service in a small rural southern Arkansas church worshipping our risen Savior with aunts, uncles, and cousins. The Lord has and will continue to be good to me. Thank you Jesus.

  19. Kerry Edwards says:

    Thank you Lord for your victory over sin. Guide us on earth and show us the way toward You. Thank you Vince for the journey.

  20. Lee says:

    I feel I have come to see just how much God loves us and wants all of us to succeed in having a relationship with Him.

  21. Alex Coon says:

    I’ve gained a new found appreciation for Jesus. I grew concerns about how Jesus was able to forgive my sin when I was nowhere near alive when it happened. I learned God is outside of time and He always sees the endgame, He loved me so much that He planned my redemption before I took a single breath. Although Jesus died and rose again 2000 years ago, to me in my discipleship, it happened only but a few years ago when I decided to be part of the solution and no longer the problem. God is always on the winning side, He’s already at the end of my life, waiting on the other side.

  22. S.M.Elder says:

    My relationship with God has increased greatly. I feel more at peace. I can feel God’s strong presence in my life. Prayer, worship, study have all increased. Praise God for His faithfulness.

  23. Cory B says:

    Gratitude and accountability. Accountability to follow through daily and share with other men. Gratitude for God sacrificing his only son for our sins. Then raising him back to life so we could have eternal life. WOW!

  24. Joe Leatherman says:

    I love the challenge Vince gives me and it’s so cool to know a whole group of men seeking to know Jesus the Messiah on a more intimate way. I am so blessed. Happy Easter!

  25. Steven Harden says:

    Glory to God!
    This has been the best challenge I have done with you Vince! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  26. Eddie Ackerman says:

    these last few weeks have been really helpful to provide insight to Jesus journey to the cross and back to heaven.

  27. Jason says:

    Hi Brother,
    I pray today that the Holy Spirit will lift you up and fill you as you surrender your life to Christ!

    I have been in quarantine for the past 9 days now for travel and I have found out about myself all these feelings that I suppress with being so busy day to day. I trust Jesus and that at the end of this life He will be there for me and He will be there for you!

  28. Rex says:

    He is Risen! I could not do my service w/out this truth –
    I was w/ a family yesterday whose loved passed on – He is risen indeed ! Thanks for the “ reaeruction power driven journey

  29. Chris says:

    These last few weeks have I have felt confusion, stress, anger then peace, joy and hope and back to worry, doubt and fear. I am an emotional mess and cry out to the Lord for a feeling of peace and confidence. I pray to the Lord to hear my name called but feel guilt for having these feelings on the most holy of days!

  30. Hector Rolon says:

    The power of theses last 30 days has been. Amazing. I have found new truth about my walk. I have heard my brothers express hurts and victory. The thing I love most is the day that I finished was today!! Have an amazing Resurrection Day full of His Golry He Has Risen!!!

  31. Dennis says:

    This journey of the last few weeks has taken me deeper in relationship with our Risen Savior Jesus, Yeshua.
    Now more than ever it disturbs me more about, not only how commercial the world has made Resurrection Sunday, but more so how the much of the church, the body of Christ, just go through the motions without taking time to go deeper. Happy Easter men.

  32. Brian says:

    The last weeks have been spiritually eye opening as this study and being sick has allowed a lot reading and looking into meanings in passages. I see myself in the disciples who left Christ to suffer, Peter who denied, hopefully in those who were there to help Jesus off the cross, then in the delight that the tomb was empty and lastly to those who were with Him as he reappeared. We live now in this belief that Jesus lives and the Holy Spirit is living and active. Oh, to live and act out of faith to bring this message every day.

  33. Gary says:

    In our church the men’s ministry has struggled from time to time, and though I have a tendency to want to be part of an “ on fire for Jesus” group of men, I realized sharing the last 30 days in this devotion that my focus needs to be on Christ, and the rest will come together. I may never meet most of you, but thank you to all who have shared, and took this 30 day journey together. Finally of course, Thank you Vince!

    Gentlemen. He has risen!

  34. Alex says:

    I have had the opportunity to take this journey, once again, with Jesus. A journey I have been aware of for many years. But this one was different. Thanks for the experience!

  35. Coach says:

    The anticipation of an Easter Sunrise Service (on the beach) and the work I have put in each morning through the 30 Day Lent series (Thank you for your leadership Vince), only made the viewing of the three crosses on the beach and the sun rising behind them this morning all that more Special! It makes me thankful that I live in a Country where I (we) have the freedom to worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!!! Amen!

  36. Kevin says:

    Vince, Your voice and words are a gift from God. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and so many others. May God continue to bless you.

  37. Ryan says:

    A great 30 days brothers. Jesus did what he did for YOU, for ME. That hit me today, and needs to hit me every day. Keep pressing in, keep pressing in

  38. Kenneth says:

    Reaching out. That is what has impacted me the most during these devotionals. Reaching out to brothers in my need. Being there for others in their need. Praying and witnessing for others and then letting them know that I am there for them.

  39. Todd Hillukka says:

    Thank you Vince. We love you brother. I have 6 kids age 2-14 who I get to watch run around looking for their Easter baskets and then take to Easter service. My family truly understands the significance of Easter. Jesus’s unselfish act for all mankind is truly an amazing act that we are beyond grateful for.

  40. Troy Theye says:

    This time together has allowed me to become so much stronger in my FAITH and more then ever finding the PEACE I need to make it through each day.
    Keep the FAITH men, God Is Good!!!

    Thank you Vince and Resolute. You da Man!!!!!!

  41. Scott Lokey says:

    I am excited to go to church this resurrection Sunday morning and celebrate our risen Lord with family and friends.

  42. Jeff Falley says:

    This last month has strengthened by increasing my faith and courage knowing there are other men like me out there with the same struggles and questions.

  43. David says:

    In all of this worldly pain, loss of both parents and mother-in-law this year, I know they have been raised with Jesus and are enjoying the fruits of heaven. I am filled with joy and hope in the resurrection and want everyone to know this too!

  44. Darin Palmer says:

    That we are truly never alone in that God is always there for us! Brotherhood is so important in our battle of day to day life!

  45. Jeff says:

    I feel very humble that the God of the universe knows me by name and calls me out and invites me to be His adopted son. Unbelievable. Unimaginable.
    Thank you Vince for these past 30 days.

  46. Sam says:

    The travels of this challenge helped to lead me back and point me to God’s direction and reinforce my hope in my salvation.
    Thank you

  47. Corey says:

    Thank you Vince! Thank you to all my brothers out there. This journey has been most wonderful! I have never seen Jesus ministry as I have in this last 30 days! It has been incredible! He has become so real to me these last 4 years especially. Last year was amazing and so far this year has even been better walking with Him every moment of every day! He is truly the love of my life and my best friend but most of all my big Daddy! He is so good!

    Blessings to All!!!

  48. Michael Mahony says:

    This has been a tough year and it has isolated many who have suffered alone but this study on Christ has reminded me that we never suffer alone and that my help is only a prayer away.
    It was a good reminder to experience thru scripture the faithful and dedicated life, dead and resurrection of Christ…it is the model we should follow. Thankfully, He has risen!!!

  49. William Colvin says:

    Is it gave me peace and made me want to read the Bible more and pray more and be more like Jesus Christ

  50. cory doden says:

    Great reminder of how the resurrection changes everything for everyone who believes. Thanks guys and Vince for the journey. The best is yet to come!

  51. Bill says:

    It has served as a memorial reminder of an eternal God loving His creation beyond understanding. HAPPY EASTER !!!

  52. Darrell Bickel says:

    Today is the day guys. Our Lord rose up and defeated the sin of us all. We can only hope to be worthy of his love. He loves us all. WOW! How blessed we are.

  53. Darren says:

    I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on scripture and Jesus’ journey to save us but much more so to take this opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

  54. Dave B says:

    With Jesus offering victory over my sin, I long for a deeper fellowship with Him. A fellowship like I haven’t yet experienced!

  55. Ken Johnson says:

    wow day 30 already. I will miss Vince’s daily challenges. I pray for a brother in Christ to come along side me to challenge and encourage me.
    I’ve learned, humility, trust, being vulnerable, having courage etc over these 30 days. Also hearing others sharing. I love you guys for doing life together these 30 days. I will miss it.

  56. Tim shea says:

    Once again I’m so thankful to jesus for showing me how to love others and He is my hope and joy. Thank you vince for putting this study to gether. Pointing men to Jesus

  57. Dean says:

    The past month, God has worked many miracles in my life. I have been blessed beyond belief. He has brought me and my wife to live close to our family and share in their lives. We get to go to church this morning with our granddaughters.

  58. Billy says:

    Thank you for this Lenten exercise – its built my endurance, humility, vulnerability, and faith. I’ve learned to share my past, my love of God, and along the way have offered encouragement to others. This devotional came out at a time where my family has faced 2 threatening health trials. The messages and the fellowship were Gods grace in this world working to carry me through with confidence in Him. Praise Him today. We are still undefeated.

  59. Shed says:

    Powerful and sharpening. Reading and studying these last 30 days brought me closer to God and all things are possible if we place our Faith in Him.

  60. John Krumm says:

    I have found anchoring of strength and discipline refreshed as the pillar of prayer has been driven deeper into my life. Thank you for leading us all into this journey.

  61. Eric D says:

    These weeks have helped strengthen my relationship with GOD! Thank you for leading us on this Journey Vince. I hope he continues to bless you and you family. Your Grandfather sure would be proud 🙏🏼🙌🏽🦾

  62. Walter says:

    Some days the message resonated all day and others, I was so busy with work, well the message didn’t stay with me at all. That’s on me! I struggle with studying God’s Word. I thank you Vince for you ministry and all you do ! Much appreciated.

  63. joshua standfest says:

    this weeks have shown me how to pray with my heart and has helped me grow closer to God

  64. Phil says:

    Praising God for dying on the Cross for me and allowing me to still come before him with all my faults.

  65. Rex Wright says:

    It is challenged me to stay the course and to try to touch base with God’s men For me in my life

  66. Chris Aaseth says:

    It has changed my perspective. It has caused me to settle in in my relationship with God and understand on a little deeper level the love that God has for me

  67. Charles Culver says:

    I’m so grateful for just being invited by YCOG men to participate in this journey, thank you my brothers. I’ve learned so much these past few and I pray I can continue this journey of learning how to do Gods will.

  68. Adam says:

    Thank you Vince. This has been encouraging, challenging, and developing. Praying out loud by myself now feels normal and natural. This is a new daily habit for me. Thank you!!

  69. Caleb says:

    Made me become a better Father, Husband, and most importantly a better Son of the Lord Jesus. I shared this group with a friend from work and I pray he puts it to use. ???

  70. Ross says:

    This journey has been a special lead up to Easter. The challenges have been really good for getting my heart and focus on Lent and the insights into Jesus’ last weeks has been rich and rewarding.
    thanks Vince!

  71. Lavon C. Lamberty says:

    Most humbling yet reassuring feeling swells up in me whenever I recount this incredible moment on this side of eternity.

  72. Lee Bailey-Seiler says:

    I’ve found these daily prompts have started to reconditioned me to apply my bible reading towards other people more than I ever did. Thanks for the journey everyone!

  73. Dale Nerison says:

    I picture Jesus by my side with me all day, especially when temptation comes. He it’s my ultimate accountability partner. I have reached out in courage and faith to share Jesus to friends and family, which I probably would not have done with out the prompting of these messages.
    Thank you.

  74. Boyd says:

    I have drawn closer to the Lord in the last couple of weeks. It is still a struggle carving out the time with unpredictability inherent to having wife and kids. Sounds like an excuse, but I just return to my prayer and Bible reading times after missing a few days. Actually, another good report. I made a goal that the kids and I would read thru the book of Luke just before Easter and we did accomplish it !

  75. Samuel says:

    He has been invited to the next challenge and hopefully, he will be able to pray fr someone as has been prayed for him
    He is risen he is reisen indeed

  76. Dallas says:

    What it has showed me in the last 30 days of this challenge is that there are many men out there that really want to get serious about their relationship with God and others !

  77. Jay Wegiel says:

    I am walking away from this challenge, which has been challenging, with growing relationships, a bit more boldness in talking about Jesus to non believers, a lot more conviction of how more important it is to do so, a keener ear and quicker reaction to the Holy Spirit growing and changing me from the inside. A stronger realization that my purpose and mission is to reflect our Holy, Merciful, Mighty God and bring Him glory by the way that I live and by sharing His Word in this broken world.

  78. Thomas Snowden says:

    This has gave me a daily routine of first thing when waking up dedicating my time first to God

  79. Randy P says:

    It is encouraging over these last few weeks to witness other men who so desire fellowship with each other while growing in their relationship with Jesus. I pray for these types of challenges to keep growing and drawing us men together as one in Jesus. Thank you Vince for your obedience and discipline. You are a great leader of men. God Bless you and every man who pressed in and became a little more persuaded that Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life Eternal!

  80. Bryon says:

    Seems the closer we get sometimes we see how much further away we are. I realize I need to be more intentional and share with others about Jesus way more than I do.

  81. Ted says:

    I am more aware of what I can do and also my failings.
    I know I need my brothers more and need to connect more.
    Praise our God for the blessings I have

  82. Anthony Meschke says:

    Being in the word daily has helped me stay calmer. It has also highlighted the interference the devil causes in my day with excuses and delays and procrastination. I need to work on bringing God into the families daily conversations more.

  83. Kevin says:

    I have needed to lean on him more do you stress. I need to learn how to turn everything over to him and not try to do it myself.

  84. Cory Bullock says:

    HE is risen!!
    This has been awesome! Really enjoyed this journey with you men! It has encouraged me to stay in the word daily and want to continue to be in a daily routine because I do see the Good that comes from it!

  85. Elisha Davidson says:

    Resurrection ? Finally pride has left me, through suffering and losses, mistakes, etc, through it reading the bible in a yr and two ministries via email daily, prayr. I learned how much I had wrong, some just because of betrayal and hurt, so the 2 yrs of narrowing the road was for his glory and deliverance from a Israelite mindset, and I’m not greater than any one, nor concerned of past issues, believing in Jesus finished work and ressurection, by grace to faith, how I love you Lord, and the song from creation to the cross your love finds me, all day thinking that song, thanks For devo and I got a praise and worship song, on guitar never left behind never a orphan, Jesus you are Lord, our great savior, oh how I thank you redeeming our life, letting me know my bio father, though he went home to you Lord, I saw two hearts healed by Jesus, never behind or forgotten. Some. ….. So thank the Lord our messiah who lives.

  86. Alan Hendrickson says:

    It doesn’t seam like 30 days, what a joy to share this journey with you Lewis.. You bless me brother.. “He has Risen – He has risen indeed”
    Let’s continue the adventure together..

  87. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    Amen Brothers, hearing Jesus lovingly call my name brings me to the same place the woman who wept and washed Jesus’ feet with her tears. I’ve wept knowing how far from Him I was and how far I still need to travel, but Praise Our Precious Lord that I am not traveling this road alone. Hallelujah – I have the Holy Spirit and all of you guys too.
    Blessed Resurrection Sunday everyone.

  88. Lewis Thompson says:

    These 30 days traveling with Jesus and you Alan have been very precious. I that God for you, and our time on this earth together. Love you, Happy Easter!

  89. Dennis says:

    Get up! Go do the work I have given you to do! Tell others about me! Show them by living like me!

  90. Tim Sullens says:

    This journey of daily devotions has been such a blessing. I have been encouraged, challenged and drawn closer to the truth. Prayers for future daily devotions similar to these. Blessings to all brothers!!

  91. John Wilson says:

    I want to commend Tony for encouraging us to try out this challenge together. This has been a wonderful action based devotional taking us on the journey of Jesus’ ministry. I have found it to be a good inspiration for our ministry

  92. Tom Cullen says:

    He does call out to Tom I have looked him in the face! I feel very blessed. Before you started this Mr.Vince I had started a bible study about lent already! So I am grateful that this was put out by you Mr.Vince. I am grateful to Rockpoint for offering it to us men. I know Mr. Kevin has been pushing on us to grow thanks to everyone behind this.

  93. JP says:

    Thank you Vince for your faithful and humble obedience in service to our Lord and for the example you extend. I am grateful to have been part of this journey over the last 30 days. Though I know the end of the story reliving it has been a blessing and refreshing for me. It has strengthen my belief and deepened my love for Jesus and for all He has and is doing for me a dumb little lamb diligently striving to follow my Shepard. Thank you Father in heaven for loving me beyond measure. Stand strong my brothers and seek God first in all things.

  94. Jon Brady says:

    Happy Resurrection Sunday!
    Lord, I am so grateful for your sacrifice and offering salvation through Jesus. May I respond by obedience and showing love, grace, patience, and mercy to others. I place my hope in you alone. You have conquered death. So when the enemy taunts me, I can point to the heavens and shout “Scoreboard!”

  95. Christopher Keeper says:

    This ministry helped me realize I needed to reach out two a few men in my life, and share The Word of God with them, and to forgive myself of my selfish ways.

  96. Jason Davidson says:

    Thank you God for the resurrection of your son and showing us leadership in a human way. These past 4 weeks has helped get me into a daily routine of getting into God’s word.

  97. Brian Winckler says:

    I have gotten to see how many men still struggle and suffer and are searching for an answer that is right in front of them. Jesus.

  98. David says:

    Thank you all for sharing, it has been encouraging. Every day is a victory. 1 Cor. 15:57. My prayer is that everyone experiences that.

  99. Ryan says:

    I was reminded in many occasions over the last month how distracted I can get. I know the Truth, yet I find myself getting distracted when adversity comes. Thank you for joining me in this journey. I’m sorry I wasn’t a more consistent commenter. Thank you for your comments along the way. God bless! He is risen!

  100. Buck says:

    Thank you Jesus for allowing this story to never end, because of Him we have Hope!
    Thanks for the 30 day challenge, it has been an absolutely blessing to me

  101. Edward says:

    My faith, belief, and trust in Jesus has grown deeper. My relationship with God has been strengthened. I’m even praying more than ever before. Thank you Vince!

  102. Brad says:

    I started this as way to help me fall asleep. My wife had ankle replacement surgery so she could not make it to our bedroom upstairs. When praying for five minutes was encouraged I tried to do this and try to make this a daily spiritual habit. During this time my church has trained me to be a leader of a group of individuals interested in our church, believers and nonbelievers. If I am going to lead I will need to pray daily. This leading of others is only happening because we need to connect with those finding our church via our newly created online ministry. I will be meeting with these individuals using zoom until we are back to regular worship services. These 30 days of lent has created a dependence on God that I can lead whoever God puts in my group. Thank you Vince and the rest of the guys. May I be faithful in serving my Risen Lord.

  103. Duane McPheeters says:

    Thanks Vince great 30 days together on the path Jesus took and finished victoriously for us.
    Duane McPheeters

  104. rich says:

    Thanks for Vince for this devotional. I have enjoyed it tremendously as it helped me remain committed to Bible reading throughout Lent.

  105. Wade says:

    This study has been a huge encouragement to me; a reminder that there are many men out there who haven’t arrived, but are earnestly seeking a closer and deeper relationship with Jesus as we journey this life together.

  106. David Luevano says:

    Praise the Lord, Jesus has risen! Thank you Paster Vince for this devotional. It has made me realize that praising the Lord is a journey and I need the help of being in the word to be successful. God bless you and everyone who made the journey.

  107. Rick says:

    It has made me realize there is so much more i can do to champion the cause of Christ and together with faithful brothers, I will. Thank you Matt!

  108. Duc says:

    The past few weeks have not been easy with being consistent doing the activities but it has helped to be in the Words and focus on what matters and spend more time with Jesus to follow His will. Dealing with changes of the way we do things & shelter-in place is not easy but necessary, and I can see that this is is a part of God’s plan in reminding everyone of Who He is and how much we need to depend on Him as He is in control of all situation!!!! Indeed Jesus is Risen.

  109. KF says:

    These last few weeks have been amazing. Some highs and lows. But I can honestly say it made we want to try and catch every message to make an honest effort. To see God manifest something in me. To change my thoughts and actions. How I pray, listen, learn and teach what I know. God Thank You for listening to me and never leaving me no matter how many times I have fallen short

  110. Eric says:

    This Devo journey could not come at a better time! With the virus locking down the world This helped bring Jesus to the front of the line in my life. My personal life Reading the bible every day. Helped me to start Journaling. also reading a book by Charles Stanley The Will Of God. My Marriage has more Jesus. My Family walks and discussions are more Centered around Jesus and his word. Jesus has risen in my home! Praise God!

  111. Donny Lill says:

    Thank you for leading us on this journey for 30 days Vince! It has been an enlightening experience each morning to hear the scripture and reflect on it with your focus.
    I praythag we have all been strengthened a little more by this and that each man here will use the experience to help another and to show that Jesus truly is Risen and is present within us!
    God bless and Peace Be With You!

  112. Rafael Dixon says:

    This journey has been enlightening to me. My walk with Jesus will benefit from this 30 day study. It had me do things that I probably wouldn’t have done. Thank you Jesus!!! HE IS RISEN!!!!!

  113. Bryce says:

    Thanks for taking this journey to Jerusalem with me. I have a renewed perspective and connection to Christ. Thanks for the accountability and sharing your thoughts, struggles and prayers.

    He is risen and so are we from our sins. What a gift! I pray that we use this gift and share it with the world as God intended.

    Your brother in Christ.

  114. Bryan says:

    This study has improved my prayer life and opened me up to letting others know I am praying for them.

  115. Loryn says:

    These weeks have been such a blessing. Have been able to grow closer to God and share with coworkers His grace and mercy. Thank you Vince for the opportunity for this and to grow together. Have a great Easter guys as we worship our Resurrected King

  116. Timothy says:

    Guys – thanks for journeying together. I was reminded of all Jesus taught on the way to the cross, but that was only the beginning to then go into a risk-filled world sharing a story, a life, a relationship filled with hope.

  117. Davin says:

    This journey through the road to the cross has been great for me. It has truly helped me to understand the weight of sin Jesus took to the cross for us. In turn revealing just how great our salvation is and amazing love God has for us. Thank you men for being on this journey with me. It’s been encouraging to read your comments and know that we are praying for one another.

  118. Rich says:

    Thank you so much for taking us on this journey.! I have learned so very much about our Lord and myself. My hope is that everyone has the opportunity to learn about Jesus and all of his saving graces. I will do my part to be the man God wants me to be.
    Happy Easter everyone!!

    • Jason says:

      Jesus is risen! Praise God! I am waiting on the kingdom of the Lord and I know that my name is written in the book of life.

      For the King!

  119. Doug says:

    This time together, has been great. I have been thinking more about the crucifixion and how brutal that was, then knowing that Jesus thought of me while he hung on the cross. What a great day today, He is Risen.

  120. Austin says:

    This has affected me more than words can express, it’s built my faith, built an understanding of myself and sin. Thanks fellas, appreciate all of you ??

  121. Stephen says:

    This challenge…these past 30 days…has helped me to walk deeper in my faith. To open up and not be afraid to share. To share things I have not before said to another. To know that there are men in my life to whom I can reach out… to be real and honest. And that I won’t be judged. Just accepted. And that I, have things, have learned things that I can share with others. To be an ear to someone else…instead of doing all the talking. Thank you. God bless. Be safe. Happy Easter!

  122. Michael Spencer says:

    I have been reminded during this past 30 of what’s most important – He is risen indeed!

  123. Jim says:

    Listened to this while looking at the beautiful snow. And He washed our sins whiter than snow. Shared with my siblings. Thank for the journey Vince

  124. Troy Theye says:

    He is RISEN, He is ALIVE!!!!!
    Thank you JESUS!!!!!!!
    Happy Easter to all you men and families. Savor the day with great FAITH and enjoy.

  125. Ron.M says:

    Thank you Vince for the last 30 days in providing this great daily devotional. It has drawn me closer to Jesus and also to become more bold in shining Jesus light onto others and into darkness.

  126. Jesse says:

    The amazing 30 day devotional that Vince has provided has enabled me to open my eyes on how to become more faithful to his glory and live a greater Godly life. The inspiration has given me an opportunity to have more of an understanding of what my next step will be by allowing me to concentrate on today’s moments with removing fear and blessings with strength to move forward. I learned so much and wish everyone a Happy Easter. He is risen!

  127. Eric M. says:

    Thank you Vince for another excellent challenge. I so enjoy these as they help me each day to think about the wondrous things God has done for me. As you said in today’s message how wonderful that the Lord of all things would call ME out by name. Just thinking of that brings tears to my eyes. Happy Easter to you and your family and my God bless you back 100 times more for sharing your life and ministry with me.

  128. Paul says:

    Very meaningful and very thankful and very grateful for continuing to grow my faith in Christ
    thanks Vern for leading us in this dream

  129. Michael says:

    Vince, First of all, I would like to thank you for your teachings and your passion to reach Me and other Men with this Challenge. Your unselfishness is evident and noble and we Pray that your expectations in this 30 Day Challenge were met. I truly enjoyed every lesson and know that I am closer to our lord today because of it.

  130. Jeff says:

    I have looked forward to these moments of reading scripture, reading Vince’s thoughts. Pondering them in my heart throughout the day. This has brought me closer to Him and his purpose for me as a man of God, a husband, father, son,grandfather, brother and friend. It’s been a journey that is only going to get better.
    Thank you Jesus.

  131. guy says:

    This has been a good reminder to start my day in prayer and surrendering my life to God. Asking for his help and directions for the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts, my actions, and what I say to day.
    Happy Easter – he has risen.

  132. Zach Singleton says:

    It has made me realize that life is too short to not be bold and confident in my Lord and Savior. God has also taught me that I need to seek out other men of God, men who are not perfect (just like me), but men who live the Lord and seek Him in everything.

  133. Rich says:

    I pray we all have grown closer to Christ but mostly I pray that means tangible action on my part to really evangelize and not just keep the status quo. May we all be all in and be radical with our faith.

  134. Nick Hall says:

    This study has shown me my need to step out to f the shadows and stand in the light to proclaim the good news! It has shown me a community of men that feel as I do. Thanks be to God!

  135. Michael says:

    Sometimes the cross can become mundane; through this study I’ve been challenged to never stop being overwhelmed by the love and magnitude of the cross

  136. Chris Hume says:

    Happy Easter men. What a journey this Lenten season has been, but we’ve been saved by Jesus. Now that is something to wake up to. He is Risen indeed!

  137. Dave Benson says:

    I feel like Jesus used this pandemic season to help me hear Him call my name in a way I haven’t before. He didn’t have to say anymore than my name for me to feel convicted that I was consumed by other things than Him. This series, like the last one, has been a great tool for me to listen to Jesus and allow Him to do a work in my heart. It’s been good traveling with you guys! Happy Easter! He is risen, He gives Life! And thanks Vince for all of your efforts!

  138. David B says:

    Thsee moring moments have helped me better focus on Jesus and better understand what was actually going on. It also made me concentrate on how the little things greatly affect me.

  139. Art says:

    I loved the challenges Vince put before us – some exciting , some heavy search moments but all good to see where we are in our walk with God, what our relationship with Jesus really is and what my next steps should be – thank you Vince for your obedience to God in your ministry. As I continue in the devotional that you provide I will confuse to be challenged – than you and peace


  140. cory doden says:

    I’m going to share my faith, and God’s promise, with my sister today on our phone call. Amen brothers!

  141. Randy says:

    Absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God. He knows me, my name , my frame . He’s alive ! He is risen from the grave!

  142. Walter says:

    First, thank you Vince for the last 30 days of sharing God’s word. I have tried to complete each challenge ,some days I was able others not so much. Life distractions seem to get it the way. Then as I would reflect on certain days I was able to find times in that day where I was completing the challenge. Subtle signs would remind me of that mornings devotion. So thank you for leading this journey with your knowledge and thank you to all the men for their fellowship this past 30 days. Happy Easter to everyone.

  143. Caleb says:

    These devotions have definitely brought us closer by giving us opportunities to be vulnerable and supportive for each other. Thanks Vince.

  144. Jeff Brown says:

    He has risen! God is in control. He is looking out for me. He guides the nations and guides the large companies. Ultimately I know where it all ends up due to his word.

  145. Dan Boswell says:

    I would say the last few years!
    All I could focus on was the brutal treatment that Jesus withstood, but now I can see the Joy of his, and our victory, in the resurrection of our Lord! Hallelujah!

  146. Dean Wendler says:

    Happy Easter! Jesus is our Lord and Savior! The Lent series help reinforce those habits I had learned in the initial “all-in” series. Daily prayer, studying God’s Word, and reach out to others. To get me out of my comfort zone and do the work of reaching others for Christ. To accomplish this with the help of God and other men. I so appreciate the PV MEN.

  147. Sheldon says:

    My dear brothers it has truly been an awe inspiring time to have spent these last 30 days with you brothers, i have grown so much because of it, i thank God for all of you for your prayer, and support, my prayer for you is that you would continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Brothers walk with the King and be a blessing,and Happy Resurrection.

  148. David C says:

    May God bless you as you have blessed me/us !!!
    His Peace , Freedom, Victory & His Blessings be upon you all…

    (Proverbs 3:5-6 — “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not lean on your own understanding; Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will guide your path…”> ·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸¸ >´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸.·´¯`·.¸¸ >

  149. Gerald Waddle says:

    HE IS RISEN! This 30 day journey has been amazing. It’s strengthened my faith and opened my eyes to more things to not only be grateful for but to show me how to live a more Godly life! Thank you and Amen!

  150. Tim says:

    I thank God for giving me victory over sin through his Son and my personal savior Jesus Christ..I have enjoyed going through this challenge for the last thirty days.. I hope we can all continue to read Gods word and pray for each other daily, and continue to grow in our relationship with God.. HE IS RISEN!!!

  151. Eric Jensen says:

    I feel like I’ve had a front row seat to Jesus last days before his death and resurrection. learning what he did in those last days, shows me the value he placed on people, the love he showed to his followers, the heart he had for those who were lost and in need and the trust he had in the Father! Thanks for his sacrifice and his victory over sin and death!

  152. Charles says:

    Bless you Vince for putting this devotion together. May all
    Of you who are celebrating the resurrection remember today just as each of us were there and tell others with excitement the triumph over death and the love for Jesus that is in you. Happy Easter

  153. Tom says:

    I wish I could have had a front row seat to witness the Our Savior conquer the grave.
    My Faith has been restored to trust in the Lord in all things and to go forth and share
    What have have learned and experienced. Happy Easter !

  154. Seth says:

    It has definitely made me realize how much more I need Jesus and God in my life. Growing closer to them has brought me a more fulfilling, abundant, and graceful lifestyle! I’m grateful to be apart of this journey with you all!

  155. Gary says:

    This journey with Christ has built brotherhood, made me read more scripture, and also made me more accountable for my sins.I also enjoy this walk with my brother Mike S for reaching out to me.Love you my brother. Most of all I love my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  156. William Adams says:

    If we are quieting ourself and listening He will be heard. I believe He calls my name each day. LORD JESUS change me from the inside out today!!!!

  157. Jim Butterfield says:

    Be BOLD about my relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether it is with family, friends, or people I just met. Thank you for the 30 day challenge, Blessings to your ministry.

    • Darin Palmer says:

      It has made me stronger and to not be afraid of sharing my faith with others especially others who need Jesus in their life. Thanks Vince for putting this together!

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