Lent to the Lord


Therefore I have lent him to the Lord. As long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord.—1 Samuel 1:28

The posture of Hannah at this moment is remarkable. After many years and many years, Hannah, who was unable to bear children, has become pregnant. The boy's name—Samuel. Two books of the Old Testament bear his name. In recognition that God gave her this child, she perceives him as lent from and back to the Lord. She is not possessive of the boy nor the identity that came to her from him—mother. A child she so desperately wanted is now lent back in gratitude, not as an obligation. Thus the humble proclamation—he is lent to the Lord.

ASK THIS: What has God lent you that you need to lend back?

DO THIS: Lend it back in gratitude, not as an obligation.

PRAY THIS: God, teach me to hold more loosely the things and people you generously give me.

PLAY THIS: All Sons and Daughters: Great Are You, Lord.


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