Letters To My Son

Why I've Written These Letters

Over the months, I have been writing letters to my boys. One is in high school, and one is in college. The reason I started writing them was two-fold. First, I felt that writing them would demonstrate thoughtful love and care. I have hoped that the occasional text with a meaningful and personal letter from Dad would pique their interest. As a father, I feel a deep desire to disciple them. Yet at their present stage, I know friends, teachers, and coaches will get more face time and, therefore, will end up discipling them more than I. Thus, these letters are an attempt to get in front of them spiritually on meaningful subject matters.

But I also have a secondary reason for writing. I plan on my sons outliving me, or at least I pray they will. And if I do pass from the land of the dying into the land of the living before them, I hope these letters will become a meaningful part of the memory that they have of me and my beliefs and values—Letters from Dad from the beyond. They are words that I hope outlive me, and maybe to the third and fourth generation.

In the process, I have also discovered that many of Dad's out there have appreciated reading them. Dad's young and old. Dad's to be, and Dad's who were. But I have also discovered that many read them for themselves as well.

So men, enjoy it! These are my letters to my son. I will keep writing, and I pray you will share them generously.

The Letters

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