You Can Find Life In Him

He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life — John 1:2-4a.

So we've established that the "Word," or Jesus, is the always-existing God represented in the flesh. The Bible is the Word of God transcribed, and Jesus is the Word of God personified. And in these verses, John emphasizes this nature again. But in verse four, he declares, "In him was/is [always exists] life." And this is an essential element.

It's important because we, mankind, are always dying. From the day we are born, we are faced with this reality. We are reminded of it all the time. During Covid, we were reminded of it minute by minute on just about every channel and during every commercial. But Jesus is different. He is human but also divine. In him is the self-existing and always-existing life that all people want. And the evidence that he is life is presented in two significant events we celebrate yearly. Christmas is the event of the virgin birth, where God became a human because in him was/is life. And Easter is the event of the empty grave, where Jesus defeated death because in him was/is life.

In this book, John will present Jesus as the one who holds the power of life, and that came to share the message of life, so that all who believe might receive life.

And this is the choice we are all presented with. We can choose to believe or choose not to believe. One option seeks only this life, its pleasures, and its end, and those days are numbered. The other option seeks the answers in the one who is life, his pleasures, and those days never end because in him is an ever-existing life. And the choice is an individual's to make. Do you believe? Or do you choose not to believe?

ASK THIS: Do you believe? Or do you choose not to believe?

DO THIS: Make your choice.

PRAY THIS: God, my choice is...

PLAY THIS: This I Believe.

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Nick McGuirk

Studying through John with a couple other guys, we covered this last week. He created us, and now he can redeem and refresh us with full life! He’s life and the light of men!

David Josker

I believe

gonzalo correa

I have believe, I believe, and I will continue believing… ALL IN! with all the “dross” still left I believe He, King Jesus, will continue to refine me as I press on to keep fighting the good fight for everlasting His Kingdom.

Brian C

I believe


I believe

Robert Maixner

Two words, “All In”!

Tom Fredericks Sr.

Great insight Vince! Thank you!


My conviction today
My takeaway
Jesus made life
Created life
Jesus is my creator
I am alive
Jesus made me a living breathing man
I am grateful
Today I choose to be grateful to be a living breathing man in his crested world
Thanks Lord Jesus
I’m alive

Bryan Alderfer

God in the flesh, He came as a man, yes alive in that moment just as we are alive, our hearts are beating and so was his! He had life, was the life, eternal life. Often when we think of life or being alive we limit it to our time on earth, but as believers who have God as our Father our life has only begun. Today may I live as one who has God living within me, with the hope that is ahead!

Tom Fredericks Sr.

Amen Bryan! Well said. Our hope is anchored in Christ THE King – John 14:6. I pray that you are doing well. It’s been just shy of one year since our trip to Wisconsin. Blessings!

Josh Barnhart

Great message regarding our choice to make whether we move to believe or not to be in Jesus who came to share the message of life

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