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Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise. — Galatians 4:28

Paul has just made this comparison between the slave man and the freedman by reaching back to the two sons of Abraham — Ishmael and Isaac. And his point is one son (Ishmael) was born into slavery. This was his identity. Therefore, he thought and acted this way. Then there was another son (Isaac) who was born into freedom. This was his identity, and he thought and acted this way. Two men. Two identities. Two ways. And Paul's point is, it would be stupid to be born into freedom and think and act like a son of slavery. It just wouldn't make any sense.

But here's the deal. For some men, it takes time for us to learn how to do this. It takes time for us to know how to think and act in the new identity our Father gives us. Therefore while we are learning to think and act like a new man, it's tempting to go back to our old man and ways because we don't know how to think and live in our new identity yet.

Yet this is why we were given God's Word. God's Word calls out our identity in a way nothing else will, which is precisely what Paul is doing here. He uses God's Word from the Old Testament and a known story to call out their identity in Christ as men freed from the slavery induced by the law.

So here's a question for you today. Where do you need to start living out your new identity as a liberated son of the Father? The easiest way to identify this place is by determining where you still feel some bondage to the world's methods. Is it in your workplace where people might judge you for your Christian beliefs? Could it be with old friends who tempt you to talk and act like you used to? Maybe it is in your private life where you make occasional compromising choices that resemble the old man? Today do a quick assessment. And do this for me — choose freedom, not slavery.

ASK THIS: Where do you need to start living out your new identity as a liberated son of the Father?

DO THIS: Choose freedom, not slavery again.

PRAY THIS: God, give me the strength and courage to think, act, and live in freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Live Free

  1. Tim Moody says:

    Praying that the Holy Spirit would speak through you Vince in a mighty way at the Houston conference today and that many men would be changed and choose freedom in Christ. Have a wonder filled day!