Live It Out

I charge you in the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus, who in his testimony before Pontius Pilate made the good confession — 1 Timothy 6:13

At this moment, Paul is giving Timothy a charge that I think is one given to all believers. It's a charge to live out his confession before those who will oppose him in the sight of God and all his creation.

This is the hardest thing about being a Christian. It's living out personal convictions in the public arena. It's learning how to go public with our faith in a way that clarifies sin, elevates salvation, and brings glory to God, not attention to ourselves. We learn to make this confession before believers by declaring Jesus as our Savior and Lord. But this is only the first of many confessions we will have to make in this lifetime. We now have to make daily confessions to believers and the world. And this is where our faith and confession are tested. It's with those who do not share our faith in Jesus. And I believe each of us will have a moment we will stand before great opponents — our Pontius Pilate. At this moment, we stand in our arena.

So, how are you faring in the public confession of your faith? With friends, family members, peers, or professionals who do not share your same faith in Jesus? Consider it. How do you fare?

If you are not sure, do me a favor. Get in the arena today. Confess your faith in one small way today—just one time. And maybe you'll discover Paul was right to charge Timothy to step into the arena before the presence of God, who gives life to all things.

ASK THIS: So, how are you faring in the public confession of your faith?

DO THIS: Get in the arena today.

PRAY THIS: God, give me the courage to step into the arena today. Prepare me for my moment!

PLAY THIS: Courage.

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6 thoughts on “Live It Out

  1. Troy Theye says:

    Excellent devo today. I have to comment today on this………….it really convicts myself with my PRIDE, I am
    10-fold better then I was 10 years ago, 5 or even 2. But it just goes to show that living out with a good heart and strong Faith definitely trumps my past ego efforts. And your response about God seeing us trying to be real men for once has make the Lord happy and increases his love for us. Thank you Jesus and you too Vince!!!!!

  2. Bob Willbanks says:

    For me, I like to think of the bearing you see in military officers when they are walking around off-base and out of uniform. You still know they are military by their bearing. Am I exuding the unwavering walk of a believer? Eyes fixed on the eternal and exuding the fruit of the Spirit wherever I am? If so, I believe that is, and will be very attractive to all those surrounding me during these stormy times. Light penetrating the darkness in a way that provides opportunity to stand for my faith with the full armor of God… linking shields with others that know and understand whose they truly are.

    • JasonB says:

      Amen!!! I pray that men all over the country today will take a strong stand for the Lord as we confess our faith in tough situations, in front of powerful people, because we trust in the Lord our God! Thank you Bob and Vince for powerful words today.

    • Mike Kimball says:

      Hey Marty,
      If you re worried that others may think less of you, you are correct but not in the way you think. They think less of you because they are mostly thinking about themselves.
      Care only for what you know God thinks of you! This will help in what you think of you. Then the concern of what others think dwindles away.
      You are a good man. I know this because you are here and willing to participate in your faith. Keep going!

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