Conquered to Conquering


Here is your call to action today:

  • Share: below the time of day or moments you feel most vulnerable.
  • Pray: that God will give you conquering strength in these moments.

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92 thoughts on “Conquered to Conquering

  1. Larry says:

    My most vulnerable time is late evening to bedtime. However I tend to have lustful moments throughout the day when temptations come such as seeing pretty women on TV or when I am out shopping.

  2. Gino Landry says:

    Mostly at night when I’ve stayed up to late. Or if I relapse into drinking. Stress and fatigue.

  3. Alex Barth says:

    I feel most vulnerable when I’m bored and have nothing productive/constructive occupying my mind or guiding my actions.

    “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.” -Benjamin Franklin

  4. Justin says:

    I find myself most vulnerable when I am alone during downtime. I also find myself vulnerable during stressful or frustrating times alone. Common denominator “alone”.

  5. Ron says:

    I am vulnerable whenever I see a beautiful female and it does not matter what time of day. So basically all the time and anywhere. It’s a terrible disease.

  6. Hugh says:

    I’m most tempted when I’m alone, have opportunity to lust and/or when I’m bored. Time of day seems to fluctuate.

  7. Tyler says:

    I am most vulnerable when I wake up in the morning or right before bed at night, and when bored wasting time on my phone.

  8. Chad Husted says:

    bored or stressed are times i’m most vulnerable to wandering thoughts. Happens at random times. I’m getting better at being aware of what is happening so I can redirect my attention. It’s not easy and it seems the battle for my thoughts is relentless.

  9. Jeffryg says:

    For me as others have shared it’s mornings or evenings and anytime i don’t have some activity keeping me busy/distracted. I also find when I’m upset with someone, I seem to us it as a power or control over the situation.

  10. Kenneth says:

    It used to be the internet after everyone went to sleep, so i stopped using my laptop after 10pm. Now it is first thing in the morning when i am just waking up and my thoughts are still trying to form. It is too easy for them to wander.

  11. Garrett says:

    I am most vulnerable during times that I am stressed out and times that I am bored. I have been able to refrain from the internet lust the closer and more focus I put into Christ and his word. But, I still struggle outside of the house when everywhere you look there is a sexual billboard or poster or some sexual marketing campaign. Then there is also the people that dress in ways your eyes can not help but wonder and it creates this aggressive cycle of lustful thoughts. And even though you know it’s wrong your mind still pulls you in.

  12. DALE W EWING says:

    I failed to care for my emotional self over the years. I compartmentalized and pushed back into a hole. I accepted hearing I had cancer better than I was depressed. When alone challenges me. I am in counseling but have scared my family. Making progress on a very rough road that is long.

  13. Jason says:

    The moments I feel most vulnerable are when I feel disrespected, discounted, unheard, misunderstood, inadequacy and shut myself off.

  14. Matt Brown says:

    My most vulnerable times are when I’m just browsing around on the internet. That’s when I struggle with the temptation to visit certain sites, even though I know I shouldn’t.

  15. bill mckay says:

    It seems that I am weakest when I am overtired, that seems to be the times that I fall into sin.
    Then the merry go round of guilt starts. Thankyou for your help

  16. Jeff Kuhn says:

    There really isn’t any particular time of day for me. What draws me the most is this stupid smart phone. I go to Google news and am drawn to news articles that tickle my fancy. Women, sexual stuff that I shouldn’t read or look at.

  17. Matthew Rasmussen says:

    It is so true, and mine is in the evening after a long day at work. I live in an apartment with sexually active and loud neighbors…it’s truly a battle everyday.

  18. Gary Lewis says:

    Like most people, it’s usually when I’m laying in bed to either fall asleep or wake up. I also struggle a lot if I’m bored. Modern technology has made it extremely convenient to look at inappropriate things. So I need something to keep my thoroughly occupied so that I don’t have time. I’ve also noticed that the longer me and my wife go without having a moment of intimacy, the harder it is for me to resist lusting and looking at pornographic images.

  19. Chris Caliguire says:

    Yes! I’ve noticed (after I’ve sinned) I was either hungry, angry, lonely, tired. HALT. I need to recognize that BEFORE I sin. Vince hit it right on the head about inactivity. When I’m not busy with my day I have extended time on the computer. Even if I’m doing work stuff, I’ll get to wandering after a few hours. Late morning. I feel crushed of how that could happen after I’d prayed, read devo quietly, etc., just a few hours prior. Also on the couch late at night. Someone catches my eye and I’ll hit pause. So frustrating! Conversely, if I’m at Church or related event, I’m totally fine. So dumb. I’ll go through the whole day hating myself and thinking I’m unsaved….

  20. Dave B says:

    Vince, you mentioned about David “not being in align with God’s moral will”. I think that too is an indicator for me that I’m walking in my flesh in those moments and it’s a sign to turn back immediately!

  21. Tom J says:

    The battle surely IS in the boredom… in the times alone… especially in the evening when I’m tired

  22. Mark says:

    I struggle most early in the mornings when I’m up alone, or in those times when I am home alone while wife travels, or while I”m traveling. I’ve struggled with an addiction to porn and chat rooms and am working hard to fill my mornings with prayer and focus on spiritual growth. Thanks for being part of my morning daily routine!

    • Vince Miller says:

      Good confession too Mark.

      Do me a favor, delete your access to those chat rooms. I am praying God will help you forget how you got to them! 👊🏼👊🏼

      • Mark says:

        Hey Vince,
        Thanks and yes, I’ve completely removed any access to websites, chat rooms, or other opportunities for temptation!

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