Conquered to Conquering


Here is your call to action today:

  • Share: below the time of day or moments you feel most vulnerable.
  • Pray: that God will give you conquering strength in these moments.
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Mostly when I am not as close to Jesus as I should be, or I just do not feel as close, seeing that He lives in my heart. In a sexless marriage with lots of emotional abuse I need to stay very close to Jesus.


my most vulnerable moments is when and alone and not active, when am stressed but also when am afraid of something that might/is to happen.


I do not think that i can put my finger on a specific time that i may feel vulnerable. It could be anytime of the day when something sparks my interest that may not be inline with God’s will.

Tony Wendt

Most vulnerable when alone, tired, and nothing in my mind.


At times when I’m alone


Before bed, especially when there is some distance or separation from my wife for a time.


When I’m alone…usually in a hotel room.
I haven’t viewed porn in about a year, but the struggle is still real.


At night when I am bored and on my phone.


Most vulnerable when the pressure of life is so intense.


At the gym.


When alone. Night time. If wife is out of town.


I feel most vulnerable to lustful thoughts and actions right when I wake up and right before I go to sleep. Those times ware when ere I am least distracted by the purpose and action of the day, and perhaps looking to get some excitement out of my day.

Tom Fredericks Sr.

When life repeatedly takes my wife and I in separate directions for extended periods of time. Frustration begins, and temptation manifests when I FEEL ALONE.


When I’m home alone and bored or frustrated.


When I have nothing to do


Bedtime. Been fighting this and having partial victory. Just don’t know how to crush it’s head.


I feel most vulnerable when I wake the morning or late at night. Both when I’m by myself. Also when I’m depressed


Home alone time.


Bedtime, when I’m tired and lonely

Joe C

I am vulnerable to lust anytime of the day. Most times when I’m not physically engaged in some activity or when I’m alone and bored. Spending too much screen time on my phone is also problematic. Thanks Vince for the challenge I definitely need to change!


Anytime of day. I work in a drive thru and the angle at which I see customers can be very revealing.
Ugh….look in the eyes. See them how the Lord does.


Whenever I wander from the things of God and allow my flesh to win. (evening, lonely, idleness)


Definitely in those moments of boredom and no activity. I pray that God give us the strength to recognize the temptation and to turn to Him for strength. God Bless


In the late evening


Anytime of day but always when my hands are idle. Idle hands and mind are the devils playground.


When I feel lonely and alone . Late evening.


Early morning when alone. Or by myself with phone.


in the morning when I am about to start my day

Chris Caliguire

On my couch late at night watching you tube on my TV. Sometimes after watching 2 hours of biblical stuff! How does that happen?! I need to turn it off and get to bed. HALT. So the artificial intelligence chooses mostly biblical stuff because that’s what I watch. And then Satan must throw in a lingerie temptation because I don’t search for it, yet I click on it and fight through the spirit that’s telling me no. I must instead yield. It’s making me depresses in bed going on almost energy night for the past few weeks. Last weekend at the cabin I fasted from TV and didn’t even think about lust


When I am home alone after work.


Anytime of day when I’m bored. Also at night before bedtime.


Afternoon into early evening when I don’t have something to do.


Time of day not a factor but usually when everything is running smooth and I’m getting things done. So kind of when I’m not stressed which goes against the norm for most men.


All times of the day have the potential for me. When I get super stressed send to be a trigger for me. I want to escape.


Time of day isn’t a factor but lately it’s been in the morning. I work from home and alone when my wife and kids head out. Thanks for offering this challenge, I hope to overcome my battle with lust….


For sure vulnerable when alone or at night on my phone. But, I can definitely be vulnerable and have lustful thoughts when out and about and see beauty. It’s such a struggle!! Being plugged into a church and weekly men’s groups is definitely helpful.


I feel most vulnerable when left alone with my thoughts. Or when I feel rejected by my wife.


I feel most vulnerable when I’m by myself. Especially now with work at home I find myself isolated most of the day. This just opens up the opportunity for lust to rear it’s ugly head and attempt to consume me. Lord, I pray that in my times alone you remind me that I am never truly alone, that you are there with me in the moment. You are my sword and shield, my defense against the temptations of the flesh. Purify my thoughts and my heart. Let me put my trust in your name against all of the temptations of this world. Amen.


I am most vulnerable when I am bored and alone. Time of day doesn’t matter. In these times I tend to eat or drink too much, moderation is forgotten.

Lex Parker

Early morning is the time I’m mostly Tempted.


I’ve been vulnerable, and confused for going on two years. I have been rejected by my wife; told that if it were not for the children, she would have left me. Prior to that she told me that she didn’t love me, and was not attracted to me. Yet, we had a child in 2021. (I was believing things were better than what they are…but they are not. ) Vulnerability is minute by minute, for me

Donnie Rigazio

That was interesting. I’m most vulnerable at work. I’m a maintenance supervisor at a high end hotel and face beautiful women and beautiful employees everyday. I can’t lie . I’m a butt man. I’m learning to look at people in the eyes. So so hard even after praying. I , will conquer this sin . I am convinced … I realize it’s more work than ever but I want my father to be proud . I’ll continue to repent seek Gods forgiveness when I catch myself looking. Have the same fascination with aircraft. I could look at pics and videos or even go out to the airport and watch them with my own two eyes…I suppose we can lust to just about anything. Sexual lust is by far way harder to get in check. Had to get that ought there. Iam going to ask my mentors to not only pray for me but check on me daily to hold me accountable.


I feel most vulnerable when I have idle time.


I have felt most vulnerable when I am highly stressed, or alone and bored.


I am most vulnerable in times of boredom or stress. In these times I tend to eat or drink too much, moderation is forgotten.


I feel most vulnerable early in the morning on my off-days, when I don’t have any pressing commitments. Another time is late at night when I’m winding down, people aren’t around and I think no one’s watching.


When I feel lonely or if I feel stressed or rejected in some way.


Most vulnerable time is in the Morning. I tend to have a lot more energy to seek lust.


Bored, tired, mentally drained or frustrated and looking for a distraction instead of facing things head on


When I am not busy and check weather or etc on the phone. Then pop up ad pics show up and I start thinking of my wife and me in our younger days.

Troy Theye

No specific time, it can be random at anytime,
but I have learned that “Idle Hands are the Devil’s workshop!”
so redirect the focus. Pick up the Bible or find other ways to be constructive.

Benjamin Tyler Jr

When I feel lonely.
Sometimes early in the morning


When I’m prepping for a night shift. I’m alone


I struggle most when working from home and when feeling bored and lonely.

Tyson S

I’m working from home not staying focused so I get bored. The saying that all who wonder are lost but I think those who wonder end up in places they don’t want to be


On my drive to work at 5am or the times where im home and my wife isnt there.


Yes, your right, when I’m bored, or in active
Or lonely


Sunrise to Sunset

Balt Andrade

Mostly when upset with my wife. I go into my own space to keep quiet. My mind starts wondering. When I am ready tired.


When not preoccupied and not focusing on others things I should be.

Mike Brister

Definitely late at night when I am alone or I am traveling in a motel is when I struggle with TV and then lust are college football games.


Whenever I reminisce and or romance the past


It’s the time during passivity. The time between knowing I need to take the thought captive yet I don’t. So I would say this mostly happens when I am tired and worn out, I still will find I get passive from time to time.

My pastor made a statement a couple sundays ago that is so fitting: “A crack in our armour”! The enemy is just waiting for that crack. He is studying us and waiting!


Its not necessarily a time of day, its more when I’m stressed out and exhausted. That could be morning, afternoon or evening.

Jake Steel

When I’m alone – bored or stressed – looking for a distraction. A lazy flick through my social media feed typically triggers it. Ads geared toward selling the “sexiness” of anything from soap to sunglasses catch the eye and turns that innocent desire to know what’s happening in the world into a laser focus on what I “just saw.”

Mike Gole

The lust issue is present daily. It’s what we do with those thoughts that get us into trouble sometimes. If you lean into our Father, “bounce” your eyes to something else and focus on His will (or another activity that is positive), then you can defeat the demon!


Late at night


when there is no momentum and a stillness in a project


When alone in afternoons


When I’m alone. Or kids and wife are busy. Early morning. Late evening.


When alone with a lack of activity.


When I’m first waking up in the morning and falling asleep at night


I feel the most vulnerable to lust and sexual sin when I am alone or feel alone, which is pretty much any time


I hear you on this one. I live alone and work from home so I literally am alone for the majority of the day. I find that just doing things I enjoy to keep my mind occupied during the day really helps. That’s why my biggest struggles are when I’m waking up and falling asleep since there’s not much to do at that time haha.


I didn’t realize I had only replied to you, here I thought I texted the whole thread, haha. No problem, though. I hear you, and I agree about keeping mentally engaged with enjoyable activities. Being with people we enjoy and who uplift us can also be a major help.

Damon Hubert

When I have time to rest


It can occur anytime during the day or evening. It’s a constant battle. What helps me to get in track is to sing the 1st stanza of the song – Doxology.


When I am alone and not accountable to anyone is when I’m most vulnerable to sexual sin


When I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.


I feel most vulnerable when I’m not spending time with God – reading His word or listening to worship music. When I let the cares of this world overwhelm me.
Like one of the guys commented below, seems to random moments through the day. Especially when I’m alone and haven’t appreciated my wife like I should.

Brian Susich

If I’m understanding DAY 1’s DEVO correctly, I find myself most vulnerable in the early morning and late at night while I’m alone at my computer. So I am almost always isolated, bored, and having access to an endless portal. Proverbs 16: 27 – Idle hands are the devil’s workshop


I feel most vulnerable when I’m not armored up, focused on Him and his sufficiency, goodness, mercy and grace; not walking surrendered to the Holy Spirit. This can be especially true in the early mornings and late evenings.

Theodore Dewey

when alone and feeling Alone,


I’m definitely most vulnerable when I’m alone and often late at night.


I feel most vulnerable at night or any time I am alone and lonely


When I’m mentally tired and not focused on serving or appreciating my wife. This can be at random times of the day. Scrolling through news feeds does not help!


I am most vulnerable to thoughts when I feel all alone and when I feel like no one cares about me.


After work, 4PMish when I’m tired and alone, especially if I feel a lack of intimacy with my wife.

Chad Heggestad

Most vulnerable during times that I am tired/worn out. Also, during times that I may not be thinking clearly (i.e. after a few too many beers/drinks).

Pete Gelpi

Thanks Phil for your daily devos. And this challenge is just what I need.

I feel most vulnerable at night when I’m alone.

Ramon Guzman

I struggle every moment of the day with lust. I try to not look when distracted but this is my weakness that has gotten me into trouble in my mind and I admit that I’ve acted out. I am addicted to looking too much and it happens driving, walking, watching TV all day everyday. I’ve tried to not look and to avoid letting my imagination take over. Lord I pray I keep my sight on you and lust only for the wife you’ve blessed me with. I pray for Conquering strength O’Lord. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy

William (Billy) Clark

I feel most vulnerable when I do not keep busy. Mostly in the evening before bed. I try to pray, read scripture and focus on the Lord.

Bill Bustin

My most vulnerable time of the day is when I have down time. Just cruising the web or social media. Praying that I would keep my eyes fixed on you Lord and not allow myself to be board or when I do have down time to pray or be with others. Journaling really helps for sure.

William L Moore

Morning, when alone and not busy. Looking at the daily headlines with so and so celebrities in bikinis

William L Moore

Morning, when alone and not busy


Morning, when alone and not busy


In the afternoons when I’m tired and my mind has time to wander


Usually morning and also late evening


When the house is quiet, work is stressful, and my mind wanders during a lull


I think unscheduled time & NOT capturing every thought and filtering it and instead lingering on it will bring defeat every time. You can’t just run from something and hope it doesn’t catch you. Stay busy and work towards something and keep focused on what’s in front of you.


In moments that I’m alone….and not engaged in something productive. When my mind wanders…


When I let my mind wander.


Whenever I’m alone or at night, seeing women out in public I stare also


When I am bored with nothing to keep me occupied.


When I am Idle


When on snapchat and late at night


In the mornings when I should be starting my day off with devotional time.


Anytime after midnight, before bed.


My time is at night.

Samuel Harrison

Because I did not really know and after doing this challenge prior I made a concerted effort to focus on the time of day my lust is most challenging and i am most vulnerable and although it is allot of the day it is the strongest in the mid afternoon.

Jason B.

When I feel out of control in my business.


When scrolling on other social media and someone, even slightly, is scantily dressed in the feed.


When frustrated over things I can’t control. Then it’s easy to give in to temptation.


between 10pm and midnight, especially when my wife and I are in conflict

Dave Woolf

between 10pm and midnight, especially when my wife and I are in conflict

Travis Cooper

Usually deal strongest with lust when I’m stressed. Almost like some people with eating habits.


I am most vulnerable to thoughts when I am lonely, later in the day and have nothing to do.


In the evening after I’ve had a stressful day

Nick Krist

When alone, away from my family, times away from my wife. I keep as busy as possible with kingdom building activities but there always seems to be down / alone time throughout the week and these are times of weekends for me.

Nick Krist


Norris bTerry jr

During my boredom I spend way to much time on Instagram !


I feel most vulnerable around 6pm when there is a lull in my day.

Doug Attema

When I feel rejected or overwhelmed.


When I wake up after having a lustful dream.
In the afternoons when my wife is at work and I’m on a study break.


Evening- as was mentioned, when lazy and unmotivated to get off my backside

Jon Wilson

My most vulnerable time is early in the morning or late at night. My sleep has been under attack from the enemy by insomnia, sleep apnea, and my own idle time. I often become fearful to enter into my nightly test for sleep. My thoughts wander often away from those of God during this time.




Late evening is when I’m most vulnerable.

Ben Carroll

When my “needs have not been met at home”, my eyes are more prone to wander in public.

Travis Cooper

True brother. What we tend to forget is my a woman’s needs and our needs are different. A woman requires 13 intimate touches a day to stay emotionally be satisfied. Not just touching her back as she walks by, or hiding hands. It also includes encouraging words. For us guys, intimacy can always happen. For women, romance starts first thing in the morning and lasts all day until they’re “in the mood”.


When I am bored, and doing nothing watching some stupid TV show

Jeremy Beyersdorf

I struggle most in the mornings when I get back from the gym and my wife goes to the gym. Or especially when I am alone for a night by myself


In the late afternoon, as work is winding down, and I begin thinking of my evening at home with my wife. I’m tempted to stop by the liquor store for a couple of miniatures before I get home. The buzz feels good, doesn’t harm anyone, so I give in. Yet it does harm someone – me by drawing me away from God, and it grieves the Holy Spirit that I do this to His temple. I know all these things, yet I continue many more days that I would prefer to remember. Pray for me that today I’ll overcome this desire and keep my mind and body pure. Just today, one day at a time.


prayed for you today bro, I connected with what you said:
“I know all these things, yet I continue many more days that I would prefer to remember. Pray for me that today I’ll overcome this desire and keep my mind and body pure.”
-This is my sin cycle too. I know what’s right, but I give in to my selfish desires so I can feel good for a moment. Our God is greater Chris! I’ve prayed that God will protect your mind. Be victorious today!

Chris LaRussa

Thanks SG. I’ll reciprocate as well. Our God is so much greater, yet so approachable.

David Leone

In the morning or afternoon when I am alone and have free time.


I find myself most vulnerable when I have had a difficult day, over stressed, and alone.

Eric Ludovico

Times I am most vulnerable is in the morning. Getting ready for the day.


Late at night on Friday, Saturday or Sunday


When I am alone and bored at home or I get stressed out.


When I am alone at home on a day off during the week.


I feel most vulnerable when I am lonely, at home by myself, stressed, overworked.


When I am alone at home or when I am the only one awake.


Retired early at 58 years old and the busyness is gone. Volunteering yet not enough. Anytime when home alone. All men need real work to keep the mind moving.


generally mornings


I feel most vulnerable when my wife is in town and the kids are at school and I am in the house alone.


Mostly in the late afternoon or at night, usually when I’m feeling overworked, frustrated, and confused all at once. Loneliness is also a factor.


In the late evening and in the shower


Early mornings, especially when I’m stressed or bored

Tony Fisher

The early morning when i am having prayer time or when im working from home and the house is empty is when i feel most vulnerable.


In the morning before my family is awake.


When alone at night when waiting on my wife to come to bed and first thing in the morning when I am the only one up


At night after a busy day.


When alone in evening


When working alone in my home office

Eddie Ackerman

late at night and early in the morning, when my wife is asleep or already at work.

Eddie Ackerman

in the verses leading up to these, it also tells us that King David was SUPPOSED to be at war, but he was home instead. whenever we are not where we are supposed to be, ESPECIALLY online, it is WAY too easy to fall into temptation and act on it.

Keith Scott

Right around bedtime… when waiting for my wife to come to bed when we don’t have same schedule

Peter Carrillo

When I do not have anything scheduled and I am bored.


In the morning or when I am not busy doing something.


I think it is mostly when I feel anger about my current relationship, but I am vulnerable a considerable amount of time.


Late in the evening…….winding down from the day when I have idle time


Morning, driving


Usually I am weakest the later I stay up. Or when I’m bored and “sitting on the couch”.


When I’m not busy and idle time finds me in front of a screen with all the distractions attempting to call at me for my desires.


Bed time. I find my thoughts moving to places where they should not go to help me fall asleep.


In the evenings if I am watching TV. Allowing things that I should not be seeing enter my mind and causing me to lust.


When stressed,
During slow times on weekends

Jon Creel

In the evening around 7 or 8

Chuck Morelli

No specific time of day but when I am not busy is when I am most vulnerable by Satan. The other is at work. I run a business and I interact with women associates throughout the day and if they give me “attention” I fail to realize it is the position not the person. I never realized this sin until I took a Spiritual Warfare class at church and now I can talk myself through when I begin wandering with lustful thoughts.


Late in the evening when I am the last one up in the house.

Don Peacock

When I am rejected by my wife.


Whenever another woman gives me a compliment(s) I begin think lustful thoughts.

I pray God gives me strength and the discipline to not fall into the temptation with my lustful thoughts.


Any time I find myself bored, or by myself. Thoughts can slip in whenever I see a beautiful woman and the desire for something different creeps in.


At home when no one else is around.

Paul Birchall

In the evening, I’m normally busy working until then.

John Krumm

In the evening is when I am vulnerable.

Jason Marshall

I am most vulnerable when I wake up in the morning or when I am at work with little work to accomplish.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in these times and that I will listen to the prompting when I am about to enter in my lustful state.


In the shower


In the evening. When I see a beautiful woman.


Any time of the day when I put my focus on what I should not, instead of focusing on God, whom I should be focusing on

Tim S

Any time wean I see a attractive woman and wean I’m bored


Randomly throughout the day and late at night


For me, it was when I was feeling lonely or abandoned. When my wife left for work, mostly. It became a habit at that time.


Any time my eyes are open I am vulnerable.

Alan Olson

Times of stress , after work, etc.

Chris Caliguire

Out of nowhere I’ll run to computer and am just pissed that I don’t take God’s “way out” that he offers. Afterward, I think of the 2 minutes it took to turn on computer, follow through, and pissed I blocked out God for those minutes

Marius Potgieter

When alone anytime of day or late night. After feeding the flesh only-alcohol or food alike and no spiritual “food” taken DAILY.

jonathan deheer

Usually after midnight

Ervin Byler

Morning or evening when I see a good looking woman


In the shower


Down time as the mind wonders about lust for money, success, or sex




Time of day late night; also when I feel emotionally disconnected and distanced from my wife.


Usually when I am alone during the day is when the enemy attacks. Unfortunately resistance has not been strong.


Anytime when an attractive woman with a nice shaped booty goes by I seem compelled to get an extra look.


When I’m alone and/or at night. When I’m tired.


When alone and bored.


In the morning


boredom, but also frustration. I need to move toward compassion rather than resentment


I’m most vulnerable when I focus on mental visions, mostly when I’m alone, tired or upset or frustrated.

Charles Peter

My issue is over eating. I think my weakest times are between meals.

Jose Barrientos

Yes often its when im phyiscally still in the day. But most often it is when my wife and I are in quarrell. Thats exactly when satan strikes with temptation. The weird thing is that at this point in my journey I know this and sometimes still slip.


I feel it in the night when I get stessed or bored, it is a battle for sure in which is loose a lot

Nick Erhard

When I’m alone, bored, depressed. The devil attacks then


Anytime I’m alone


Usually the very early morning or late afternoon – always though, when no one else is around


When I’m alone at home or in my hotel room as I travel for work.


When I feel lonely and bored, I let my mind wander. There is no particular time of the day as I am retired…it can happen any time. As your podcast says…stay busy.


I’m most vulnerable in morning, when I feel lonely, defeated or stressed


Alone in the evening.


When I am alone. When I feel disconnected from others. Night is bad when I want to sleep and my mind fills with thought of being unlovable and unworthy.


Late at night when going to bed


Evenings before bed.


When I am alone and bored

Jody Jones

When I am alone!

Stephen M. Elder

When I’m alone or tired is the times I’m most vulnerable


My most vulnerable time is late evening to bedtime. However I tend to have lustful moments throughout the day when temptations come such as seeing pretty women on TV or when I am out shopping.

Gino Landry

Mostly at night when I’ve stayed up to late. Or if I relapse into drinking. Stress and fatigue.


When alone in the evening… especially when on business travel.

Cory B

No particular time. Alone, bored, happy, sad, stressed.


I am most vulnerable at night before bed when it’s quite and dark

Alex Barth

I feel most vulnerable when I’m bored and have nothing productive/constructive occupying my mind or guiding my actions.

“Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.” -Benjamin Franklin


Whenever I am home alone.

Ken McClatchey

Midday like 3 to 5

Jody Jones

When I am alone or fighting with my wife!


I’m most vulnerable when I have become tired in battle and want a diversion.


I’m most vulnerable when I use Facebook; and everything time I see beautiful women


When I am home alone


I find myself most vulnerable when I am alone during downtime. I also find myself vulnerable during stressful or frustrating times alone. Common denominator “alone”.


I am more vulnerable to any kind of lust I believe when I am alone!


downtime later in the day- end of the day.

after tired from buys-ness and stress

Kevin L Williams

I feel most vulnerable when stressed . in the evening after work


I am vulnerable whenever I see a beautiful female and it does not matter what time of day. So basically all the time and anywhere. It’s a terrible disease.

Gary Vosen

When I am frustrated or angry. This could be at any time, especially when alone.


When trying to get to sleep at night.