The Seduction Of Sin


Here is your call to action today:

  • Identify: what triggers your desire.
  • Write a short prayer: below asking God to redirect this desire toward a more holy outcome.
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Dear Father in Heaven,
I come to you in the name of Jesus.
Thank you for Vince and the good work he is doing for you, thank you for so many men here trying to win the battle in their minds. In Your Word, the only thing in creation which was not good was that the man was alone, therefore You made him a helper fit for him. How many married men here are alone? Lord please restore their, and my helper to have the reverence again which you intended for woman to have towards men. Lord bless this journey and the good work which is started in us.
In Jesus name!


Please lead me in a manner that steers me from my passion for more and better tangible items and guide me to focus my attention on You. Amen.


A desire for intimacy…into-me-I-see. Transparency, a judgement free place.

Thank you Lord for Your acceptance of me, not for what I do, but for who I am. For You know my innermost thoughts.


Dear gracious Lord, thank you for the gift of my wife! Help me to love her as your blessed creation by honoring her with my thoughts and actions. When the temptation of selfish sexual interaction arises, humble me to seek your guidance to love her the way you love your church!



Please help me with my desire for companionship. The times when I sin are when I feel distant with my spouse, and when we haven’t spent as much time with each other as we need to. In those moments of weakness and temptation, help me to feel your love for me which will give me strength.



Lord please change my lustily world desires into desires to pursue and serve you.


Triggers: The delight of the eyes (opposite sex), the anticipated personal pleasure of sex, The enticement of “secret” sin. Where do these dark elements come from in me? I have a God-sized hole in me that I try to fill with fleshly/earthly/carnal means.

Lord help me to recall and claim Ps 16:11 – You make known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
Lord you offer eternal, far superior, pleasures to us.


Desire for companionship, touch and sex. I have been alone to long. Loggers i ask that you turn my desires back to you too long to be closer and walk with you. You have a perfect woman for me at the perfect time, help me to have faith in your plan. In Jesus name. Amen


I am triggered when I see a news headline or pictures in an article that address a sexually charged story or beautiful woman.

Lord, remove all temptation from sexual interest in anyone other than my wife, and lead us on your path to reconciliation and love. You are in control and I desire to let go, and let God.

Tom F. Sr.

Father God,
In all that you have done in my life through Divine Sanctification, reveal to me with clarity, that which yet lies broken and unfulfilled inside of me, which causes me to believe that true pleasure and/or gratification exists outside of Jesus Christ, who is taking me to you! 🙏


Lord, I’m asking you to redirect my desire for physical intimacy toward an outcome that is pleasing to you, in Jesus name.


Father God, Please help me to overcome the world as I try to prove to myself I’m still a “man” in the world’s eyes.


Lack of Intimacy because my family broke when I was one yr so every time I want to do something I can’t handle it and instead of facing my fears i fall back to what’s seem to be the best way of handling my insecurities.

Heavenly father full of mercy I ask today that may you heal me of my brokenness and make me whole again.


Trigger-loneliness and wandering eyes. Father God I pray for wisdom and strength everyday to make right choices and to keep You in my thoughts, bringing me closer to Your word and Your truth. Amen. 🙏🏻


Please give me the strength to overcome.
Teach me as you do in other areas
Guide me through this tribulation.
Pray also for my family for understanding and support.


Lord, I beg you to help keep my thoughts and actions holy, give me the strength to ignore temptations from the evil one. I have tried time and time again to defeat this addiction that continues to consume me. Help me to better know the difference between what I perceive as “needs” and what my true needs are. Lord help me to seek and find sexual satisfaction from only my wife and nowhere else.
I thank you Lord, for never giving up on me. I thank you for the blessings that you continue to pour out on me but help me to know that those mean nothing if I can not exhibit self control. All this in your name I pray, Amen.


God please give me strength in my weakness, please help me control my desires for intimacy and fulfillment.


Fulfillment and control over my life


Abba Father, please eliminate my lustful desires and redirect my attention to You and the plans that You have for me.
In Jesus’ Precious Name


To be chosen

Joe C

Father help to love you more and less of the pleasure s of this world. May your will be done in my life.


May the Lord give us the wisdom to see the folly of prohibited sex and the beauty of sex if within His healthy parameters.


Father, thanks for revealing to me that I am really seeking to fill needs for intimacy and fulfillment. Forgive me for pursuing counterfeit substitutes to the intimacy and fulfillment you offer me .


Lord, please direct my desire for something new and exciting or something I cannot have toward my wife and toward you. Thank you for forgiving us. Amen.


Father, in those moments that I don’t feel like I am enough, remind me that You are enough and I have complete access to You. Help me not to look to a substitute for validation, but let me find my identity through You.


Father, I know you control everything so I pray I remember that and I don’t always try to control things myself. All I need to do is make the right choices and you will take care of the rest. Holy Spirit give me the strength and courage to make the right choices.


Father, I pray for Your help to seek Your kingdom first in my life. All these other triggers will lose their power as Your purpose fills me. I now renounce every desire that tries to elevate itself above You in my heart. Help me keep first things first, and realize everything else will take care of itself.


Dear Lord when my mind wonders to worldly pleasures and desires help me to turn away from those evil thought and desires .Amen.


Lord, when my mind and desires start to drift away from you help me to think, speak, act, and react Godly. Help me to refocus all of me onto ask of You. I’m Jesus name, Amen.

Don Rigazio

I feel that my selfish pleasures are my trigger.

Father help me with the selfish pleasures I desire in this life. Help me recognize these situations so I may take immediate action to prevent me from this sin . Let focus on the desires of you Lord.


Lord, I’m so confused I don’t even know the answer to this, help me to sort through and figure out what us driving me. Isolation? Boredom? Desire for connection, acceptance? I need You to help. Amen


What triggers my desire is the want for intimacy or better yet, the lack of attention.
Lord, please help me when I start to get those feelings triggered that will lead me to places I don’t want to go, fill that void with Kingdom thoughts. Remind me to hold every thought captive Lord.


Loneliness is the trigger, which typically stirs self-pity and a desire for comfort.

Troy Theye

Anxiety triggers several things, it used to be addictions but I have overcome this 120% with Gods direction my routine to serve the most high.
Success also……………………….trying to accomplish self-worth with my trust in the Lord.


Jesus, come meet me in my lowest times and give me fulfillment in knowing you. Amen

Tyson S

Intimacy power escape release. God help me to continue to press on towards you and know whom I am in you for these desires.


Lord, please grant me the vulnerability to be more intimate with all who you bring across my path. Amen!


Being alone, and bored with nothing to do, weakest time for sure.
Lord help my desires to be in line with your word, help me to be more like you, give me strength,I can’t do it alone

Jake Steel

Trigger: Avoidance at all costs…
I’m at my weakest when I’m physiologically fighting this spiritual battle, like in Gen 3:15 – smashing the head of “the” serpent only to suffer being bitten on the heel.

God, grant me the vision to recognize the enemies who gain victory by taking my attention, and the wisdom to know that to let them wither to waste is your victory.

Mike Gole

Thought: my home, with my bride, is my garden (I call it our one particular harbor). If that holds true, then any venture out of that garden is wrong and fraught with disaster…even if the “tree” is in the garden, keep clear of it!


Father please give me eye discipline to overcome the lust of the eyes


Lord give me patience courage so i may have peace and glorify your name in all i do


Lord please help me to turn my desires for Fulfillment and power. to a desire of intimacy with you. I Pray that these desires are replaced by your love and Fulfillment in my life,


Help me focus on good things in my idle solitary times, that is when I do my sinning the most.


Lord, Please turn my desire for fulfillment and to be intimate towards you. Please be my portion and let me be fully satisfied in you. Help me to deny the selfish desire of wanting to feel good for myself. Change my heart, my mind and my soul to find pleasure in serving you. In Jesus name, AMEN.


God, I ask that you direct my trigger of lust when it comes to social media. I pray for the strength and discipline I need to set healthy boundaries around social media. I ask that you keep me focused on you so that I may be free from this sin

Theodore Dewey

the redon once of loneliness


Looking back at something a second time after noticing it once is when the ball starts rolling. That second look could be just enough to start the lust cycle.
Holy Spirit, help me to seize and capture every image and thought and then have the power to throw them out. Give me the strength to say no.


Dear Lord, I ask that you help to refocus my life and desires to align with yours. We all know that you are true and holy. Help me curb my selfish ways with communication and clear understanding of the entire picture. Lord thank you so much for the amazing blessings and please bless this week.


Lord, please help me to keep my thoughts and actions clean and pure when I have idle time, or idle thoughts. Fill me with the pleasure I am trying to get through my sin. Amen!


Robert ,
your prayer would be a good prayer for me too. I could not have said it better


I will be praying for you as well Lee

William Clark, Jr.

God help me to use my time for more of your wishes and desires. May I turn to you and your word when I would turn to what I shouldn’t and remember you are always with me

Ramon Guzman

I don’t want put blame on what I see all over the place. I try to not look but I miss touch and intimacy from my wife. I can identify it’s love and intimacy that my mate has a difficulty with that triggers a void for me. Lord redirect this desire toward a more holy outcome and help me to focus on what what for me rather than my selfish desires that cause me needless hurt.

Pete Gelpi

Feeling lonely and isolated


Lord, its a selfish and unbalanced need to be desired that I CRAVE, sexually, but I believe, You are showing me it goes deeper than that. Father, help me to get my self worth from You. I realize that you desire me, and you desire a deeper relationship with me, but when I try to fulfill that feeling of being desired with sinful fantasy, or even expect my wife to fulfill that, I am making an idol of these things, expecting them to give me only what you can, Lord. Holy Spirit, help me to put aside the selfish desire to get what I want from sinful or selfish means and help me to understand and fully accept the perfect, pure desire for relationship you offer me, a desire that has been proven by Christ’s Sacrifice on the cross and Your daily care and provision for me, a forgiven but undeserving sinner.

Chad Heggestad

Loneliness and a desire to be close are a trigger for me. There is also a bit of selfishness.

Heavenly Father, please help redirect my desire and change my heart. 🙏🏻

Ben Carroll

My desire for intimacy and sexual satisfaction is triggered by my own selfishness. My mind is focused on my needs being met as opposed to serving my wife.

Ben Carroll

Lord I ask that you help me to seek to meet the needs of my wife and not always to seek for my needs to be met first!


The sensation of seeing the nakedness of a woman.
God , I ask you to help me , strengthen me, to redirect my mind when these feelings come up. Ask for your forgiveness and mercy.

Travis Cooper

My desire is fulfillment. Like another said, it’s a desire thinking “I deserve this”, but I don’t.

Lord, give me a stronger desire to seek your contentment, and not my own.


The word that stood out the most to me was the word “deserve,” which goes along with my trigger of fulfillment. With the busyness of life and how much I “give” at work, at home, and in the community, I “trick” myself into thinking it {any sin} is something I “deserve,” which, in the end, I do not. What I do deserve is judgment and punishment. Thankfully, God has allowed Christ to take on my judgment and punishment.

Lord, help me find fulfillment in You and You alone.


God please direct my desire for intimacy to my wife and not other women.


my triggers are the need to feel loved and accepted and the desire for intimacy. Lord, help me to feel your love and acceptance and be filled up from you in those areas, regardless of how I feel I am being treated in those areas from my wife.


Relief from tension and stress. God may I learn to relax in your grace and mercy. Amen


Please help me be more comfortable with myself and turn over my desire for power and control to you, Oh Lord.


My triggers I believe are the eyes, rather than admiring beauty my mind wants to take it further. Father God help me to change my focus and thoughts to you and all the beautiful things you have given us. Change me, redirect my misguided thoughts to thoughts of you, I want you to be the focus of my passion. In Jesus name, amen

Eric Ludovico

My triggers are early morning getting up when I want to sleep in. Especially on weekends. God fill my heart with your holiness, occupy my mind with things not of this earth


Loneliness boredom. When I am not busy with work and at night I can feeling the temptation coming on and I initially am able to overcome but eventually I give in to the desire. God, I can’t but you can. Please help me.


Intimacy , power


I don’t know exactly what triggers my desires, I would have to say loneliness, frustration, mental stress. Father God, I pray that you would speak into my heart for what truly triggers me sin. I pray that you would change me and my heart and that you would remove my desires and plant your desires into me. Amen.


Lord, redirect the thrill of conquering a hard problem triggers from a immoral desire for more to a godly gratitude to You and a deepened ability to connect with my wife.


It is triggered by basic uncontrolled animal desire like an Elk during rutting
God please give me control and a inner power thru you to move past them


Escape triggers my desire.


Lord, thank you for speaking into my heart that I will find healing through your word. I ask that you please help me find acceptance in you and your word and love and not through the worldly and lustful desires that I have turned to for so long. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Tony Fisher

Pleasure is what triggers. God direct my thoughts and desires to be on you.


Lord Jesus, may every choice I make bring honor to You! Help me to remember that every longing is fulfilled in You as I believe! Amen.


I am not 100 percent sure what triggers it, I would say chasing the feeling of discovery. Lord help me to stop chasing the past

Eddie Ackerman

frustration, physically and mentally, due to lack of intimate contact with my wife can EASILY lead me to look to other women to mentally fulfill my desires that are supposed to be ONLY with my wife. God, in these moments of weakness, remind me that my wife does desire to be with me as much as I desire to be with her, but it is not always practical for that to be a reality, so please work in my heart and mind to not be angry at my wife when she rejects my advances because she is sick and/or tired and not ready in the moment to be a wife to this husband. Amen.


I often feel like a slave to the lies and feelings of anxiety and powerlessness. My flesh promises freedom and extreme pleasure and tries to convince me that God can’t rescue me from the power and seduction of these urges and all I need to do is take control and eat of the fruit. Sounds familiar!

God, you are Holy, Worthy, and Good. You are All-Powerful and the Creator of all Good things. When I obey my flesh, I crack open the door for Satan and know the downward spiral of sin and death that follows. Oh why do I still linger around the door? Why is it so hard to let go? But thank you, Lord, as you are doing a massive work in my heart and revealing to me my need to fully let go of control and truly turn to you and walk with you. With You, there is Abundant Life and Goodness and Love. To know Truth is to know You. I have been deeply convicted by my sin recently and thank you Lord for the Grace that teaches me to say no to the lies of the flesh and to live a godly, self-controlled life. (Titus 2:12). I surrrender completely to you Lord and choose to walk in your ways no matter how I feel!

Gary Priddy

Triggers are frustration both physical and mental. Father God I pray that you calm my soul and in my weak times help direct me to you. Create in me an appetite for you Lord. I realize these desires are self centered and really a desire for You is really what I need


God redirect my sinful desire to a more pleasant desire of you . Guide me away from anything that is not of you lord.


Boredom, pleasure. God I submit myself to you and reject Satan.


I need to be accepted. Lord, give me strength to lean into my wife and find the acceptance I need with her. She is on my side. May I dwell always in your words and the best YOU have for me.


God I ask for strength to keep my mind focused more on your word and being the man you have called me to be.


Deep down my desire is to be accepted, affirmed, loved and to feel valued. I run to women and porn to fill those longings when God is the one who wants to fulfill those in my life.
Father God, thank you that you have given me the strength to run to you every single day to satisfy these longings I have. I am accepted by you bc I am your child who you love. Nothing I do can make you love me more. In you, I have safety. In Jesus name, Amen.

Michael B

Lord, my longing for affection and intimacy lead to the sin. Help me Lord to do your will and not mine. Bring to me the strength needed to rise above this mediocre way of living so that you are glorified Lord, so that your love, compassion and mercy will be reflected to my wife and family. In Jesus’s name I pray.


Things I see trigger in me the idea that having that thing will make my life better or easier.

Lord I pray the you give me, through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the discipline of what I allow my eyes to see. Help me Lord to understand where true joy and happiness lie. Put in my Father contentment with the abundance you have provided and a decerning heart.

John Krumm

Father God, I do not know what triggers my sin. All I know is that physical pleasure from many areas tempt me when I need to be in closer in association with You. I ask in Jesus for Holy Spirit to help me desire this more than my sin.


Lord, help me avoid situations where I know that I will see things that will tempt me. When I see something inadvertently, divert my thoughts to something appropriate.


My wandering eyes.

Tim S.

Stress and a thought and curiosity. Heavenly father I confess this to you again help me to meditate on the truth of your word not the lies of the world help me to redirect these desires give me your strength!


Lord, please help me be content and grateful for the beautiful woman you have led me to and desire for her alone. Give me strength and focus directed towards you God, thank you for love, grace and protection. Amen


What triggers my desire is the variety. Help me be content with what I’ve been given and focus on forming that into a fulfilling relationship instead of always searching for something I don’t need and can’t have in a God-pleasing relationship.


Help me redirect my focus from the fleeting thoughts of lust to the steadfastness of your word and your love for me.


My wandering eyes.
Heavenly Father I ask for you countinued guidance help my focus to be on above and not on things that are off limits for me

Jason Marshall

Thank you God for your son Jesus who died for our sins so I can come body with confession so I can remain righteous 1 John 1:9, Lord help me to find fulfillment in you and from my wife and not from lustful pleasures or others, let my eyes, speech and action be obedient to your word Amen


Father let my eyes be closed to the passing by of lust and open to your guidance


Impatient, rebellious nature and lack of self-control in many areas leads me to selfish, instant
gratification. (speeding, swearing my other vices) put on paper I sound like a 20yr old and not 46!
LORD, please take my selfish-rekclessness and help me to give over control FULLY, DAILY to You so Your Spirit can fill me with faithfulless, patience and control of myself.
Thank you Jesus!


Surprisingly, it is my desire to be in control that leads to my ungodly actions. Lord Jesus I release this foolishness to You, The One who is in control.


Longing for affection, respect and appreciation.

God, please give me strength and wisdom to be led by your Holy Spirit and know my worth in you and not look for it in feelings or other people.

Ervin Byler

Lord help me to be content
With what I have instead of always wanting what I can’t have


Lord Heavenly Father, help me find the fulfillment that comes from all the good things you provide. Amen


Lord, help me realize my true desire for lasting joy and contentment can come from you alone, and a holy love for my wife. Help me see all temporary fulfillment is fleeting and filled with shame. Joy comes in the morning when running hard after you. Amen.


I believe that it is fulfillment and I seek. The desire is not continual. Once satisfied I’m good…until the desire returns again.


Sight of any woman dressed in sexy attire. Is what sets me off.
Lord I pray, please fell whatever needs that are missing in my life so that I may serve You. Amen

Rob McKnight

Dear Heavenly Father, please be with me and guide me away from pornography and lust. I know I can’t do this without your help. Forgive me of my sins and guide me to be a better Christian. Amen

Jose Barrientos

Heavenly Father, Pure in Spirit and abounding in Love I ask that you forgive of all my transgressions I ask that through Your Son and the Holy Spirit you help me take capitive my thoughts and make them obedient to Christ Jesus. For I am aware that most of my sins begin in the mind.
In Christ Jesus’s name I pray
Amen-Amen & Amen


Was working with a counselor that helped frame a mindset toward “holding” beauty, instead of “consuming” beauty. A few weeks ago in church, I felt God say, “you are a man filled with desire.” I’ve tried to shut down desire instead of directing it to Jesus and watching him unleash it.

Tim Harmsen

My wife and I are talking, can a man look at a woman, not in lust , just appreation of the beauty . Same for a woman.?


I struggle with acceptance and feeling I have no control
Heavenly Father I know in my head Your love is all I need I know I have power in you. Help take the knowledge from my head and burn it in my heart. I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.


Lord help me to not drink to much that it effects my decisions and behavior.


Lust of the eyes, I tend to look at women in right clothes in the wrong way.
Father God give me strength to focus on you instead of things that bring me out of focus and bring me in to lustful thinking, in Jesus name I pray

Jody Jones

God help me to be pure in heart and lead me with your Spirit.

Jesse Winger

Stress and Loneliness, helplessness.

Lord I pray you would fill me with your presence so I no longer need to be alone, help me trust you in all my life situations and not stress unnecessarily over choices. Help me feel wanted and useful to You. Amen

Kevin L Williams

images of somewhat undressed people trigger my sin. Stress is also a trigger. the desire to release the tension.

Cory B

The trigger is loneliness and the ego driven desire to be wanted or needed or loved. That somehow happiness will come from being in a relationship.

Lord, I pray for wisdom and discernment when it comes to true happiness. I pray for patience and a willingness to let your will be done and not my own. I pray my relationship with you Lord gives me the unconditional love, joy and happiness I truly desire.


Anytime I may feel lust of the sexual kind I believe what’s behind it may be the need for intimacy and acceptance. Part of my struggle with intimacy is I don’t know how to be intimate and closeness as growing up I don’t recall much closeness in our family since it had lots of disfunction and some how acceptance seems to be mixed in there as well! Dear God help me to understand, I know you accept me and I am at more peace knowing that, help me continue to change and grow in intimacy in a healthy way as well, in Jesus’ name I pray!


Help me lord to feel wanted and needed ,


Lord help redirect my eyes to you and your desires when they stray and are distracted., Help me stay away from places of distraction as well.


My need for intimacy. God, I pray that you take my selfish desires for human intimacy and replace it with a desire to be closer and more intimate with you in my life. Amen.


The struggle for control triggers my desire. Lord I pray that I will feel your presence and that I may bring my struggle to control situations to you.


Jesus, help me to find what is the foundation of the lust I have, and when found let me turn it over to you and get it replaced with what honors you.


I deeply desire acceptance and approval. I believe that physical intimacy is the proof of my acceptance and approval of my wife- the person I desire acceptance from the most. When I don’t have it (going on 12 years now), i feel emasculated. Not enough. Not a man. I believe that I would/ could be a much more confident and successful husband/ man/ worker/ friend/ etc. if I knew I was accepted.
And I know that my acceptance and approval is to come from God, but I really want it from my wife.


My trigger is my attacks on my self esteem and respect. LORD I pray that when there are times that there are attacks on my self esteem that I recognize those lustful urges and replace those urges with healthy choices, such as prayer, reading the WORD, and listening to Christian Music. I pray that I renew my mind into things that honor you. I pray these things in your name, AMEN.

Jesse Skytland

Intimacy triggers my desire and I pray that this is set in a good manner for I am a sinner and under the Lord’s will, I wish to become satisfied.


The need for intimacy and to be wanted. God almighty please help me to cherish and love my wife just as she is and to be fully content with my circumstances . Amen.

Ryan Weinkauf

My lust is driven by want. Wanting to have something that I don’t have. Not that my wife is unattractive she’s beautiful and I am a lucky man to have found such an excellent helpmate. I suppose I am similar to the gentlemen that said he was driven by conquest. Lord, help me be satisfied with the awesome wife that you gifted me and in all ways help me be content like Paul.

Matt Brown

Lord, my lustful desires are driven by the need to be desired and wanted by other women, as if this will somehow fulfill me and erase the painful memories of my adolescence when I felt ugly and unwanted. Lord, remind me that I am already wanted and desired by my wife, the woman whom you have put in my life to make me whole and fulfill me as a man and as a child of God. Lord, I thank you every day for her presence in my life, and for the difference she makes in me.


Thanks Vince for causing me to look beyond the sin here and at the trigger. I believe there are several factors at play here – a need for intimacy, but deeper than that the need to feel wanted and desired sexually. Unfortunately I found that outside of my marriage, a daily porn habit was a significant trigger leading to sex outside of my marriage.

Lord thank you for your forgiveness, for loving me and for convicting me of the sin in my life. Today and in the days ahead I pray for ongoing healing, but more than I pray that you will fill me with a desire to seek you more, to re-establish an intimate relationship with you and to focus on a healthy, fulfilling relationship my wife and family.


Mark, you are not alone. I have done the same. I pray for restoration in Mark’s marriage and that the hurts and wounds can be healed.

Chris Caliguire

God it IS YOUR WILL that I not be sexually immoral! Rekindle that strength in me as you’ve proved I cannot do it alone!

This is the only promise I’ve ever claimed / shouted out repetitively in anger and pleading a couple years ago and after a few weeks I realized it worked! My temptation dissapeared and I bragged to friends about the power of God. At the time I thought it was a box checked off but since it has crept back I realize I’m not praying and reading as hard as I was a couple years ago and it was truly Him and not me working….


Intimacy, is a simple casual touch, not necessarily sexual. A presence that is quietly acknowledged.
It can be having a presence in the room.

Matthew Rasmussen

I think way back to youth, with my dad’s playboy magazines, what did I feel when I looked at those as a kid. I believe my trigger comes from the desire for connection, and I tied these images to feeling of relationship.

Heavenly Father, please draw me into a close relationship with Yourself. Help me understand that my relationship to you through your Son is what provides true comfort, not fleeting gratification. Help me drink of the true water or life. In th name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


I feel that I am looking for satisfaction or fulfillment in unrealistic characteristics that my wife does not have. Viewing them as jealous wants almost and finding them through doctored pictures on social media and acted out in pornography.
Lord I pray that you can open my eyes and mind to what you have blessed me with! Allow me to realize that my wife in the true flesh in front of my eyes is worth more then anything a fake picture or video on the internet could ever offer! Allow my mind the strength in the times of doubt to see her for all of the goodness she has brought to my life and love that she pours into me, rather then unrealistic ideas my thoughts have created!

bill mckay

I need to feel that I am enough, lack of sex triggers a lot of emotions.
God I need your strength when I feel mine failing, I know that I can’t do it alone.
As i go through this day, this week, help me to rely on you


Thanks for sharing this as so much of what you’re saying is true for me as well. I struggle with that same feeling of being enough, being wanted/desired. Prayers for you that in this journey you’re never alone!

bill mckay

Thank you mark, it is interesting to know that someone else has the same problems as I do.
Blessings to you as well

Dean Wendler

I desire a healthy intimate relationship with my wife. When I don’t get it I pull back into my own world.
Prayer – Lord help me show love to my wife in the way you designed it to be.


Power, control over women and pride that I am most their desired.

Lord you have blessed me so much in life! Help me to be content with what I have and focus on viewing women through Your eyes with Your desire for them to glorify You and You alone.

Dave Benson

It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable,
1 Thessalonians 4:3-4

I think it’s God will against mine. I have to realize that God knows my every thought. God called Adam out as he hid and said “where are you?” I need to answer!

Jeff Kuhn

God I’m not sure where I’m going with this but one word comes to my mind and that is conquest. So heavenly Father erase my desire for that. Replace it with a desire of being content. With a desire for purity of heart and mind. Empower me to take those steps toward this peace that I want now and forevermore. Amen


I’m not sure exactly what triggers my desire, but it has something to do with control and the need to feel like I am enough.
Lord, help me to know and trust that You have created me to be who I am and that I am enough in your eyes. Help me to not seek satisfaction in the false idol of others admiration.


I feel the need for simulation if only for a moment at times and I can get that with no questions asked thru the internet.
Father God I ask for your help in guiding me towards a better path in finding what I need thru christ in the name of Jesus


My desire is triggered by the habit of seeking pleasure that Satan whispers will bring some kind of satisfaction, which is of course false.
God help me to keep focused on the reality’s of seeking false satisfaction.


Amen thank you Vince


My insecurities tempt me to find security in illicit ways. Emotional intimacy is what I’m really looking for.

Randy Brown

Acceptance and being noticed is my lust or sin that controls me.

Lord I pray my urge to impress or be noticed by man be gone in the name of Jesus. Connect with me on a more personal level amd I want more of you.


My insecurity and feeling a need of release. Lord, you are my all! I was created by You and for You!
Thank you for all that I am. I ask that my desire be for You and praising You! In Jesus name.

Joseph Matthews

My need to be in control is part of what triggers my lustful desires. Heavenly Father I ask that you would be my source of power and may you take control of my desire to want to be in control letting you lead.

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