Grace Wins


Here is your call to action today:

  • Write: below "Sin has no power over me, <insert your name here>!"
  • Repeat: this to yourself throughout your day as a man saved by grace.

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49 thoughts on “Grace Wins

  1. Tom J says:

    Sin has no power over me, Tom

    Dear God, teach me how to believe that this sin HAS NO POWER OVER ME… give me your strength to not succumb to the feelings of being powerless over this struggle.

  2. Chris Caliguire says:

    Son has no power over Chris! BTW, I haven’t been tempted all week, yet anxious for the next time. Armor up gentlemen!

  3. DALE W EWING says:

    Each morning, Declaring Not Today!
    A constant war, the battle must be made a goal to be victorious.

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