Resolute is a non-denominational, non-profit organization and church. We focus our mission on building up men. We believe that it is a mandate of the church to concentrate efforts on equipping men as leaders who serve in the same manner as Jesus Christ, in marriage, family, and in the church. We believe that men are a primary focus of leadership in the church and home, but are of equal value to God as women, and that when men are equipped, women are edified.

Members of Resolute are committed to the following agreements, affirmations, and beliefs:


As a member, I agree to the following:

  • Read Scripture Daily. All members agree to read the Bible daily. One way we do this together is The Daily Devo. We read verse by verse through Old & New Testament books.
  • Pray Daily. All members agree to pray every day for themselves, others, and this ministry.
  • Give A Full Effort Against Sin. All members agree to give a total effort against sin and repetitive issues with sin. We believe the fight and effort Christ gave are worth our effort as well to the end of our days.
  • Minister & Disciple Family + Believers. All members agree to grow in God's Word and use the commands, teachings, and daily discoveries in Scripture to disciple their spouse and children.
  • Understand + Use Spiritual Gifts. All members agree to understand, grow, and become more sensitive to and aware of the Holy Spirit and use their gifts first in their home, then the church, and then the world.
  • Active in a Believing Community or Bible Group. All members agree to participate in a small group that reads and encourages each other in the commands of the Bible and the agreements above.
  • Aspire To Biblical Leadership. All members aspire to understand Godly leadership as laid out to the men and the church in the New Testament.