The Man Who Puts Men In A Bind

Some of the people of Jerusalem therefore said, “Is not this the man whom they seek to kill? And here he is, speaking openly, and they say nothing to him! Can it be that the authorities really know that this is the Christ? But we know where this man comes from, and when the Christ appears, no one will know where he comes from.” — John 7:25-27

Now remember, just a few moments ago, the crowd got a little defensive that Jesus was accusing them of plotting to kill him (John 7:20). Yet moments later, we discover that everyone knows this gossip to be true. That's because it's all over Twitter. And Jesus is privy to this not just because he's God but because he has been around for the last four days of the celebration, secretly listening into their conversations.

But now he reveals himself. Right on the Temple grounds in the middle of an annual Feast with millions of pilgrims present. The public nature of this puts the Jewish authorities and their plan in quite a bind. A plan that would have easily advanced had the public not been present. So the timing of his reveal forces them to rethink their plan. Now they have to double check and this pause lends credence to the question everyone is asking — Could this Jesus be the predicted Christ?

Gentlemen, Jesus always puts men in a bind. His life and ministry have perplexed people for millennia. His birth, his signs, his life, his teaching, his death, and his resurrection have mesmerized people for 2000 years. And they always lead to the very same question. Is Jesus the Son of God?

I believe he is.

But if you are standing around looking at the evidence and have not yet come to a conclusion on this question, you are going to always find yourself in a real bind.

ASK THIS: Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?

DO THIS: Make a decision about Jesus

PRAY THIS: God, I believe Jesus is your son. I am decided.

PLAY THIS: I Have Decided

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10 thoughts on “The Man Who Puts Men In A Bind

  1. Bob Smotherman says:

    Amen, amen and amen. Thank you Jesus for being God’s Son and bringing God closer to each and every one of us who believes in you!

    • Paul P says:

      Jesus, we pray with Mike and ask you to help him in his unbelief. I pray that Mike would lean into his doubts and invite you into that place in his heart. Please heal his heart and any past wounds that are getting in the way. I ask that you pour out your Spirit on Mike so that he can experience your love for him in a new way today. Please move mightily in Mike’s life. In Jesus name, Amen.

  2. John says:

    I do believe Jesus is the son of God, and He is my Lord and Savior!! I need Him to crush my pride and remove ALL parts of my past self and restore in me a new
    ( Jesus Centered ) heart, mind, body & soul…even if I lose all my worldly possessions and have to start over with my wife and kids?? I have allowed my job to define me & since I’ve been terminated, I am trying to hold on to an appearance for others? I need to be broken and rebuilt in His image, how?? How do I repent in a way that is pleasing & accepting to Him?
    I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins & transgressions. Help me to love ALL, as you love me!!

    Thank you for this Prayer!!

    • Paul P says:

      Jesus, we pray Ps 139:23-24 over our brother John. Lord, please search his heart and lead him in an everlasting way. Jesus, we also pray Ps 139:13-14 for John. You created John in his mother’s womb. John is fearfully and wonderfully made. John has dignity and respect because the fingerprint of God is on him. God, you define John because you made him.

      We accept your definition of John. He is your adopted son. Just as you proclaimed over Jesus in Matt 3:17 , John is your son, who you love; and you are well pleased with John.

      Jesus, we receive your love right now. We believe your Word is true. We accept what you say about us. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  3. Steve says:

    I believe Jesus is the Son of God and our Lord and Savior. I also pray to God to help me when I experience thoughts of doubt.

    • Paul P says:

      Jesus, we pray for our brother Steve. We invite you into our doubts, Jesus. We ask the Holy Spirit to fill Steve to the overflow with peace, power, and more of the presence of God in his life. In Jesus’ name amen. 

  4. Daniel says:

    Yes Jesus is the son of God. HE is my redeemer and Shepard. The King of Kings. And my friend.

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