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3 marks of a meaningful masculine mentorship relationship

3 Marks Of Meaningful Masculine Mentorship Relationships

By Vince Miller | 07/17/2018

3 Marks Of Meaningful Masculine Mentoring Relationships How to build effective relationships with other men. Think for a moment about the relationships you have in your life? How would you […] READ MORE

Emotional Intelligence Vince Miller Resolute Mens Bible Study

Growing Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

By Vince Miller | 07/15/2018

Growing Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Why growing your emotional intelligence matters and three things you can do to increase it. The longer I lead, the more convinced I am that […] READ MORE

Stop the bad self talk that is hijacking your leadership

The Inner Voice That Undermines Our Leadership

By Vince Miller | 07/12/2018

The Inner Voice That Undermines Our Leadership Whose voices are you listening to, the inner, outward, or the right voice? Some of the most important conversations are not those that […] READ MORE

The hidden dangers of success by Vince Miller Resolute Mens Bible Study

The 5 Hidden Dangers Of Success

By Vince Miller | 07/10/2018

The 5 Hidden Dangers Of Success The pathway to success and failure in the life of every leader. Everyone loves success in life, but as it comes, we need to […] READ MORE

Types of Mentoring Relationships Resolute Mens Ministry Bible Studies

Bible Based Mentoring An Interview With Prison Transformation Radio – Vince Miller

By Vince Miller | 06/30/2018

Bible Based Mentoring – An Interview With Vince Miller A podcast with Vince Miller and Jason Day from addressing the topic of manhood. THE AUDIO PODCAST: TRANSCRIPT: The following […] READ MORE

The Genius Of Asking Good Questions

By Vince Miller | 06/30/2018

The genius of asking good questions Why mentors (and mentees) should all be asking better questions than knowing and giving the right answers. I have some friends who stand out […] READ MORE

Mentoring Men Young Leaders Vince Miller Resolute Men Bible Study

Leave A Legacy By Mentoring Others

By Vince Miller | 06/28/2018

Leave a legacy by mentoring others. Becoming unselfish with our life and learnings. One of the most unselfish investments a leader can make is that of mentoring younger leaders. Mentoring […] READ MORE


Discord, Relationships, and Commitment

By Vince Miller | 06/26/2018

Discord, Relationships, and Commitment What to do when you disagree with someone, yet want to maintain a relationship. We live in a world where our differences are more defining than […] READ MORE

Leadership Training for Men

Leadership Training

By Vince Miller | 05/28/2018

LEADERSHIP TRAINING SUMMARY: This is our full 3-hour seminar we use to train men. This must be used with the Leadership Training Handbook. VIDEO FILE: ¬†Click to Download PURCHASE THE […] READ MORE