Mentoring Makes the Difference

What an infographic teaches us about men who want to be discipled and mentored.

Mentoring, mentorship, and being mentored is the way of being a difference maker.

Too many of us think that we cannot have much of an impact on our world because we are just ordinary people. But God is in the business of using the ordinary to develop His extraordinary purposes in our society. Take a look at the infographic relating to spiritual mentoring. Here are two observations in each of the three categories.

Spiritual Mentoring Statistics For Christian Men Vince Miller Pie Chart

Observation One | 84% Potential
First, I was struck that only 16% of men had no interest in a spiritual mentor. While this sounds disappointing, that means is that 84% of men long for spiritual mentorship from another man! There is a deep longing for most men to know and experience God in their lives through other men. The ancient writer of Ecclesiastes knew this to be true when he said, "He (God) has also set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Our deep longing to know God was implanted in each of us by our creator and he is using mankind to reveal this.

Observation Two | 56% Are Ready
Which brings me to the second observation, while 28% of men have a mentor to encourage them in their spiritual lives, a full 56% of men wish they had a mentor! But there are two audiences of people that must be addressed.

First, may you are one of the 56% that is looking for a mentor. Consider this for a moment. Have you formally invited someone to mentor you? I would if you haven't. Just find a guy that represents the qualities you want and seek in your own life. This is a man who is further down the path than you spiritually that has qualities and attributes you want to emulate. And then I would recommend handing him a copy of Thirty Virtues That Build A Man that will guide some strong discussion on topics that will pull from his leadership, family dynamics, and spiritual maturity.

Second, you may be one of that 56%, that needs to mentor another man and has not at this point. If you are a Christian then you are qualified, since you are indwelled by the Spirit of God. Are you willing to invest in one or two other men to encourage them in their spiritual lives, share what you have learned, and assist them in their quest to understand God, relationships, and life better? That is what mentors do. They intentionally invest time in others to help them grow in their understanding and relationship and how to do this with and under the leadership of Jesus Christ. Maybe it is over coffee or breakfast once a week or twice a month. Perhaps you read a book like Thirty Virtues That Build A Man together. It's just investing time and discussion with another man that leads to a lasting impact.

What is required on our part for both parties? Only the willingness! Willingness to mentor and willingness to be mentored. Even the Apostle Paul had a mentor in Barnabas and was a mentor to a man like Timothy. All of us need someone to encourage us in our spiritual life and someone we can encourage.

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