Mercy Makes Life


According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead—1 Peter 1:3

Mercy is only possible where there is a need for it. This means we desire it when we need it most.

In the opening verses of Peter's letter, we hear a call to Jesus' mercy, which provides a living hope. And no one knew Jesus' mercy like Peter. Yes, this was the same Peter who denied Christ three times—yet according to his great mercy, he was reinstated and became a force for the kingdom. But there's even greater mercy. It's the mercy granted by his resurrection. It rescues all mankind from eternal death. In his death, all men are brought to life again.

Fellas, we have a God of great mercy. He would not be called Merciful if we did not have great need. Enjoy this, for the reaches of your sin, is nothing compared to the infinite reach of his mercy.

ASK THIS: Do you need mercy?

DO THIS: Stop rejecting it. Jesus is ready to give it. And it's endless as the sea.

PRAY THIS: God, I accept your life, death, and resurrection. Extend your mercy to me, a sinner.

PLAY THIS: Matt Redman: Mercy.


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