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Mission | Why We Do The Things We Do

We all do the things we do for some reason, whether we understand it or not. A mission is something that we should understand and verbalize. In this episode, Vince Miller is joined by Greg Bourgond for a robust dialogue on the mission of man and how to find it and live it.





Hey guys, welcome to ManTalk. My name is Vince Miller. I'm your founder and host, so good to be with you today. We're just journeying through our book 30 virtues that build a man conversational guide for mentoring. Any guy, hope you'll pick one, forward slash 30. Uh, so excited to be in another lesson here from this book today. The lesson is entitled mission and we're going to see what it looks like to live on mission. I'm joined today by Dr Greg Bourgond proficient in many areas. Thanks for being with us, man. You had to be here again. Yeah, excited. He has written a book called leadership beef Jerky, which I'm going to reference a little bit today. Fantastic. Read hope you also pick up a copy of that. But man, a mission. Uh, yeah. I, you know, when, when I think of mission, I think of going on a journey to try to accomplish something. Is that what people think of when they think of mission or did they get this whole idea all mixed up?

It depends upon the way in which you lived your life and the sectors of society that you've been engaged in. For instance, if you were to ask a military person what's mission, then there are going to talk about the objective, the strategy, and the tactics to accomplish the objective.

There we go. So a military guys gonna have a certain kind of response. It may differ from other people,

but you know it's still orbits around the same kind of general understanding of what mission is and when somebody says, I have a mission to undertake, or I'm called to a mission, it leaves the impression it's something that can't be denied. That regardless of the source of that calling to mission, you get this intrinsic feeling that I cannot deny this are better not ignore this. This is something on called to accomplish and that's what mission is. And oftentimes when you're dealing with organizations or organisms, which the church is both and you call them to mission, it's a generalized calling. That could be reflective of any organism or organization, but what gives life to the mission and gives clarity to the mission is the vision that underlies it, which has always localized and more specific mission is general and more transparent or transitional.

Yeah, exactly. So, you know, I think about, you're talking about like organisms, uh, obviously we were talking about groupings of people like the military or churches, right? But there's also the individual, a guy out there listening to this and uh, I'm wondering where his challenges lie with living on mission. I mean, you meet with guys all the time. Guys don't necessarily naturally live on mission, but maybe stumble upon it or discover it. While I talk about that a little bit, the underlying

impetus for mission is the passion in your soul. So when you work like I do with an individual guy, I'm working with men right now on an individual basis, helping them come to clarity about their biblical purpose in their life purpose. Once you have clarity about your biblical purpose, which has everything to do with the beingness of who you are. In other words, when you think of Biblical purpose, what has God called me to be right as his follower, as a representative of his mission, as a facilitator of, you know, his redemptive plan and we all, it says in scripture, we have a ministry of reconciliation. So that's all being as your vision has to do with doing this. And so, um, every it says in scripture that God has given a purpose and as determined that purpose in advance for every individual. So when we talk about mission and the recognition and mission and an embracing of mission as an individual, it always correlates with the purpose that God has given for not only our beingness, but are doing this. What is he called us to do? What is, what is going to be our investment? Uh, when God calls us home, what is going to be the residuals? Yeah. So it,

when I'm thinking about this and I'm hearing some of the things you're saying, I think that the, it sounds like to me that you're saying that guys really need to get in touch with the curator and the mission that the creator has formed because clearly God has a mission

for all here by happenstance or coincidence when assistance scripture that God superintended our formation in our mother's womb. He knew us before he ever wha whatever we're he set the number of days we would live on this earth that tells us that we were on the heart of God before we ever came to be. And it wasn't just for us to exist. It's for us to go ahead and live out the unique purpose he has for our life. It's the mission he's given us. Yeah. So our goal is to uncover what that mission is.

Yeah. Kind of, kind of unfolding are discovering that not only through God's word, but maybe through God's unique design for each and every one.

Yeah. And what's, there's clarity about that mission? Um, the DNA, so to speak, of everything we are to do. Then everything we're compelled to do or being asked to do has to be correlated with a mission that God's given us.

Okay? So how, how I, this is the conflict I think that guys live with in regard to this particular topic is, uh, I think they're hearing so many voices, uh, in their life about what their mission should be. And clearly they're hearing voices from the world. They're hearing voices at work. They're hearing voices at home. Uh, they hear voices in their own head about, you know, really what their mission should be. Uh, how, how do you guys navigate through the maze of like missions that are being sold them throughout lives so that they can understand really who they truly are called to be.

Yeah, I mean, you're right. You could simply be reflective of all of the influences around you, whether it's society or whether it's your job, um, some philosophy, some ideology, a, and you can be completely reflective of that. But until you decide whose mission and what mission you're going to serve, you're always going to be influenced by these voices until you are have the confidence that this is what God's called me to be. This is what he's called me to do. You're going to be susceptible to be influenced by many other voices. The other time that you will be susceptible is when you're tired and exhausted because one of the enemies ploys to take you off mission is to get you to move one mile per hour faster than God's designed speed for you because he knows you will utterly become exhausted and when you become exhausted and then you lose clarity about your mission. Does that make sense?

Oh, absolutely. I think it's interesting. I think guys do deal with a lot of conflict in this area. I think. I think predominantly because I mean there's guys like you and I who've worked in a number of different fields, right? But we've had a lot of ministry experience, for example, and people turned to us and they see in us on alignment of mission that is attractive to them. Exactly. They see it. They see it in you and me all the time. I know they see it in you. I know they see it in me and they're attracted to it because there's something drawing and powerful about a person who lives on mission. Like you used the military example. It's very clear. It's very cut. You know it's objective, it's objective, and you know what you're supposed to do and that kind of determined this is powerful.

Oh, it's drawing followers. Yeah, exactly right. People want to know what to follow. Somebody who knows where they're going.

Exactly, and so these guys that lived this way are very attractive to us, but we get kind of off. I think for when a guy from the world who I would say has a lot of experience, I mean a lot of experience such as maybe a business owner or someone in the military has a lot of experience with mission, but then doesn't know how to translate that into, let's say, a godly mission. They think what they're supposed to do is supposed to get involved in ministry so they can live on mission. I go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're missing the whole thing. What do you say to a guy like that who thinks that they need to make a leap from some sort of vocation that they're in right now to ministry because they feel like they're not living on mission? How do you help them to find the truth?

Mission? Isn't that a strange dichotomy, but the fact of the matter is scripture is really clear. I mean when it says that every one of us has given us, given a ministry of reconciliation, not just to those who go to seminary, right? Not just to those who get special training, but to be a minister of reconciliation as the context in which you are currently in, to be that minister. So we're all called to minister regardless of of you know whether or not we're going to continue education at the seminary or any other place. So we're all called to mission and to live out that mission and to validate our purpose and the reason why we're here. In the end, when all is said and done, when we look back on everything that we've done or that has been accomplished, how much of it will be a lasting aroma left in the nostrils of those God's called us to influence long after we're gone. Sometimes it's going to be a stench, but when you live on purpose, when you actually play out your calling, you know there's an interesting question. When people think about calling, they think I'm called to this job. Right? Right, right. I've called it this occupation. Yeah, I'm called, but rarely is it that you're called to live out your wiring. Yes. That God ordained for you, that your true cost.

I think you're right on the money. I think that some people misunderstand what the word calling means. I, I really think that Os Guinness was onto something on this one. He said, you're calling is really a following. Your calling is really a following. It's God who does the calling come follow me when we come follow him. Then everything else is false. Is a genius genius. Plus he's got great beer, so you know, it's like great family beer. So anyway, what I would say is is that, is that what we really have got to discover, and you've already said this, but you set your own way. We got to live under the mission of God is his design for us as mankind and as men individually and then as individuals and once we get that all aligned, it's not a calling, it's following when we're following, we're following our calling.

Well, it has ramifications either to our sense of what authentic manhood is because as you know of what I've shared on more than one occasion, is that men are called for three purposes. Acosta die for a challenge to embrace and loved ones to protect that. Cars will always be correlated or related to your wiring. There's not an incongruity. It's not something you've got to become. It's something you were already are. Yes, but you need to discover it and then to release it.

Yeah, and just discovering it as powerful. Now thinking that it's going to be found in some other environment like ministry is a misnomer. I think. And you know guys, you need to hear that out there. Like, look, we don't need to go find it somewhere else. God isn't going to be found over here, over there. He's everywhere, so we know we can set that aside theologically, right? God is found in his word through the discovery of that word, finding life through us, right? And then we start living it out and so I tell guys all the time like, look, it's not about doing ministry when you're done with work and then you retire, and then you can finally do. Ministry is doing ministry where you're at.

Maybe you're called to be a minister in your own context. By that I mean either overtly or covertly in the sense that of times to influence either directly or indirectly or organizationally, the place where you work.

Okay, so there's a step someone can really take, right? Is to begin to discover how God is using your sales ability that he's been building in you for a long time. Like I know friends that work in sales. You got sales ability and ability to sell. Things will then turn that gift into something beautiful that God could use, not just outside of your environment selling Jesus Christ, other people, for example, I'm overstating it, right, and using the word sales again, but figure out how to import Jesus into the sales cycle that you're using by living with compassion, being generous, being kind, not being manipulative,

right? Expanding that. It's even more specific than that. It's using your giftedness, which is always your spiritual gifts, your natural abilities in your acquired skills, so when you actually get clarity about those things, it's actually leveraging the that giftedness to facilitate God's redemptive purposes in a fallen world, regardless of context. Oftentimes I tell pastors, even I say, look, you're not a pastor. You're a heart surgeon who happens to be a pastor. Your job is to go ahead and help people come to clarity about their beliefs, their values, their attitudes in their motives. You perform heart surgery. I don't care if you're driving a Sunday school bus or you're a cab driver. You're a heart surgeon who happens to be a cab driver

or a bus driver, so it's flipping the whole thing around and seeing how this deep and meaningful. That's what mission mission of God drives through us. It's not looking for the next best thing. It's not trying to find an external

right where you're at zackly. Exactly. Wow. Very well be that God will, will bring you on your journey to another destination that could amplify or even further leverage or your weirdness. But that's in God's hands. Exactly. You're to engage the journey and lead the destination to him because your life was full of multiple debts.

Yeah, exactly. And he may be teaching you something right where you're at. Exactly. Learn the skill, the gift, the talent, whatever God has given to you right where you're at. And he will take it other places with you. So, uh, with this, um, I think that it is. I think what we were saying, if we can put some of the thoughts together, is that when you see a guy doing something like that, that is super. I've seen a few men live their life like that. Like I know a couple of business owners that are super passionate about Jesus Christ that have found ways to. I'm just gonna use the two m words, mix and ministry and, and a mixed ministry with their mission, mixed ministry in Business and move them together for powerful impact. And they're not siloed. They're integrated. Yes, they're integrated as a perfect word.

They, they have integrity, right? They're used for um, they're, they're using their life and their ministry and their business and all of their gifts for the impact of the kingdom. And Man, that's attractive to be quite honest. And who wouldn't want to follow somebody like that? Yeah. Well, I would, I would, I want to follow people like that. Keep in mind guys, if you're listening to this, it's not a matter of just being a follower, a leader sometimes you're both. Yeah, but you're called delete. Anytime you make a decision on behalf of somebody else or for the welfare of somebody else's being, you're leading whether you like it or not. So learn to be an effective leader. Be on mission. Yeah. You know, it might be a good exercise for some of these guys, just I know they're going to be opposed to it because they probably not going to want to take the time to do it, but I would say it would.

It would be a healthy exercise to take 15 minutes today and to write out, literally write out how they're calling or they're following combines with their current life, work, their current life situation and describe how they can better live a mission centric life are right where they're at. My mentor Jay Robert Clinton says that God is moving us to convergence. It's getting to a place in your life where 80 percent of who you are or lapse 80 percent of what you do and that's what we're talking about. When you understand what your mission is and you make sure that you're calling is leveraging that mission that you're called to serve, then you will be living a convergent life. I love who you are. Overlaps 80 percent of what you do it convergence. Sounds like happiness and joy and peace and excitement and enthusiasm. Exactly. Any, and here's the guy who's 70 years old now and who is totally vibrant about life, loves it, loves living it, because you're living on mission, you know you're getting to do what you enjoy. It gives me life. I have a, a value to be a lifelong learner and, and that makes life exciting and when you just are patient about the opportunity God's given you and then you embrace them because you've created margin in your life and you have clarity about your calling to know what to embrace, to, to facilitate his redemptive purposes, that'll produce a full life. Yeah. Yeah.

That's exceptional. So guys, thanks for being with us today, Greg. Thank you again for joining the show. A 30 virtues that build a man. You got to pick up a copy of it. You can have conversations just like this. This would be great. It'd be great to bring Brotherhood Bible together, mentoring conversations. Thanks for being a great mentor today, Greg. Appreciate having you so much. And with that guys, we'll see you right back here next time for another edition of ManTalk.




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