Need Rest? Then Maybe You Need To Get Yoked

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”—Jesus, Matthew 11:29

We live in a world of deep unrest. Just look around today. People are stressed, overwhelmed, frantic, angry, frustrated, impatient, agitated, depressed, and confused. Again, look around. You'll see it in how people drive, walk, talk, and gesture. You'll hear it in their tone and their jokes. You'll watch it emminate from their presence and attitude. But Jesus suggests you don't have to live this way. He has been emploring us to give up the yoke of this life, but it involves taking on another yoke. And while a yoke sounds like bondage, slavery, and sentencing—his is a different kind of "yoke." For being yoked to Christ, is to be yoked to someone who is "gentle and lowly." It is being yoked to a guide who wants to lead you gently to "rest for your soul." So why wait another day? Why procrastinate one more second? Take off the yoke of this world and put on the yoke of Christ. Give it a try. After all, you know that other yoke, the one you have been bearing up under, isn't all that enjoyable anyhow.

DO THIS: Lay down the yoke of the world, put on the yoke of Christ.

PRAYER: God, today I commit to being yoked to you. Become my guide, my lead, and my Lord. Direct my steps and guide me. I trust you with my life and pray you will give me the direction that I need. Lead me to rest for my soul.


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