Never Let You Go

In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going. — John 14:2-4

This is a great moment. Basically, Jesus is saying that He never makes promises that He doesn't keep, which means He will never, ever let us down.

In life, we are let down. We are let down by parents, pastors, and numerous other people. And sometimes, this is so profound that it rattles our souls. Sometimes, it leaves open wounds and ugly scars that make it hard to trust another person ever again. And many people, even believers, project this distrust onto Jesus. But Jesus is not like any of these people. He never lets people down.

So don't project the distrust of the people of your past onto Jesus. Believe because He is coming again to take those who believe home to a place that is way better than this one.


1. How does knowing that Jesus never makes promises He doesn't keep impact your perspective on trust and faith in Him? How can you apply this truth to strengthen your relationship with Him?

2. Reflect on a time when you felt let down or hurt by someone, and it affected your ability to trust. How can you differentiate between human fallibility and Jesus' unfailing faithfulness? What steps can you take to fully trust in Jesus, knowing He will never disappoint?

DO THIS: Stop projecting distrust of your past onto Jesus.

PRAY THIS: Dear Lord, thank You for the assurance that You never let us down and for preparing a place for us in Your Father's house. Help me to trust in Your unwavering faithfulness and eagerly await Your return, knowing that Your promises are true. Amen.

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6 thoughts on “Never Let You Go

  1. gonzalo correa says:

    Great Word brother Vince.

    It is so comforting to know, have known, that He will never let us down. In the trials of life I have been, even at home, I always remind myself that He will not say those words, do that thing, be that person… etc. He is all I need… more than my wife, employment, friends, material things… you name it… it brings so much comfort to my soul, heart, and mind it is renewing me daily. Praise You Jesus for Your Name, Glory, Salvation from myself.

    • Vince Miller says:

      Thank you, Gonzalo, for your heartfelt words. I resonate with your deep faith and trust in God’s unfailing love and guidance. It’s truly comforting to know that He is always there for us, no matter the trials we face. May your daily renewal in Christ bring you continued strength and peace. Praise be to Jesus for His salvation and grace.

  2. Chris Caliguire says:

    Wow did I need that today! The wrecking ball that just hit my life in the past week is nuts. A few people teaming up to revile me is amazing. Like a mini legion of demons. I’ve been praying that it truly isn’t my actions / chastisement. These are known selfish prideful people that I have put my foot down, although gently, to tell them like it is. I just keep praising the Lord but it’s truly a day to day thorn and consumes me

    • Vince Miller says:

      Chris, I completely understand how overwhelming and challenging this time must be for you. Facing such adversity can feel like battling a legion of demons. Remember that you’ve done what was necessary to stand up for yourself, and sometimes, people may react negatively to that. Stay strong in your faith, and keep leaning on the Lord for support and guidance. Take each day as it comes, and know that you are not alone in this journey. Keep praising Him, and you’ll find the strength to overcome this thorn in due time.

  3. shawn says:

    Good Word Vince! I appreciate your relentless effort to share God’s Word and encourage men! Keep pressing forward in faith and be encouraged in Jesus Christ!

    • Vince Miller says:

      Thank you, Shawn! Your words of appreciation and encouragement mean a lot to me. I’ll continue to press forward in faith, sharing God’s Word and uplifting others as best as I can. Let’s both find strength and encouragement in Jesus Christ as we journey together. Blessings to you!

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