Not Put To Shame


For the Scripture says, "Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame."—Romans 10:11

Sin and shame have no power over the regenerate believer. If Scripture is true—then shame was put off not put on. And while we did formerly live in a perpetual state of sin and thus shame, this is no longer the case. While as men, we occasionally sin, this is vastly different from the life of sin we once lived. Our spiritual state is changed, and we as men will spend the rest of our lives, realizing, understanding, and knowing this renewed state.

This is why scripture is needed! We must retrain a mind that believes the past is more real than our redeemed present reality. Our old ways, attitudes, and beliefs tend to persuade us to believe in old beliefs and belief systems. While some guilt and regret are good in moments of sin, they should drive us toward reconciliation and restoration, not to a state of shame that paralyzes us.

DO THIS: Realize your present state, and be not put to shame.

PRAY THIS: God, retrain my mind to believe not in shame but Scripture.



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