Numbers Are No Match


And when he had seized him, he put him in prison, delivering him over to four squads of soldiers to guard him, intending after the Passover to bring him out to the people. So Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church. — Acts 12:4-5

This is just a little bit overkill for King Agrippa. Four squads would be a total of sixteen soldiers assigned to one man who had done nothing violent. Remember that’s sixteen men to watch one pretty peaceful man for one night. Four soldiers were assigned to him at a time and never left his presence. Two guarded the entrance to his cell and two were chained to him at all times. And they rotated posts every six hours.

Yet it’s that last line that going to outdo anything that King Agrippa can do.

“But earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church.”

In tomorrow’s devotional, we are going to see the results of this “earnest prayer.” But let not skip past the note that there are believers battling it out in prayer for one man — Peter. And you should know, the theme of persistent prayer through persecution continues through the book of Acts. First, persecution. Second, prayer. Third, salvation. And then it repeats, again, and again. 

So are you presently living imprisoned by a hopeless situation and shackled by impossible odds? If so, why are you trying to handle it on your own? Stop that. Get honest. Get open. Get vulnerable. And ask someone to pray for you. Shoot, I will pray for you. Hit that “Need Prayer” button on my website. If you want relief there is only one way to get the relief you need. And it’s not by doing it all yourself. It's by asking the only One who might be able to help you. God.

ASK THIS: What situation are you trying to handle on your own right now? And who do you need to ask to pray?

DO THIS: Ask them for prayer.

PRAY THIS: God, forgive me for trying to handle this on my own. Work a miracle through the friend I ask to pray for me.

PLAY THIS:  Bold In Prayer — Jonathan Cain.


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38 thoughts on “Numbers Are No Match

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  2. David J says:

    Please pray for me that I stay focused on Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Thank you Vince for helping me stay focused. I will be praying for all the people here today.

  3. Eddie Ackerman says:

    working on fitness solo, prayer for healing to a broken body so that I can lose weight and not further injure myself.

  4. Bill Kirkhoff says:

    Vince, where would we be without the body of Christ, and the prayers lifted up for one another. There truly is power in prayer, we see it at work every minute of every day. God Bless Brother, keep up the fight.

  5. AT says:

    We need prayer. Vietnam needs prayer.
    Hi Vince, my family and I have been in some form of stricter lockdown (currently we can’t leave our home) for over 120 days. With two teenage sons and a struggling business, we need prayer for relief. We’re blessed with food and a roof over our heads and good health, but we need prayer that this ends sooner than later and we can return back to some kind of normal life.
    Thanks for your prayers and your word.

  6. Brian says:

    Vince, thank you for your devos they are great.
    I need pray for my marriage. I committed adultery on my wife and she is so hurt and crushed. My kids hurt because of what I have done and they hurt from the tension between my wife and I. She is trying to forgive but it is very hard. I am struggling to be thean she needs things are a big mess right now.

    God please hear the prays from everyone on here. Help comfort them help guide them and help us turn to you and out brothers. Jesus please hear us.

  7. Chris says:

    Please pray for me to fully trust that God has me covered in the nightmare I’m in now.

  8. Balt Andrade says:

    Please be praying for my Marriage. It’s very difficult to talk to my wife , I have committed adultery in my mind . As we try to talk things out there is just no trust between the both of us. I’ve been providing the last 2 years for both of us. I’m tired and need some help.

  9. Troy Long says:

    Asking for prayer for a work situation. It seems there is no end to this agony except to leave a job I love!

  10. Mel Clarke says:

    Vince I listen to your message everyone. I ask if you can pray for me. I have been fighting myeloma cancer for 2 years. The counts have been going down each month until today. My count for last month went up. I have given this to the lord and a prayer from you will help. Thank you and God bless you.

  11. RANDY Lintz says:

    Your devotions are short and to the point. They deliver one main thought which makes it easy to focus on during the day.

  12. Randall says:

    Please pray for me. I had oral surgery on Thursday and many more surgeries in the coming year.

  13. Dennis James says:

    Father God, as I read these prayer requests, I stand in the gap to lift up each and every one of them to You. Lord I pray that you bind the demonic dark forces from the invading the family unit as this spiritual battle rages on. In Jesus name please Lord bind the enemy from attacks on our marriages, families, and our health as we know the enemy always attacks at our weakest points. Help these men stay focused on You Lord and see the good through the pain of the trials.Father, I pray they tap into the power of Jesus that is within them and that they feel your presence. In Jesus name, Amen.

  14. Nick Alexanders says:

    Please pray for my daughter. She is recovering from surgery and I was not told about it till my cousin told me. My daughter is very angry and has not talked to me in over 5 yrs. Dear Lord hear my cries. Help my daughter to heal and loosen the grips of anger that is over her.

    • Greg G says:

      Thank you for all your work and efforts to bring a concise daily devotional to us.
      I am for prayer again for restoration of my relationship with my son and daughter (26 -24)
      I love them so, I acknowledge the things I have done wrong, and pray for open communication lines

  15. Lynn says:

    Prayer for my wife Linda to heal physically from a fall that caused her to have back and neck issues. Its taken 2 years to get her able to do some simple chores in the home and not be in pain all the time. Praises to God for the healing that has happened and pray for continued healing.

  16. Ignacio Cruz says:

    Please pray that God changes my heart that I may hate my lustful sins and repent of them!

  17. Bob Jacoby says:

    Please pray for my wayward son. His name is Troy, alcohol and drugs are destroying my wife and I relationship with our son . Please pray for each of us that God works a miracle in our lives.

    • Tom says:

      Please pray for me. Going through relationship troubles after 8 years. In a dark place at the moment.

    • Dennis says:

      Lord I lift up Dale in prayer. Father please provide the physical healing to Dale’s body if it be Your will. But more importantly, mend him spiritually. Let this healing that You are providing be for Your glory through Dale’s testimony of the work that only You can do. Thank you Lord for answering this prayer. In Jesus name ,Amen.

  18. Cory B says:

    I ask for prayers to continue to soften my heart, keep my eyes and ears open so that I can align myself better with God’s will and not my own.

  19. Troy Theye says:

    Please pray for my relationship with my daughter. Fresh out of college, a very proud father of what she accomplished but need her path to be directed by Jesus.

  20. Brady Ellis says:

    I need prayer today Vince! Please pray for my focus to work on my relationship with God while my marriage is in shambles. Thank you for these daily Devo’s

    • Trent says:

      God and marriage are 2 things that I am very passionate about, so I would like to pray for you as well. Do not give up on either, God or marriage. Great things can happen and shambles can turn to celebration, then to God be the glory.

  21. Sheldon says:

    A wayward son. you brothers pray with and for me that God would grant me His grace and salvation for my son. His name is Sheldon Jr.

  22. Ed says:

    Trying to be the glue that holds a volatile and unforgiving family together. Both mine and my wife’s

  23. Hank says:

    Thank you so much for what you do here. I look forward to your devo each morning and share many of them in my men’s group.

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