"...and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh.”—Mark 10:8

This single thought is more profound than many realize—even those who are married. "One fleshness" is a complete reconstruction. It assumes "they are no longer" two separate and individual people, but a new person entirely, new and different from the old people they were. There is destruction and reconstruction. And while we often ignore the destruction, it must come to pass in a spiritual union. It's a deconstruction of your individual ambitions, desires, passions, dreams, and hopes. It's no longer you battling or contending for your position against your spouse. Nor is it you gaining a win at your spouse's expense. It is not about winning and losing at all, but oneness and this simple idea has profound implications.

DO THIS: Get a win for oneness.

PRAYER: God, may I be obedient to your voice in my relationships today, and especially attentive to your voice in my marriage.


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