Our Past Is A Weapon Of Grace


For you have heard of my former life in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God violently and tried to destroy it. And I was advancing in Judaism beyond many of my own age among my people, so extremely zealous was I for the traditions of my fathers. Galatians 1:13-14

So in this little excerpt, Paul will establish himself with the people in Galatia as a legalist. That if anyone could have been the Chief Executive Officer of the party of legalism, he could have. And he describes what it resulted in — persecution, violence, and destruction. And then he adds that he excelled at it. He was the youngest protege of legalism. And his point is twofold: first, that he knows the effects of legalism, and second, that he has the right to speak against it.

Sometimes in life, we have painful experiences that teach us about evil and corruption. And usually, through these hard-learned lessons, we discover how evil and corrupt we are. But when we discover salvation in Christ, we find the freedom from sin that comes through his grace. And his grace is so good we never want to go back to our sinful ways. So when we see others about to walk into the same traps, we feel compelled to speak up because we know the destructiveness of these events.

Fellas, I want to compel you to speak up for others in those places where you have been educated firsthand about sin. If you have been self-absorbed, then speak up about the evils of pride. If you have pursued wealth and accomplishments, speak up about materialism. If you have been addicted, speak up against bondage to sin. If you have committed sexual sin, speak up about impurity. Use your knowledge, experiences, and battles with past sin against our present enemy, the Devil. His grace, and your story, is a weapon for good so that others will know the living God. That's what Paul did. And because of it, people came to Christ, and the lost were saved.

ASK THIS: Where has God given you experiences that he wants to use to help others

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PRAY THIS: God, thank you for how you made me and how you called me to share your grace to the world.

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Our Past Is A Weapon Of Grace

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9 thoughts on “Our Past Is A Weapon Of Grace

  1. Garrett V. says:


    Help me to speak up when you open other men up to me about struggles and experiences you have helped me overcome. Guide me in listening to them and being wise with your word in every experience you give me.


  2. CJB says:

    Well today is mildly convicting. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

    Materialism, alcoholism & impurity. Any questions, I’m an open book. Doing well to overcome, but still occasionally stumble and fall. Fortunately, now I can give myself the grace to pick myself up and do it better tomorrow.

  3. Don says:

    My walk with Christ had been up and down, with Him and apart from Him so much over the years. I have walked away but God never did. Perhaps I can tell others to not give up, because if you give up and walk away satan won that battle, and that is ground you will have to retake

  4. Alexander Riddle says:

    My sin of anger and impurities with online sexual temptation has lead to my wife to leave me. I’m praying for another chance and the ability to overcome the matter if she doesn’t want to continue the relationship

  5. Taylor says:

    Thank you Vince! A couple years ago I was working my dream job, excelling for my age and through my wife God asked me to give it all up and trust him. In the coming months after leaving I was angry and frustrated that I gave up my dream job. However, God showed me that the job I was in was causing my to chase an image of myself and materialism over what really mattered, My relationship with Him, my wife and my kids! It has been the biggest blessing to have left my dream job and live a life focused on what matters most to me! It is scary and frustrating at times to follow God but when he asks and you leap with him he will never let you fall!

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