Own It

“David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.”—2 Samuel 12:13

Ownership is a big part of becoming a great man, leader, husband, and father. It means we believe the truth about our state—past, present, and future state.

  • It's the ownership of the choices we've made—each conscious and resultant choice.
  • It's the ownership of the results of the choices we've made—estrangement, separation, job loss, and imprisonment.
  • It's the ownership of the repercussions we've inflicted on others—trauma, emotions, pain, and suffering.
  • It's the ownership of the hope we desire—that we want something better and are not changing for someone else but self.

When we think ownership, we tend to focus only on the choices we've made, but there's more. The challenge of ownership is wholly owning our role in the process, and it's often not as partial as we think. It's able to describe and own the complexity with a high degree of precision. In doing so, we begin to rebuild the trust we've lost. Ownership that goes to this extent requires courage. It's more than a quick fix. It's more than simply moving on. It's ownership of the corrupt belief, corrupt beliefs systems, and the corrupting impact they've had on others. To move past we need to own, and this is what David realizes. His sin is a grievance against a child, woman, husband, family, nation, himself, and God who has been generous to him.

DO THIS: Own it.

PRAYER: God, I got issues, and I know it. Help me to own them, the choices, results, repercussions, and the hope I need and want.


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