Immediate requests:

  1. NEW BOOK - Called To Act: 5 Uncomplicated Disciplines for Men. This book is currently being edited and reworked it is about 55,000 words. We are praying that this will land in the hands of 500,000 men this year. Read the full proposal here: DOWNLOAD
  2. Prison Ministry: We were recently contacted by a state prison system about using our video curriculum. This requires us to make DVD's for them which we have never done. Please pray for this process. This could impact thousands of men.
  3. Speaking Schedule and Messages: Vince is currently speaking all over the country pray for his messages and the impact experienced by the men in attendance. This month he travels to Colorado, New York, California, and Wisconsin.
  4. 2 New Mentoring Books: Releasing this month and next are 20 Lesson That Build a Man's Finances & 20 Lesson That Build a Man's Friends. These are mentoring books used one-on-one with other men. Currently, we have presold about 4000 please pray that many more men will use these to build better men, sons, fathers, and husbands for God's glory.
  5. Video Help: We are considering growing our video team. Please pray for the people that God brings our way and that we can select the best partners who can help us present the gospel most effectively
  6. Marriage Series: This month, we are filming a marriage series addressing the challenges men encounter, the first of its kind we are told. This series could easily be seen and used by 30,000 men in one quarter. Pray that our gospel focus is strong, clear, and understandable and that Vince's presentation and video content will be delivered by the hand of God.



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I read the book you gave me, nice and easy, up till the moment a job offer was presented to me.  Well, this was the week I finished the book and got offered a new career opportunity.  Was on my way back from all-day meetings Monday and Tuesday, from Oklahoma and Missouri when I finished the book.  I am awaiting the offer letter to come to me on Monday.  This book has been an inspirational tool for me along my journey in finding a new career.  I could have finished the book in one day, though I wanted to savor the experience and digest every word as I continued to be interviewed.  I’ve made notes, stared pages and enjoyed this book very much!! Thank you for your time, the book and willingness to help a brother in need of support. —A reader of "20 Lessons That Build A Leader."


Just thought I’d let you know we went through Foundations in later winter/early spring with our men’s group. By far the men enjoyed the OIA part of the study most. Thanks for that!! For some of the men, it was difficult at first to resist jumping ahead to the application part. But with practice, they saw the value in spending more time in observation & interpretation. Thanks for what you are doing to help us “be, live and act resolute.”—Pastor Al


Thanks for making your materials available for use in our jail ministry.  We have 14 guys who go into the Denton County Jail as religious volunteers under the banner of Lifeskills Ministry which was founded by one of our members to use biblical principles to help guys learn a new way to live through the power of Christ – many of us have had to go through that same difficult transformation.  And we tell them that Christ and the State of Texas have the same desire and goal – for them to change how they live –but just use different methods.   We represent 5 different non-denominational Bible churches in the suburbs of Dallas,  and we are a loosely knit group with each individual somewhat following their own teaching/sharing path as guided by the Holy Spirit and the needs of individual inmate groups.  We go into the living pods where about 40 men are housed waiting for any number of court dispositions.  Our meeting arrangements vary depending on the physical layout of each living pod and typically we have from 4 to 15 guys attending the bible study.  FYI, when we announced our plans to do your series on repetitive sin our attendance jumped from 2 or 3 to 12 at the last meeting.    Our inmates are guys with charges that range from DWI and shoplifting or public disturbance to murder, assault, and rape.  Some are weekenders and some will be there for the max of 3 years awaiting trial or transport to a state or federal facility if already found guilty.  In essence, we are the minor league of prison ministry when compared to the really tough state and federal prisons with long-term convicted inmates. So, our population is very fluid and it also tends to be younger guys where video presentations mixed with typical group bible study seems to work best.  As we discussed, there just might be some “repetitive sin” going on in this group, so your series is particularly applicable. —George Beach


"The men in my class at Teen Challenge were so grateful for and excited about the devotionals.  Many are just starting to read the Bible for the first time, and this devotional is a great help.  Thank you for your generosity!"—Vince Vaughan


"I just wanted to reach out again and thank you for joining us on Friday night and helping with Guy’s Night at Woodcrest. The feedback from the attendees was excellent, due in large part to you and your message. Here is a sample of what I’ve been hearing:

I could not agree more with your statement about building the relationship up between guys. I got home and told Kiri that that was probably the best event that I’ve been to in our church. It was great to see so many guys come and worship together. The more we do these things the better.—Chad.

Thanks too for sharing with us that, with God, we may have reached a non-believer!   I still find His pursuit of people incredible!    I think about all the things that had to happen to get that gentleman in the building to hear your message; I’m simply amazed." —Brent


"Vince, I wanted to share with you what happened at my first meeting of the Young Men's Resolute Group I am starting. Actually, God is the One starting it!

We are meeting from 8 am to 9:30 am on Tuesdays at Bakers Square in the Valley. This last Tuesday was to be our first meeting. The day before I had to work at church and I planned to send a reminder email when I got there. When I arrived, I realized I had forgotten my phone, and I had all their emails saved on there, so I was unable to contact them. I also did not get to read Monday's Devo. When I got home that night, I sent a text at 11 pm. As you might guess, nobody responded. Finally, at 1 am, one of the guys texted and asked some questions about Resolute. He was not sure yet if he wanted to come. The next morning, I was preparing to leave at 6:30 am, as I live an hour away. When I went to back out of my parking spot into the alley, one of my wheels cracked through the ice and fell into a 6-inch deep hole of water. I was unable to get it out, so I called a tow truck. It was going to be an hour before he could get there. I texted the men that I was going to be late and again got no response. I went inside to wait and decided to read my Devo from Tue and Mon.

God had a plan! Tuesday's Devo was all about living for God's plan and purposes and not our own and Monday's Devo was about having the perfect peace of God in the midst of the storms of life. Talk about conviction. Here I was frustrated because things were not going as I wanted or thought they should. Right after this, my phone started blowing up with texts from the men. They were all talking about meeting anyway and waiting for me. When I finally arrived at 9:30 am, I found out some of them had changed their plans so they could stay. When I shared what happened and the devos and how I felt that God was reminding me that this is His Bible study and not mine, it was enough to convince the one who wasn't sure that he wanted to be a part of it. I was humbled to see that it is not by me, but through Him and I was awed to see Him work. To God be the Glory!"—Matthew


"Hey Vince, I just wanna express my appreciation for you taking time, getting the mind of Christ to put these men's daily devos. I can say these men's devos come from, lots of prayers and pondering and the result is they are always in due season, on target and address the most relevant day-to-day issues that I as a Christian man and fellow men face. Keep up the work you're doing; you have no idea the degree of impact that this ministry to men that you are doing has on men's lives like myself (I even go to the point of sharing your devos with my spouse, and she is always looking forward to hearing what next morning's devos has to say... This is phenomenal, and today's devo... WOW!  God bless."—Mafika


"Hello Vince, I just wanted to say thank you for sending these Devo's out every day.  For me, they have really helped out.  My thinking seems more on track, and it really helps me make it through life's daily challenges. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure it has a good impact on more than just myself alone." —Thomas


"I would like to express my gratitude for the donation of 'Thirty Virtues that Build A Man' for the ministry at the Warren County Jail in NY.  Last week of the 13 inmates and 5 guards; the men opened up and were honest in answering the questions from the lessons. I shared a copy with a first-time volunteer and he immediately felt relieved to have such a helpful tool to use. In the desperate and unsettled circumstances, the inmates find themselves they are open to receiving help and hope from Christ. Thank you for the encouragement in God’s work on behalf of our Upstate Prison Ministry.  We see men trust Christ and continue a walk of faith as they now have time on their hands to think." —Jim Harvey


Just wanted you to know that a group of guys is using your book in the Everglades Correctional institution in Florida.  It’s a long story, but Sam was on staff at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch when I was there and is serving 7 Years.  I have started to email him and was telling him about Rockpoint Men and using your book at our Breakfast. I sent him two of the 30 virtues books from Barnes and Nobel.  Vince, God has blessed you as an author with a great book!" —Steve Caskey


"Thanks for the days at Big Sandy Camp. I came back home and faced the same daily challenge, and I am not going to lose any progress I've made in my life for JESUS. I pray that the young man who needs the help of God's love will seek out the help he needs for his family. Vince thank you for being bold and inspiring to my brothers and me, as we need a good kick in the pants to get out of our comfort zone. Please don't stop shouting at us we need the help. May God bless you and keep you safe." — G. Clarey


"My buddy and I are co-leading a group using your book and videos. We have 12 men studying in our group. We are seeing a group of men,  open up on Sundays and seek healing. I also want to thank you for your daily devos. They are teaching me daily. May God continue to give you men topics for years to come. I'm a man in recovery from alcohol and porn, having just celebrated two years and one year respectively.  As I work to mentor other men, please continue to pray for me.  Currently working with a brother who relapsed and is struggling with daily stress. You are an inspiration for me to grow healthy men for our church, community, and families." —Anonymous


"I appreciate what you do, and I look forward to diving into 30 Virtues That Build A Man in our small group. I particularly enjoyed hearing how you are fathering your children; you are a great dad, no doubt. Praise God for that! I didn't have a positive father figure in my life either, other than my grandfather, who is still going strong at 90. I am more excited than ever about where my life is headed with the Lord guiding the way. I will continue to surround myself with brothers and strong leaders to help me. I have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of my wife. I have been isolating and using marijuana to deal with my problems and turned away from God. I have now been sober for almost seven weeks and attending AA to help other addicts and alcoholics. I am passionate about helping others, and I have more experience in this area than I care to admit. This past weekend has changed my life, and I am forever grateful. If YOU ever need help with anything relating to my struggles or anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out." —Anonymous