Post your prayer or prayer request in the comments below.

If you feel the content is sensitive you can send a private request only to Vince.

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. — 2 Chronicles 7:14

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patrick watson

Lord, give Vince the words today to finish strong. Help these men leave today on fire for you.

Brian Lee

Thank you Lord for your ministry thru Vince and may it light a fire in mens hearts to draw closer to you, go deeper with you, walk stronger with you, love more with you and become warriors for you. Lord remove the distractions in mens hearts and minds and draw them into your Word. In the name above all names our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dennis James

Father, please fill the hearts of the men at this retreat so much that when they return home that they are on fire for God and their hearts are prepared to be Warriors for the kingdom and they are thirsty for revival.

Matt Lynn

Praying that God moves in a mighty way this weekend! Seek him for everything and in everything!


Father bless the time these men share in Florida. Strengthen them. Refill their cup. If there be one near enough to see or hear that is not right with you, I pray they would catch a glimpse of the light and come to you. As they disperse back into the world, I pray the light be shining so brightly in them, your light Father, that others must come to ask, seek, and find the light also. May they spread joy renewed to our Christian brothers and sisters and such a great glory and movement in and for your name spring up and make some positive news for our journalists to spread. Thank you now Father as I know you are already planning great things for these men in Florida.

George Birdsong

I pray the Holy Spirit falls afresh on all these men. Protect them and lead them. May the word of our Lord serve it’s purpose and by the miracle of faith these men become the men God wants them to be. May they then become leaders in their communities so that others may hest the good news.

Mike W.

Father, I pray that the hearts and minds of these men be open to the word of God. It is true and can be trusted. Amen.

Mike Weaver

I pray that revival can break out and transform where you live and the lives you affect

Dan Crofoot

I pray that you hear our Heavenly Fathers words for you this weekend. Reflect on them often this weekend and beyond.

God’s blessing to you my brothers in Christ.

Ted Bichsel

Praying for a deep work in the hearts of the men as they open up to let the Holy Spirit heal the wounds and build a new foundation in Him.

Cory D

Dear Lord may your holy spirit descend on the men in Florida this weekend. May hearts be changed, faith strengthened and the hope of your Son surround these men. Amen!

Marty Creech

Father, I ask the wind of your Spirit would blow afresh on the men gathered here. I pray for Vince that you would give him specific insights in to hearts and situations that would unlock gates to allow your Spirit to move.


Prayer Request: Please help me pray for salvation of Mark who is having an emotional extramartial affair & is sexually perverse constantly in his conversation. I ask that the Holy Spirit convict him, not allowing Satan to condemn him (since shame & guilt cause more sin) but convict him until Mark repents


Prayers for my deteriorating marriage after my affair 3 years ago and multiple counselors…. the path of forgiveness and grace is long, rough and winding. Prayer for God’s restoration and love and guidance.

Jeff Humphry

Praying that this event will revitalize men’s love for Jesus, further strengthening that relationship. Praying for that for all men – including myself.

James Dalton

Pray for Linda and her health issues


Praying for the Lord to restore men and raise men to be the spiritual leaders they are called to be. I pray they feel the love of Christ grace mercy and truth as the hear His word and understand the gospel more this weekend . God Bless you

Daniel Offutt

Hang in there guys, God wants to take you to new levels of faith!


Lord, I pray that lives are changed, that strongholds are broken, and that surrender to you is found and embraced. Bless Vince with strength and humility, and give every man there a heart of soft, healthy soil that will hear and accept your Word that is the Good news about Jesus Christ. Break down walls of shame, unforgiveness, pornography, pride, and greed. Help us all to glorify you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Steven Turner

praying for them that God will get hold of their heart

Todd Hansen

“New Life Ranch” Simple name, holy pursuit — God, grant new life this weekend: born again new life for any of the men that aren’t in the kingdom, and new godly living for your glory for all; pour out blessing, we pray.

Gary Vosen

Heavenly Father, may your presence be felt at this men’s event! Tug at their hearts and souls!


Heavenly Father, we invite Your Spirit into this event, You are welcome, we ask for your Spirit to cover these men that the seeds that are spread may fall on fertile soil. We Thank You for the anointing of Vince and his team as they spread the Good News to the hurt and wounded.

Corey Holstine

Father thank you for another great opportunity to gather your men! Bless them this weekend with a new kind of faith, a greater faith than ever before! In your name, Amen!

Larry Yurko

Heavenly Father –

I pray that your presence is felt by those men with Vince this weekend in Oklahoma and that it becomes the fuel to ignite a burning desire in the men gathered and scattered around our world! May they grow and show your Devine power in ALL their words & deeds.

Cory D

Lord may your holy presence be felt in Oklahoma this weekend. I pray that hearts will be softened, men’s faith be strengthened and your kingdom be glorified. Amen!

Bob Maixner aka The CDR

Praying for your gathering in Oklahoma, God open man’s heart and have them seek Him first. “And he said to him, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your body. This is a great first command. Matthew 22:37. Mind and heart this month and it is this morning my prayer for every man in the room

Pat Race

To my brother of Calvary and other churches, praying that this weekend was a spiritual experience that brought you closer to each other, your faith and the Father. Praise God1`

John Mckeon

Heavenly Father I pray for Vince and his staff that you lead them in your words and that the men attending can open there hearts and heal for what ever is troubling them.

Dan Young

I pray that the men at Hume are moved and inspired by Vince as we were last weekend at Renew2022 in Navasota, Tx.

Tom Jurries

Father God in heaven, I come to you asking for a powerful blessing on the men who are gathering for this retreat. May you use Vince in a mighty way to challenge every man there to live “all in” for you and your kingdom work.

Joseph R

Father I thank you that there are places that men can gather to here Your word and be encouraged , corrected and trained in righteousness. Use this retreat to plant Your purpose reinforce the calling in their lives to glorify You, to spread the word of truth that none should perish.

Todd Hansen

Praying Scripture over you guys this morning: “that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Praying for strength, endurance, patience, joy, and gratitude in increasing measure! (Colossians 1:9-12) May the joy of the Lord be your strength!


Thank you Lord for sending willing vessels into our paths to impart your truths and help to lead us to where you want each of us to go.

Larry Wargel

Heavenly Father, we lift the men’s retreat at Hume this weekend. Give your words to the leaders. Fill the men of the retreat with your spirit. Let them leave renewed to take you message to their families and the world around them. In Jesus name. Amen


Prayers for the Hume Lake retreat that many lives are changed.

Brian Linn

Prayers for Hume Lake retreat. May God do miracles there. Amen

Jeff Kuhn

Heavenly Father stir the men at this retreat.
So that they would become warriors for you.
Speak boldly to them through Vince.
And may You receive honor and glory and praise.

Cory Bullock

Praying for renewed strength and wisdom each day for you brother! What you’re doing changes lives and matters so much for so many men!

Cory D

May the hope and love of our true Father descend on the men in this retreat. May they leave with the strength of Jesus in their hearts and stand tall in their faith like the redwoods that surround them. Amen brothers!


Father you are so good. Let these men this weekend see this. Let those that don’t know, know and let those who have forgotten remember! I pray a blessing over them all! Refresh them, renew them, restore them in Jesus name! I believe you for it! Amen

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