The Power Of A Praying Man


Then I turned my face to the Lord God, seeking him by prayer and pleas for mercy with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. I prayed to the Lord my God and made confession, saying... — Daniel 9:3-4

Daniel 9 begins with Daniel going back to search the Old Testament. He comes across the promise God gave to Jeremiah, the prophet when he was just a child in Israel. It predicts a 70-year captivity in Babylon, beginning with Nebuchadnezzar. Then, as soon as he reads this, he discovers that Israel's disobedience got them into this mess. And chapter nine is one long prayer of repentance culminating in another vision.

And this prayer is incredible. Here is why. It's prayed by a man who has been faithful to God since he was a boy brought into captivity. He was castrated, reeducated, and renamed. He was tested by many kings and proved to be faithful. Politicians and leaders sought to bring him down. Yet he led multiple kings to God and served faithfully through the transition of every empire. And then, right here at the end of the 70 years, he takes the weight of Israel's sin on his shoulders and repents for his and the nation's sin against God. And even though he doesn't know if he's going to see home again or not, he turns right into the face of God and begs God in prayer to forgive them.

There is something humbling about a man who knows his sin and seeks forgiveness. But there is something even more humbling about a faithful man praying for another's sin. So, what do you need to confess to God, and who do you need to pray for today?

ASK THIS: Is there something you need to confess? Or someone for who you need to pray?

DO THIS: Repent in prayer.

PRAY THIS: God, forgive me of my sin and turn my brother from his sin.

PLAY THIS: Nothing Else.


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4 thoughts on “The Power Of A Praying Man

  1. Will says:

    Praying for the parents of the millions of unborn babies that have been killed, and for those responsible for promoting and encouraging this. God, please open the eyes of all those that have been deceived by Satan into accepting this horrible practice. I pray that this entire nation be brought into repentance for this crime against the God of creation and life.

  2. Cory D says:

    Lord I pray for the guys struggling with alcohol that I meet with. May they know the peace and health that only You can give. And Father give me the strength and words to continue to be a brother to them. Amen!

  3. Tom F. Sr. says:

    Thanks Pastor Vince! So real, personally humbling and applicable to our day. Our world needs more Daniel’s to step out in front and to lift high and loud in their personal faith, the unending Greatness and Faithfulness of our Amazing Heavenly Father. May I endeavor to be a Daniel and live as he did; unmoved by the fear of man and untouchable as a vessel for God’s purposes. Know that I am lifting you before THE Throne of Grace today and always! 🙏💪👆

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