" In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world." — John 16:33

You will face problems. Some small. Some large. Some temporary. Some perpetual. The operative word above is "will," and Jesus deliberately used this word. For even Jesus encountered problems. Therefore since no one is exempt, including Christ and his followers, then there must be something to learn from these troubling tribulations. And the secret is in the mindset he emplores "take heart; I have overcome." It's as if Jesus infers that problems should never define us, but that they define a need for God and his work. Today, as you lean into problems, see them in view of God's higher purposes. Your problems do not define you. Therefore, they should never determine your response or future. It is Jesus who defines these things. Live today with this mindset—God you have overcome the world, the world has not overcome me.

DO THIS: Believe God has overcome.

PRAYER: God, I have been gripping my problems too tightly, and therefore they have been defining me and my every decision. Help me loosen my grip today, and see what you have for me through them.


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