Biblical Wisdom For Business Leaders

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In these tumultuous times, with many voices vying for our attention from every direction, all of us, but especially business leaders, need to hear the voice of wisdom louder and more clearly than ever.

Enter Biblical Wisdom for Business Leaders: Thirty Sayings from Proverbs. This book—which can be read devotionally in one month—contains thirty nuggets of truth on relevant business topics for leaders. Jam-packed with truth from Proverbs, you will find solid counsel for many related business topics, including greed, anger, envy, justice, ambition, caring for others, alcohol, self-control, giving and receiving advice, persevering against adversity, rebellion, honesty, truth, debt, faithfulness, and competence.

These intentional sayings will encourage and convict you as you manage yourself in your role as a business leader. If you are looking for a convenient guide to jumpstart your business leadership skills, pick up this power-packed study today.

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