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How do I become the man that God wants me to be?

As men, we have this nagging question rolling around in the confines of our mind. Often this question is asked and forgotten before we have time to address it in the busyness of life. But sometimes when we take the time to reflect, we are troubled by what we see. This often happens in moments when we encounter a character deficiency or deep sin that exposes our spiritual need for growth. And on occasion we feel motivated to do something about it, we are paralyzed by not knowing who to trust, how to start, or where to find resources to help us along. We become overwhelmed and overcome by the scope and the magnitude of it all, and so nothing changes. For many men, this cycle repeats, and we find ourselves stuck feeling convicted without knowing how to live with conviction.

This biblically grounded book is designed to bridge this gap and help you on your journey toward becoming the man you know God wants you to be. These chapters expose and discuss four disciplines that are fundamental to mature spiritual life. These disciplines are the starting focus of the Resolute program; when prayerfully applied in the Christian community, they will launch your life into Christ-centered conviction.

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