Sample Pack for Group Leaders

$ 37.00

Choosing the right materials to lead your next men’s group just got a lot easier. You can now try out 4 of our most popular men’s bible study materials with the click of a button.

The materials include two best selling mentorship guides and two best selling handbooks. Plus, you’ll get 21 days of video access to evaluate the accompanying videos.

We’re often asked about the difference between our mentoring books and handbooks. They are both used as study guides to lead men’s groups, but they do have subtle differences. For example, the mentoring books are more conversation-driven (with optional videos), whereas the handbooks are more video-driven. You’ll be able to quickly decide which is the right fit for your group by holding the materials in your hands and flipping through the pages.

Here’s what the sample pack includes:

  1. Thirty Virtues that Build a Man (Regularly $10.99)
  2. Attributes For Men (Regularly $10.99)
  3. 20 Lessons That Build a Leader (Regularly $10.99)
  4. Foundations For Men (Regularly $10.99)
  5. Video Access free for 21 Days (Regularly $19.99)

Instead of buying everything individually for $63.95, you’ll get it all for $37, a 53% savings. Order today and get the materials that will help you build better men in a group or organization.

Don’t worry, your video access for 21-days is NOT a subscription. Your access to sample the online videos will end automatically after 21 days. Your credit card will NOT be charged. To continue your video access after the 21-day evaluation, you can purchase on-going video access here.