Profitability With Minimal Investment

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” Matthew 16:26

Everyone who runs or leads a business in today's world would love to experience this one thing. "Maximum profitability with minimal investment." And while you may want it, the question is will you ever find it? Will you ever purchase that $1 lottery ticket that results in a billion dollar payout? Will you strike it rich buying that one share of stock in the next big tech giant? Will you buy a small lot of land and it's mineral rights on which you'll find the richest deposit of gas and oil on the planet? Will you design the next revolutionary product that will take the world by storm? Well, there's a chance, but it's infinitesimal (that's pretty small). And while you want minimal investment, the investment is always bigger than most expect. It's an investment of labor, knowledge, and capital over great quantities of time often with only a small percentage guarantee that it will produce returns. And it's all worth nothing if the pursuit prompts you to "forfeit your soul." Never forget that Jesus' call to obedience was one of full investment that defies human logic. It's a maximum investment of the soul with a guaranteed infinite return.

DO THIS: Invest in something meaningful today - your spiritual life.

PRAYER: God, show me today how a spiritual investment has the potential to produce significant returns.


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