Qualification Eight — Not A Drunkard

Therefore an overseer must be 8not a drunkard. — 1 Timothy 3:3

This leadership qualification begins a short list of negative virtues. They are:

  • Not a drunkard
  • Not violent.
  • Not quarrelsome.
  • Not a lover of money.

This qualification isn't a shocker. But in Timothy's day, drunkenness was a serious social issue. Even so, the Bible never prohibits the drinking of wine or alcohol. What it condemns is drinking to the point of drunkenness and the consequences of drunkenness.

A little later in this book, Paul encourages Timothy to drink wine, which helps clarify this qualification. 1 Timothy 5:23 states, "No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments." And given this appeal, we learn two things about drinking. First, that abstinence was not the aim, but moderated use. Second, there was good reason for people to drink wine in their time — the water wasn't very clean because it made Timothy sick. The water in Ephesus wasn't very pure and filled with bacteria, viruses, and contaminants. This is why people in their day drank wine. The process was cleaner and far less subject to contamination.

But back to the qualification.

This qualification suggests that a leader knows how to moderate his alcohol intake in private and public. His practice is mature, so he is always in complete control of his facilities. Therefore, he's not given to the vices of the world.

This is what a qualified leader does. They moderate everything and maintain control in a world that's out of control. So the question you might ask yourself today is this: is there a vice that you are feeding your flesh (smoking, drinking, eating) that could disqualify you from leadership? If so, address it before it disqualifies you.

ASK THIS: Is there a vice in your life that could disqualify you from leadership?

DO THIS: Take steps to address that vice today.

PRAY THIS: God, give me the courage and strength to address my ________________.

PLAY THIS: Better Man. (Play it again, and be a better man.)

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I know in my life, in my past, alcohol was a major issue, BUT GOD. Then I struggled with overeating and sometimes I still do. Then there was porn. Satan knows every weakness we have but we must be disciplined. Trust me, discipline is the only way to stay on track. Amen?

Eddie Ackerman

apathy and eating, which leads to laziness and being overweight. those are the vices I am working on getting under control with the help of the Spirit.

Dennis James

The best thing I am doing currently is exercising 3 times a week and making dietary changes, like not indulging in sweets, limiting my intake of fast foods. This not only helps in restoring energy but also helps your brain. You see sugar and processed foods are inflammatory foods that also cause inflammation in our brains. Like me, I suffer from CPTSD which causes anxiety and if I over indulge in processed sugars, I have anxiety issues and attacks. I will pray for you. Stay strong.

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