Qualification Fourteen — Thought Well Of By Outsiders

Therefore an overseer must be... 14 well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil. — 1 Timothy 3:7

So this last qualification brings attention to a leader's impression in both the church and the outside world. By nature, the term "outsider" would assume they are not on the "inside" with the world. So there is a degree to which this leader can separate themselves. At the same time, they are not so removed from the world that they cannot influence it.

It takes a mature man to be able to navigate both. They must have enough spiritual confidence to relate to the world without compromising their character. And they need enough spiritual awareness that they can pull away from the world and seek refuge in their community of faith. Essentially he can navigate both worlds and be respected in both, upholding his character as a man of God.

So how about you? Are you anchored in your identity in Christ so that you can relate to people of the world and yet know when to find refuge in the people of God? Think about this today, but maybe that spot in your life where you might need to grow. And if you are brave, share that below so we can pray for you.

ASK THIS: Are you anchored in your identity in Christ so that you can relate to people of the world and yet know when to find refuge in the people of God?

DO THIS: Be spiritually aware today.

PRAY THIS: God, show me how to relate to the world and find refuge in the people of God.

PLAY THIS: Better Man. (One last time!)

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Kenneth Key

I need to stop drinking because I feel God is calling me to a new assignment in life and even though I don’t wake up drinking it could lead to something worse. Thanks brother

David Josker

Great words by all!
Thank you men of God!


To be truly ready to meet my maker at any time. Even if that time is today! – God grant me the wisdom to not listen to the Devil when he whispers in my ear that I’m not saved and to not fully rely on The Lord.


In today’s day with all the “wokeness” it is sometime hard for me to navigate into the world. I prefer to be in the Spiritual world and with believers in fear of character assassination if you know what I mean. Peace to you guys!!!


I’m learning as I can navigate the world but am learning to navigate the people at church as most seem to be living in a bubble. A mentality and Christ like life that I’m new to.


As a man that was once “of the world” but then had to learn to be “of the kingdom”, I found and and still find it hard to be “of the kingdom, in the world”. There’s a conflict there in my heart, in my mind, when relating to people. I feel it in the church as well. It’s a constant reminder that I need Christ all day everyday in all circumstances.

Rich Thomas

I can easily be influenced by the world if I am not careful. I find it is much easier with Godly brothers beside me. We all help and encourage one another to be different.


Vin e,
Thanks for putting the 14 qualifications in applicatable terms for us men. Do you have a co.plete list of worship songs?

Donnie Rigazio

Isolation is my pitfall. When I isolate my world becomes dark. I need to remember to reach out to my mens group and mentor as soon as I notice the funk I get into.

Dennis James

Hey Donnie, we as men have a tendency to isolate, which unfortunately is our weak point as Warriors in God’s Army. We need to equate this Christian life with a military mindset. That is we cannot operate for long periods of time solo, we need our brothers to hold us up and support us because there are times when the enemy will seek out our weak points and attack. In military combat, you will notice that no soldier goes “outside of the wire” alone. In other words , soldiers do not leave the confines of the safety of their base camp without their brothers in arms. We as Christian men, Warriors, must learn this practice if we are going to be effective and survive the battle. So, if you get in the mindset that being in God’s Army is similar to the military and that we are in a constant battle, spiritual warfare , and we discipline ourselves and train (staying in the word and prayer) being obedient to God’s word, we can be effective , I hope this analogy simplifies it for you. Armor up Brother.

Tom F. Sr.

Great insight Pastor Vince! In the meat of your wisdom lies the ability and power to reign in Christ, which mandates that I abide in THE Vine! May I see the face of Jesus, and remember His agonizing sacrifice for my sins as I navigate through the endless temptations in this world as I endeavor to make Him known and to share THE Gospel with conviction!

Jim Malin

Thanks Vince – I appreciate your messages “ day in and day out “. I’m going to request your Proverbs study book for our next Mens Group here in Philadelphia – the City of Brotherly Shove – oops, I mean LOVE !
Love you my Brutha !


Awesome and humbling devotion this morning. With myself I am at times with some situations I am anchored in my identity in Christ outside the church but yet I am not fully there because certain people push those buttons and I am not. As a man it is very hard for me to find my refuge in people in past church because I never was in the colicky group, but I have 2 older Christian men that I consult and meet with regularly to help me stay grounded along with one friend that we know each other as brothers and have each other’s back. God has blessed me great men to have in my life and help me grow.

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