Qualification Seven — Able To Teach

Therefore an overseer must be 7able to teach. — 1 Timothy 3:2

So this is the last of the positive attributes of church leaders. Again the five are sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, and today — able to teach

I like this one because I am a teacher who knows that most misunderstand the nature of this skill. I think there is an aspect of this qualification where Paul intends that a church leader should be able to stand up and skillfully address a church from the Bible. But there is also a nature of teaching that is equally influential and very common. It's a leader who can teach using the skills and talents God has given them. For example, many of you know that my grandfather taught me to drive on an old 1958 Chevy Truck. My grandfather took an ordinary skill (driving) and used it to teach me an ordinary skill (driving). So he was able to teach. But as he taught me this skill, he also taught me about Jesus. He used an ordinary skill to lead me to salvation. As a result, I became a follower of Christ in that old 1958 Chevy Truck. In my humble opinion, I think this is what Paul is talking about with this qualification.

So how about you? Do you have a skill, talent, or gift that God has given you that you can use not only for your own advantage but for the kingdom? If so, which I know you do, you need to start using it. Give your natural talent a spiritual twist. After all, that's actually what I do every day with you. I take a natural gift, speaking, and give it a spiritual twist — and you can do the same and become an able teacher!

See, you need to stop disqualifying yourself, don't you?

ASK THIS: What ordinary skill, talent, or gift do you have that God can use to teach others?

DO THIS: Use it this week to illustrate God's grace.

PRAY THIS: God, use my talent and make me able to teach.

PLAY THIS: Better Man. (Yes, again. You know it's that good.)

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Chad Husted

Thx for this encouragement today Vince. This is exactly why I still do wellness/ physical/ mental fitness coaching and writing even tho there doesn’t seem to be a lot of fruit in the effort today. I’m using my skills and passion and personal experience to hopefully help others grow and be better. I’ll keep at it, cuz I know it’s part of my call to serve others.


I’d love to hear the story of you and your grandfather in that truck!

Eddie Ackerman

my ability to break things down into layman’s terms makes me able to break other big concepts down, especially Biblical concepts, into terms and ideas that my kids can relate to and have their own aha moments where they are now connecting things that were maybe only about school to life as a whole, and, hopefully, also with their own personal walk with Jesus. Brothers in the faith, I cannot stress this enough, when you are talking with ANYONE younger in the faith than yourself, always bring a life lesson back to faith, and try to back that lesson up with Scripture, even if you can’t quote it directly. This is doing the other person a favor and reminding yourself that the lesson you are teaching comes from the Bible, not just your own mind.

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