Qualified By God Means You Are Called To Act


Now in these days prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. And one of them named Agabus stood up and foretold by the Spirit that there would be a great famine over all the world (this took place in the days of Claudius). So the disciples determined, every one according to his ability, to send relief to the brothers living in Judea. And they did so, sending it to the elders by the hand of Barnabas and Saul.— Acts 11:27-30

So two interesting things happen in this text.

First, a believer named Agabus, a man with a prophetic gift, foretells of a worldwide famine, which did happen a few years later under the reign of Emperor Claudius. In fact, his reign was marked by a long series of crop failures in various parts of the empire in places like Judea, Rome, Egypt, and Greece. In any event, his prediction came true. And the believers in Antioch, before the event happened, began gathering collections for it in advance for Christians across the region of Judea. Eventually, when the famine hit, the collection was delivered to the elders in Jerusalem by Paul and Barnabas.

Second, you should also notice the subtle transition in the focus on leadership from the church in Jerusalem to Antioch. Over the coming chapters, this trend will continue. In the early days, the Jerusalem church was always the epicenter of focus. But now, the addition of Greek-speaking non-Jews leads to a massive increase in Gentile conversions. And these people bring a fresh new effort to the faith that is even more adventurous in new ways.

And there are two reasons I bring these details to your attention. The first is I believe Christians too often disqualify themselves. We assume we are not good enough, prepared enough, or gifted enough. And this is simply not true. If you are called by God, then you are qualified to lead. God calls and qualifies. And if you are called, you are qualified. I know that our enemy wants us to believe we can't, but take a look at Agabus. He is certainly new to the Christian faith and takes a risk with his spiritual gift. And his action stirs believers so much that they prepare in advance and, over many years, a tremendous act of generosity. All because a young believer did not disqualify himself. The second reason I mention these details is that some Christians wait too long to act because they think wrongly believe they need permission to act. Notice that Paul and Barnabas don't go back to Jerusalem to get permission to act. To some degree, they conceal what they are doing, only later to reveal it. And in the revelation of it, the church in Jerusalem is the recipient of an incredible gift and notable act of faith. And the lesson is this — if you are called to act, then just act. Don't wait. Because in godly action, God directs. If God calls you to do something, you should do it now, not sometime later, like when you retire! For in the action of faith, God will teach you, train you, build strategic partnerships and reveal his glory. But a man who never acts never enjoys these blessings.

So get out there today and act in faith. And then look up occasionally and see what God has done.

ASK THIS: What is God calling you to? (Share this below, I am excited to read what you share!)

DO THIS: Take a small action today.

PRAY THIS: God, you have been prompting me to act for a while. Today I am listening and acting. Lead me like you led Agabus. Provide partners like Paul and Barnabus. And may my actions lead to incredible acts of generosity that inspire others in the faith.

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25 thoughts on “Qualified By God Means You Are Called To Act

  1. Everett says:

    I have been called to build a team of pastors that are not able to be paid adequately by their churches, and to help them build a business together that will passively pay them so they can do ministry full time, and I have also been called to do the same thing for single moms around the country, so they can breathe and have more time with their children.

  2. Chad Husted says:

    Good stuff Vince. I need to quit being so hesitant about publishing my video content and preparing my book. Keep writing. That’s the action today.
    Thx also for yesterday’s devo encouraging men to do life together. I’ve blessed and encouraged to engage with 2 men virtually every week for 18 mo now. Once total strangers, I now count them friends tho we still haven’t met in person. Be a friend.

  3. Eddie Ackerman says:

    pray more for others and myself as I started to grow that spiritual muscle a few years ago. that muscle is MUCH weaker than it used to be, but it needs A LOT of flexing to regain the strength it used to have. God, please put it on my heart, mind, and Spirit to bring all my cares and concerns to You immediately and submit to Your will for my life and the life of others by being in constant, daily communication with You. Amen.

  4. Gerald Waggoner says:

    God has called me to act on my passionate desire to equip and encourage parents/families.

  5. Dennis Burk says:

    Hi. I’m a retired part time musician. I’ve always ministered thru music, but being retired gave me much more opportunity.
    Right now, a men’s quintet is looking for singing opportunities. Covid has certainly stopped us for a long season.

  6. Mike Howells says:

    God has called me to go to every church in Dakota County to pray for the lost souls of Dakota Couny. After agreeing I found out there are are over 400 churches in DC! On Church #48 currently. Prayers appreciated.

  7. Cory B says:

    To up my effort in tithing and get there by the end of the year. Continue to volunteer even though I’m going back to work again. To be a bolder voice and lead in my bible study or mentoring group.

  8. Jeff says:

    To be a leader in the men’s group at our church. To encourage, uplift, and excite men to be, All In, in their walk with Christ.

    • Dennis says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I will pray for you. Part of my calling is mentoring men, and this is not an easy task. Let me say this, no matter the discouragements, keep pushing forward. I still struggle, because mentoring men is a tough calling.

      • Jeff says:

        Thank you Dennis, I will agree sometimes it is discouraging but I know an, All In, attitude is really hard for a man to make, but once you make that call you just have to stay the course because it doesn’t get any easier.

  9. Joseph San Pietro says:

    Good morning Vince
    Love your devotionals each morning. When I first became a Christian follower, it was through Devine intervention. From that day I’ve been lead by the lord, in so many ways. I try to never just jump into everything I think, I should do, but I ask the Lord what is it that you want me to do, it has served me well. First he lead me to mentoring a young boy, can’t tell you what a blessing that has been, in both our lives. Second was to be an advocate for the unborn, to help be a voice for the voiceless, standing and praying in my neighborhood with so many others at a planned parenthood. So I’ve found that it’s better to wait on Gods calling for me, then to just try and do everything I would think he would want me to do. Thanks so much for your devotionals each day, it’s been a part of my morning time with the Lord before I start my day. Be blessed Joe

  10. samcblower says:

    Another great message today in the “daily devotions”. No one can better disqualify myself better than me. I know all my failures and short comings, and those little dark closets in my mind that need to be purged of all the darkness that lies within them. And yet, like you said, “if God calls, He will qualify”, the enemy however keeps telling me otherwise. Even though I know the enemy lies, I tend to listen to him all to often. What I need to do is “act now”, not procrastinate and try to think it through.
    I was thinking back to Ananias this morning and how God called him to go pray for Saul. What if he would have disqualified himself and refused to go? How would that have changed the whole course of the early Christianity. But he didn’t refuse, he was obedient and did as God instructed him, and look at how it impacted not only the early believers, but the Bible that we use today. What Ananias did would be like God telling me to go to the leader of the Taliban and lay hands on him and pray for him. NO WAY!!! Are you kidding God, they are animals and would surly torture me and kill me. I would be beating feet running the opposite direction, kind of like Jonah did, only since we live in the Montana Rockies, I guess God would have to use a grizzly to “sallow” me instead of a whale, then I have to wonder which end I would come out of?
    This brings to mind two things from your book on “Convictions”, Ezekiel’s prophetic message, “I sought for a man among them… but I found none”. How sad. And also Edmund Burke’s quote that you have often used, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. I need to start “living with conviction, not just simply feeling convicted”.
    I am starving for some local, honest and open men’s fellowship, but seems like everything has dried up. What I have been to seems dead and empty, like people are just going through the motions and not really opening up and sharing from the heart. I feel like God is calling me to do something, but honestly I feel like my feet are stuck in cement, I am unable to take that first step.
    Please pray for me that I would just be willing and trust God to do the rest.

  11. Corey says:

    God has called me for a long time to preach the gospel of “Good News” not doom and gloom! There’s a big difference and I see this so clear today. The love of Christ should not be spread by fear! Yes a reverential fear of God we must have but not doom and gloom fear!
    After the Covid stimulus I have continued to pray that God would continue to bless us so that we can overflow and continue to bless others. Recently our Grandfather passed to heaven. Grandma had gone a few years back. My wife and I were able to purchase their classic car from the estate. This was a miraculous act of God as he promised us that car to carry out grandpa and grandma’s legacy for His glory and share the gospel as people would stop and ask us about the car! The car was never put in the trust so all of the siblings had to sign it over to us! (A miracle !!!) Seriously! It’s only been a couple weeks but wow! God is Amazing! Bless us so we can bless others! Brothers, if our motives are right in His will, these kind of things happen. God knew all along this car was going to be ours one day and funny enough, I think our grandfather did too. He had asked me one day many years back if I would want it? This was a year after I sold mine and was done working on old cars for a while. He had many offers over the years and never sold it. God is a good good Father!
    Be blessed guys and check out more of the story on IG if you would like. (corey.holstine)

  12. Gary says:

    I am joining a new men’s group from my church. “ Coming back to the Lord!”

  13. Jared says:

    Pray boldly for healing.

    Yesterday I saw a miracle. A patient and I prayed for her healing from COVID. Day 9 oxygen saturation 88%. 3 hours later she was on her way home with 97% saturation. Jesus is still in the healing business.

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