Receptivity | The Discipline Of Active Listening

I’m not sure we are as receptive to the truth as we think we are. Psychologists call this condition confirmation bias, call it whatever you want. In the end, we prefer our truth over The Truth especially when the issue is emotionally charged, attacks the self, or it threatens deep-seated beliefs that we have held for years. In the end, our non-receptivity is merely a listening problem, and I believe we have three issues with listening: Either we are not willing to listen to the truth. Or we hear the truth partially, or we hear but there are too many other competing voices choking out the truth. In my marriage, there are four words have helped me to listen better as a father and husband. And here they are “You may be right". This is a phrase that I have used to signal to my wife or my kids that I am trying to hear what they are saying, and for me, it is my cue to listen and be more receptive to right things the right way.