But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?" —Exodus 3:11

Barna released another article this week about Millennials. They reported that "almost half of practicing Christian millennials say evangelism is wrong." They suggest that an entire generation is conflicted about evangelism and sharing their faith with others. But what's especially interesting is that 73% say they know how to respond to questions about their faith and that they even know how to do it appropriately, which statistically is a higher level of competence than three previous generations. The problem is millennials don't want to do it. So are we becoming reluctant? Will we become a post-Christian nation? Is this a trend toward the silencing of Christianity?

Notice that even Moses was reluctant. One of the great leaders of all time was relunctant—verbally hesitant with God. Crazy right? He had endless support and resources and was equipped for the job, yet disqualified himself. And you too will always be reluctant when you view your present situation through mere human reality. Maybe it's time to stop the reluctance. To look beyond your present position and see the beyond the size of the challenge and believe the God of all power will walk with you, talk with you, and empower you to overcome each challenge you encounter along the way.

DO THIS: Fight reluctance.

PRAYER: God, I pray for this current generation of millennials that are gifted and talented. May they not bury their contribution in the ground. Help me to help them by leading the way and fighting my own battle with reluctance.


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