Repentance — Where Men Are Made Great


Then Job answered the Lord and said:

“I know that you can do all things,
and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
‘Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?’
Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand,
things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.
‘Hear, and I will speak;
I will question you, and you make it known to me.’
I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear,
but now my eye sees you;
therefore I despise myself,
and repent in dust and ashes.” — Job 42:1-6

This final acknowledgment by Job is profound. There are two things that Job acknowledges after God finishes his interrogation. First, Job acknowledges the limits to his understanding. Second, Job acknowledges his self-righteousness and increased boldness. What results from both of these acknowledgments is a man who now goes low. His attitude and position have changed. His arrogance and self-righteousness are gone. He is now satisfied to perpetually sit in the dust and ashes from mourning all he has lost. He acknowledges that he is a mere creature and is no contest for the Creator.

While we dislike these moments in life, this is where men are made great, right before the throne of the Almighty God. Exposure and brokenness result in contentment and meaning. And it's through repentance that we reconcile with the only person we have actually been in a contest with — Almighty God.

Take some time today to repent. Even five minutes right now. Repent by doing this:

  1. First, verbalize a sin to God.
  2. Second, own the effects of this sin.
  3. Third, commit to leaving it behind.

Charles Spurgeon once said this:

"Repentance is a discovery of the evil of sin, a mourning that we have committed it, a resolution to forsake it."

ASK THIS: What sin do you need to verbalize to God? (Share it in the comments below)

DO THIS: Take five minutes to walk through the three steps above.

PRAY THIS: God, may I be humble and repentant before you this day.

PLAY THIS: When My Heart Is Torn Asunder.


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14 thoughts on “Repentance — Where Men Are Made Great

  1. Steve says:

    Father I confess the sin of lust in my heart. I repent from my addiction to viewing pornography and lack of self control. Please forgive me and cleanse my heart Father. I know I can’t win this battle alone. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen

  2. Cory B says:

    Anger and resentment. Especially to people closest to me who are hurt by my being quick to speak. I need to let go of the past in order to heal and let others heal. I give my resentments to you Lord.

  3. O'Dell says:

    Busy-ness, as everyday is filled with more than enough for any of us to do, the effort to accomplish more than is humanly reasonable is akin to taking on all the burdens of Lot’s losses. However, when that busy-ness crowds out time and attention/devotion to the Father…well, that is at best detrimental but mostly irreverent. This, my innumerable reading of Job, comes at a time of reckoning with busyness as we try to handle coming out of Covid with so many business challenges.

    Lord, I repent from not honoring you as Lord, creator and source of all, please instill in me the hunger for You that I’ve allowed to be crowded out and spend the time to hear You and act on Your guidance

  4. Eddie Ackerman says:

    anger and wrath towards my children for continually pushing my buttons and being disobedient. after being patient for hours, my working hours as I work from home, after that entire time, I tend to have no more patience for my kids and lash out verbally with my pent up anger from the day. God, please soften my heart and tongue when I just want to burn with anger and unload it on those people that have made me angry throughout the day. Amen.

  5. Todd says:

    I confess that I have made an idol out of approval from others and with it selfish pride and performance expectations that cause anxiety. I want to turn from this and truly live in the freedom of Christ.

    • Chad Husted says:

      I can relate Todd. I found some “aha” moments in Brad Bigney’s book Gospel Treason. if you are inclined, i highly recommend this book.

  6. Rich Thomas says:

    I confess my apathy toward your kingdom. I have missed ministry opportunities to glorify you. I ask for your Spirit to help me change.

  7. David J says:

    I confess my sins of lack of patience and always trying to be in control. God I know you are always in control help me to remember that always. Help me to have patience. Forgive me for hurting those that have been affected by my sins. Thank you God for everything you have given me
    I am humbled.

  8. Gerald says:

    I confess my sins of pride, and a uncontrolled tongue that is displayed in anger. Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins and those that I have hurt.

  9. Sheldon says:

    Impure thoughts
    Father help me to surrender my thought life completely to you jn Jesus name i commit to leave it at the foot of the cross.

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