Resist Anger

"For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God."—James 1:20

We all have those moments. Moments of anger, outbursts, explosion, and implosion. As much as these moments seems to catch us by surprise, signs are leading up to them that we ignore. This is because there are triggers that elicit these responses. Triggers which we can direct and control. While we may feel victim, we are not, and we are completely guilty. So for lack of awareness, we fall for the enemy's scheme. He lurks in waiting for moments we lack two things—first awareness of the trigger and second reflection on the process that keeps us from considering "Is it worth it?" Because note, there is a payout, and the payout "for the anger of man is the production of unrighteousness." So today when anger lurks, note the trigger and take a moment to reflect on what righteousness your anger will produce.

DO THIS: Stop. Note the trigger. Reflect. Act in righteousness.

PRAYER: God, help me break the advancement of my anger and halt the flow unrighteousness.


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